HBO’s The Last of Us episode 6 contains a second mistake during the scene when Ellie meets Shimmer, as noticed by an eagle-eyed viewer.

After the crew was visible in one early shot, a viewer spots a second mistake from The Last of Us episode 6. Picking up three months after the tragic end to Henry and Sam’s storyline, The Last of Us episode 6 follows Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) as they travel to the thriving community of Jackson to find Tommy (Gabriel Luna). At the town’s stables, Ellie meets a horse named Shimmer who appears in The Last of Us Part II video game.

Shortly after it aired on HBO and a viewer spotted an editing error, another eagle-eyed observer found a second mistake in The Last of Us episode 6.


Shared by @rejectedhannah on Twitter, the viewer noticed that a crew member’s hand can be seen propping up Shimmer’s chin from behind the barn door as Ellie comes up to greet the horse. Watch a clip of the moment in the question above.

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Why HBO Shows Have So Many Editing Errors

Tommy showing Joel around Jackson in The Last of Us

This is now the second mistake viewers have spotted in The Last of Us episode 6. Earlier in the episode, several crew members are visible on the outskirts of one overhead shot. These inconsequential errors have garnered so much attention in the first place because they continue an unfortunate HBO tradition of mistakes making their way into the show. Game of Thrones season 8 had several beverage-related blunders, followed by a minor VFX mistake in House of the Dragon that received undue attention because of its predecessor’s past.

Unlike Ellie and the Cordyceps infection, The Last of Us hasn’t been immune to HBO’s history of mistakes. One explanation could be the shows are simply slacking during the editing process. A more likely explanation would be the aforementioned HBO shows are some of the most watched and heavily discussed on social media, meaning their minor mistakes are noticed more often than less popular shows and brought to the attention of others online. After the whole Game of Thrones coffee cup debacle, HBO viewers have been on high alert for these types of gaffes that might not be noticed otherwise.

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