Mayim Bialik admits she feels like Amy is somewhat betrayed by The Big Bang Theory finale. All the Coopers’ time and effort working on the Super Asymmetry paper finally paid off at the end of the show when they successfully secured the Nobel Prize in Physics. Before the famous Stockholm trip with the rest of the Pasadena gang, however, Amy had to deal with some personal issues that came with the accolade.

In Jessica Radloff’s The Big Bang Theory: The Definitive Insider Story Of The Epic Hit Series, Bialik discusses Amy’s The Big Bang Theory finale struggle with her appearance, resulting in a makeover in time for the Nobel Prize ceremony. The Call Me Kat star and Jeopardy! host admits that she did have some issues with the plotline, but could understand where the writers were coming from when they went they gave her character that narrative. Read her full quote below:


“This is a case where I don’t know that I agreed with our writers, but also I have ultimate faith in them, and that’s part of being a team player on a show. I loved that I got to wear some nicer clothes, and it was really a thrill to have my hair cut after having the same [style] for all those years. It was straightened [all those years], which damaged my hair in ways it may never recover from, which is fine, because now I have short hair and I’ve stopped trying to see if it can ever be healthy again. [Laughs] But honestly, it was so exciting that I didn’t have to wear it straight anymore, and I could have some more character to my hair and my face. So it felt really good that people could see me that way, but in some ways, it did feel like a betrayal of our Amy. We didn’t go crazy and have her dressing in ways that completely didn’t look like her. She still wore kind of sensible things—like what’d you get at Loehmann’s. She had an old-lady Loehmann’s shopping trip! But it was definitely something I had conflict about… I thought it would be, Let’s dress Amy up and take her out for the night! I didn’t think it would be like, here’s her new normal!”

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Why Amy’s Big Bang Theory Finale Make Over Makes Sense

Sheldon and Amy in The Big Bang Theory Season 11

The Big Bang Theory finale tackled Penny and Leonard’s surprise, albeit divisive, pregnancy reveal, but it primarily focused on Sheldon and Amy winning the Nobel Prize in Physics. Despite an uneven last year, CBS was able to stage an overall satisfying send-off to the Pasadena gang. Even with the events of Young Sheldon creating some plot holes about the swan song, for the most part, it remains well-received. While the newlyweds were thrilled about the accolade, both of them had some struggles with the barrage of changes that came with it.

For Amy, she felt pressured about conforming to traditional beauty standards because of her newfound popularity. While Bialik’s sentiment is understandable, Amy’s seeing her photos online and not feeling good about it actually fits with her earlier character arc in The Big Bang Theory finale. While she started to be the female version of Sheldon, Amy changed in TBBT over time, becoming more social and emotional. It was revealed that her indifference wasn’t her choice, but the effect of having an overprotective mother and struggling to have friends.

There are currently no plans for a The Big Bang Theory revival, although a recently-released image of Bialik and Jim Parsons is causing fans to demand one. It may be a bit difficult to accomplish that any time soon since most cast members are busy — assuming that they will also join the endeavor. In the meantime, Young Sheldon is the public’s best bet in learning what the couple and the rest of the Pasadena gang are up to in the future.

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Source: The Big Bang Theory: The Definitive Insider Story Of The Epic Hit Series

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