• American Horror Story season 12, titled “Delicate,” draws inspiration from the novel Delicate Condition and explores themes of pregnancy and the attempts to stop a woman from giving birth.
  • The poster for AHS: Delicate features Emma Roberts holding a glowing sphere and wearing black gloves, hinting at the pregnancy storyline and potentially horrifying experiments.
  • There is a connection between AHS season 12 and the movie Rosemary’s Baby, with a key difference being that Roberts’ character is aware of wrongdoing from the start,

As Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story heads into season 12, a new poster has been shared. Since 2011, the Emmy-winning anthology series has explored a new horror theme each season, delving into subtopics such as “Coven,” “Asylum,” and “Apocalypse.” Season 12 (which will premiere September 20 on FX), is titled “Delicate” and will draw inspiration from Danielle Valentine’s novel Delicate Condition, a thriller following a pregnant woman who believes there is an attempt to stop her from giving birth. Seasoned American Horry Story actress Emma Roberts will again play a prominent role in the story.

Ahead of the release of American Horror Story: Delicate, the official Twitter account released a poster captioned “Hold your loved ones close, hold your fears closer.” Check out the poster below:

Featuring Roberts, the poster pastes the red letters “AHS” over a storm-cloud background, with tulle curtains billowing over the sky. Roberts wears patent leather black gloves that extend past her elbow and holds a glowing sphere enveloping the shadow of a spider.

Themes Of Pregnancy in AHS 12

Kim Kardashian in American Horror Story season 12 with a spider

Roberts holding the spider sphere in front of her stomach seems to be yet another allusion to pregnancy in the American Horror Story promotional posters. With Roberts set to play the protagonist of Valentine’s novel, Anna Alcott, Roberts likely will be subjected to horrifying experiments in a similar vein to the book. With some posters also featuring American Horror Story newcomer Kim Kardashian holding a blanketed infant, Kardashian’s character, Siobhan Walsh, may find herself wrapped up in the Anna-pregnancy storyline as well.

There is also a connection between American Horror Story season 12 and the movie Rosemary’s Baby. A horror classic, the film follows a pregnant woman named Rosemary who begins to suspect her neighbors of plotting against her unborn child. One key difference between the two works is Robert’s character having awareness of doctors’ wrongdoings from the start of the season, as opposed to the end of the movie.

American Horror Story has seen Emma Roberts in a variety of roles from Madison Montgomery in American Horror Story: Coven to Maggie Esmerelda in American Horror Story: Freak Show. With this upcoming season 12, Roberts will mark her fifth appearance in the show, returning for the first time in four years.

Source: American Horror Story/Twitter

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