• AI art depicting the American Dad! characters in live-action form highlights how odd they would look in the real world, particularly Roger.
  • While some characters could be portrayed by real actors, the highly absurd storylines of the show may not translate well to live-action.
  • An animated film adaptation of American Dad! could capture the original style and substance without worrying about the difficulties of a live-action adaptation.

The American Dad! family has been adapted into live-action in disturbing, uncanny AI art. Created by Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane, the animated sitcom follows the misadventures of the Smith family in the fictional town of Langley Falls, Virginia. The series has been ongoing since 2005, with American Dad! season 20 currently airing.

Now, Exquiz-it has posted AI art of the American Dad! cast as realistic-looking people created in Midjourney. Some members of the family slightly resemble actors, such as Stan looking as if he’s being portrayed by Jon Hamm. Roger looks especially disturbing in live-action form as well. Get a closer look at the AI art below:

Could A Live-Action American Dad Work?

American Dad Season 17 Wheels and the Legman

Exquiz-it’s art seems to underscore how odd American Dad! characters would look when translated to live-action form. This is especially true for Roger, whose gaunt form and wide eyes underscore how poorly he would translate into the real world. However, despite having a slightly disturbing presentation, the human characters in the family seem like they could be portrayed by real actors.

While some characters from the show could be transferred into a live-action version quite easily, the stories featured throughout the series are often highly absurd. Because of this, some storylines in the show wouldn’t transfer to live-action too well, as they would feel like they belonged in an animated series. Even though actors could potentially be found to play Stan and his family, the series may lose the unique qualities of the original if it were ever made into a live-action show.

However, other potential adaptations of the series could still work, such as the canceled American Dad! movie that would have focused on Roger’s planet. If an animated film version of the series were made, it could capture the style and substance of the original without having to worry about how well the show would translate to the new medium. Despite the realism of Exquiz-it’s American Dad! art, it may be best for the family to stay in the animated world.

Source: Exquiz-it/Reddit

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