• A different Frasier remake is in the works, featuring its own version of Niles played by actor Dave Theune with audio of David Hyde Pierce’s younger Crane brother’s performance.
  • David Hyde Pierce declined to participate in the Paramount+ Frasier revival, concerned about tarnishing the original show’s legacy and forcing the team to create a storyline that distances Frasier from Niles.
  • Niles’ absence in the Paramount+ project may need justification, as his character was a significant reason for the original show’s popularity. Perhaps Pierce could reconsider a cameo if the revival continues.

A different Frasier remake debuts its first look at Niles, who isn’t exactly played by David Hyde Pierce. Kelsey Grammer’s new show on Paramount+ isn’t the only endeavor aiming to bring the snooty but charismatic therapist back on the small screen. A group of creatives is also working on their own take on reviving the beloved Cheers spin-off, which actually releases one day before Grammer’s revival drops two episodes on the streaming platform.

The crowd-sourced Our Frasier Remake project offers a look at their version of Niles, featuring actor Dave Theune with the audio from Pierce’s actual performance as the younger Crane brother. Check out the screenshot of the post below:

Our Frasier Remake's Dave Theune as Niles

Our Frasier Remake is bringing together a group of artists, illustrators, and filmmakers for the endeavor to remake the Frasier season 1 finale “My Coffee with Niles using various art formats. For Theune’s portion, Niles talks about not fully remembering why he became a therapist in the first place.

Why David Hyde Pierce Won’t Be In The Frasier Revival

Frasier and Niles acting silly

Pierce’s stance on returning for the Paramount+ shouldn’t be surprising. He has long maintained that he is against reviving Frasier, explaining that doing so would risk tarnishing its legacy. As the most acclaimed comedy of all time, Pierce’s concerns are not unfounded. There are several ways that the Frasier revival could ruin the original show. In the age of reboot and revivals, getting projects off the ground is fairly easy compared to making sure that it stays on the air for a satisfying send-off. Hulu’s How I Met Your Mother offshoot, How I Met Your Father being canceled after two seasons and leaving a string of unanswered questions is the perfect cautionary tale for this.

Subsequently, Grammer has revealed that Pierce declined to participate in the Paramount+ show because

he does not want to simply do a repeat of his performance as Niles. This forced Grammer’s team to find another way to move forward with Frasier’s fourth act without his younger brother. Ultimately, they decided on Frasier coming back to Boston as he revisits some of his unrealized dreams while also reforging a relationship with fully-grown Freddy. The cross-country move distances him from Niles, which effectively allows them to get away with the younger Crane brother being absent in the new project.

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Only time will tell if the Paramount+ project is able to justify Niles’ absence in its series. Aside from being Frasier’s brother, Pierce’s character was one of the biggest reasons why the Cheers offshoot was so beloved. There’s no doubt that he will be sorely missed during his brother’s fourth act in Boston, but if the Frasier revival gets picked up for its sophomore year, perhaps Pierce can revisit his stance and finally consider doing even just a cameo.

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