There is one big callback to the series in Teen Wolf: The Movie that explains why Lydia’s banshee scream was what made Allison’s memory come back.

Warning! This article contains SPOILERS for Teen Wolf: The Movie.There is one big Lydia callback in Teen Wolf: The Movie in how Allison’s memory comes back in the film. Allison surprisingly comes back to life at the beginning of Teen Wolf: The Movie after her character had tragically died during Teen Wolf season 3. However, while Allison has quite literally come back from the dead, she appears to have lost her memory at the beginning of the film. The only thing that makes Allison’s memory come back is hearing Lydia’s banshee scream in a key moment in Teen Wolf: The Movie.

While Teen Wolf is full of supernatural creatures, Lydia is the only main character who is a Banshee in the whole Teen Wolf series. At the beginning of the show, not much is known about the Banshee powers or what they entail when Lydia becomes a Banshee in Teen Wolf season 1. As Teen Wolf goes on, it becomes more evident that Lydia’s Banshee powers are connected to death, as she is able to sense death and has premonition regarding people’s fate and the dangers they may encounter. This theme of Lydia’s connection with death is also picked up in Teen Wolf: The Movie.

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Lydia’s Banshee Scream Is Connected To Allison’s Teen Wolf Death

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Allison’s death came as a shock both to Teen Wolf viewers and to the characters in the show. One of the most heartbreaking reactions in Teen Wolf, other than Scott seeing Allison die in his arms, is Lydia’s reaction to Allison’s passing. Although she is not physically next to Allison when she dies, she is immediately able to perceive her death, and lets out her infamous Banshee scream when Allison dies in Teen Wolf season 3. It is, then, likely that Lydia’s scream may very well be the last thing Allison hears before dying and, therefore, before coming back in Teen Wolf: The

Lydia’s connection to death in Teen Wolf: The Movie is one more proof of how she is the bridge between life and death in the Teen Wolf universe. This is particularly important in Teen Wolf: The Movie when Allison herself seems to be stuck between life and death and ultimately comes back to life after the opening of Teen Wolf: The Movie. It does make perfect sense, then, that Lydia’s Banshee scream would not only be connected to Allison’s death in Teen Wolf, but also to her regaining consciousness of her own memories in Teen Wolf: The Movie.

Why Lydia & Allison’s Bond Remains Strong In The Teen Wolf Movie

Lydia Martin and Allison Argent talking by the school lockers in Teen Wolf

In Teen Wolf, Lydia and Allison have one of the most significant friendships in the show, along with Scott and Stiles’, even if both friendships seem to fail in Teen Wolf: The Movie. Although Allison has not been part of Teen Wolf for the second half of the show, their friendship remains significant as Lydia learns to live with the grief of losing her best friend while having such a strong connection with death. Their relationship remains evident in Teen Wolf: The Movie, as Lydia is evidently still connected to Allison and affected by her death.

Even if the two sadly do not interact in Teen Wolf: The Movie, their bond remains strong after the time jump. While the friendship between Lydia and Allison may not pick up exactly where it left off in Teen Wolf, the fact that Lydia’s Banshee scream is able to make Allison regain her memories does speak to the relationship between the two characters. This is very important in the Teen Wolf: The Movie plot, as Lydia is able to make Allison remember everything about the people she used to love and, ultimately, save the day as a result of these memories.

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