Elixirs in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom can be a tricky thing to get right, and wasting items on making Dubious Food is not ideal. Elixirs can be extremely useful, as they often give Link protection against the elements or a temporary stat boost. Other times they can save him from falling to his death or from being defeated if Link should run out of food. Therefore, Link should focus on making or acquiring as many as possible.


Elixirs are one of many useful items in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Elixirs can be found by talking to various NPCs and completing quests for them, but Link may want to make his own. Usually, the game will hint when a creature can contribute to an elixir, but tracking those creatures down can be challenging if players are unsure what to look for. The following explains the types of elixirs, how to make them, and gives some useful hints about where to look.

How To Make Every Elixir In Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

An example of a few elixirs in Link's inventory in TotK

There are three main types of elixirs in TotK: Resistance Elixirs, Replenishing Elixirs, and Stat Boost Elixirs. There are also a couple more Miscellaneous Elixirs, which brings the total number of elixirs to 14. To make any elixir, hold the listed ingredients and throw them in a cooking pot like any other cooking recipe in Zelda: TOTK. The more critter parts, the longer the elixir will last. Additionally, adding a Like-Like Stone will extend the time of any timed effect from elixirs by 1:20 seconds. Only one monster part is ever needed in an elixir.

Sneaking is the best way to capture a critter. If one escapes, there are usually more nearby.

Resistance Elixirs

This is the largest category of elixirs, and it has a total of 5 Elixirs that give Link resistance to various elements in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.





Chilly Elixir

Heat Resistance

1-4 Cold Darner/Winterwing Butterfly 1 Monster Part

Look in cold areas of Gerudo Highlands/Mount Lanayru to find these critters.

Electro Elixir

Electricity Resistance

1-4 Electric Darner/Thunderwing Butterfly 1 Monster Part

Look in the Thunderhead Isles/Faron Grasslands/West Necluda for these critters.

Fireproof Elixir

Heat & Fire Resistance

1-4 Fireproof Lizard/Smotherwing Butterfly 1 Monster Part

Look in hot areas of Eldin Canyon/Eldin Mountains/Death Mountain for these critters.

Spicy Elixir

Cold Resistance

1-4 Warm Darner/Summerwing Butterfly 1 Monster Part

Look in the Gerudo Highlands/Eldin Canyon for Summerwing Butterflies or Akkala Highlands/Faron Grasslands for Warm Darners.

Sticky Elixir

Slip Resistance

1-4 Sticky Frog/Sticky Lizard 1 Monster Part

Look in Hyrule Caves for Sticky Lizards or West Necluda/Lanayru Great Spring for Sticky Frogs.

Replenishing Elixirs

There are three types of replenishing elixirs, which all affect Link’s Heart Containers and Stamina Vessels in Zelda: TOTK.





Enduring Elixir

Replenish & Increase Stamina

1-4 Tireless Frog 1 Monster Part

Look in Hyrule Field/Zora River for this critter.

Energizing Elixir

Replenish Stamina

1-4 Energetic Rhino Beetle/Restless Cricket 1 Monster Part

Look on the Great Sky Island/Hyrule Field/West Necluda for these critters.

Hearty Elixir

Replenish Health

1-4 Hearty Lizard 1 Monster Part

Look in the Gerudo HIghlands/East Necluda for this critter.

Stat Boost Elixirs

There are four types of boosts that elixirs can grant Link, which can give him a much-needed edge in quests and boss fights in Zelda: TOTK.





Hasty Elixir

Speed Boost

1-4 Hot-Footed Frog/Hightail Lizard 1 Monster Part

Look in Lanayru Great Spring/East Necluda for the Hot-Footed Frog or Hyrule Field/Hyrule Ridge for the Hightail Lizard.

Mighty Elixir

Strength Boost

1-4 Bladed Rhino Beetle 1 Monster Part

Look in West/East Necluda for this critter.

Sneaky Elixir

Stealth Boost

1-4 Sunset Firefly 1 Monster Part

Look in Faron Grasslands/East Necluda for this critter.

Tough Elixir

Defense Boost

1-4 Rugged Rhino Beetle 1 Monster Part

Look in West/East Necluda for this critter.

Miscellaneous Elixirs

There are two final types of elixirs. One can help Link explore the Depths of Hyrule, while the other can grant him a much-needed resurrection.





Bright Elixir

Temporary Light

1-4 Deep Firefly 1 Monster Part

Look in the Great Abandoned Central Mine/Lanayru Wetlands Depths for this critter.

Fairy Tonic

Restores Life Upon Death (once)

1 Fairy

Look in Hyrule Caves/Hyrule Sky Islands for these critters.

Link can now make every elixir in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. This will help him complete challenging quests, conquer every dungeon, and fight every boss as he journies across Hyrule and beyond.

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