North Ford Bog Entrance

Southwest of the Floo Flame in Hogwarts Legacy, across a road in that direction.

Immediately to the right of the hotspot.

Behind some rocks after climbing a ruined wall.

In a room to the player’s left, after they traverse a nearby platform.

West Forbidden Forest

Close to the Giant Purple Toads Den, southwest of the Floo Flame, and to the left after crossing the hill in a building with a frog statue.

Directly inside the building.

Near the first statue, some spider webs block the way to the essence and a chest unless players cast Incendio on them.

Left of the first frog statue, players must jump to another statue’s area.

Collector’s Cave

Toward the road northwest of the Floo Flame.

Players that burn vines at this area’s entrance can find the first essence.

A hole in the floor reached by breaking wooden bars with the Depulso spell in Hogwarts Legacy shows a switch in the wall, where Accio lowers the structure to the second essence.

Players must defeat Inferi to access an area behind the wall where the final essence resides.

West Hogwarts Valley

Along the bottom of the cliffs, past a set of ruins to the northeast, and inside a broken building.

Through a hole in the floor that players must use their Broom to reach.

Up several platforms to the left of the room, blocked by vines that can be burnt with Incendio.

At the entrance of the building, along the higher sections of the wall to the left.


Before a treasure vault to the southwest, at the bottom of a collection of cliffs.

Past a gate that players must use Depulso on to open after defeating wolves in the area.

Past vines at the other end of the gate, in a room, players must use their Broom in Hogwarts Legacy to reach.

The very top of the area has more vines the players must burn after flying upward.


Directly south, past the Kneazle Den, and west from a Spider Lair.

Behind several spiderwebs that can be burned away with Incendio.

Toward the back of the area, beyond more webs that spider enemies guard.

After players climb a box to the left of the second essence, they can travel forward until reaching a hole leading to the last source of Ancient Magic.

East Hogsmeade Valley

The southwest road leads players to take a right after it ends, then left soon after. A final right turn reveals the Hotspot.

Past vines at the very top of the ladder near the back of a room.

At the end of the platforms leading up from the room.

Players must break a lock in the room using Depulso in Hogwarts Legacy to drop to another section underneath.

North Feldcroft

Between a Small Bandit Camp and Merlin trial along the northeast road close to the shore.

Within the ruins before the Bandit Camp, down a staircase.

In a building close to the ruins.

Directly below the second essence after players fall into another room.


Past a treasure vault east of the river, off the road leading south.

In the building’s entrance, players can cast Incendio on the vines blocking the way in and Depulso on crates inside.

Use Accio to maneuver crates; players can climb up to a different building section, where more crates block the essence.

Across the platform with the crates on the other end of the room.


West of the Floo Flame, indicated by a chimney on the ground.

Directly on the top of the chimney.

Casting Revelio shows a location in Hogwarts Legacy with the essence to the southwest.

Within a field not too far east of the chimney.


To the northwest after passing Fatimah Lawang’s shop, then west from the large Landing Platform on top of a cliff.

Crouching past the opening after burning more vines leads to a room with the essence on the right.

Using Accio on a switch above after climbing a ladder reveals the next essence.

Blocked by crates that can be pushed aside with Depulso after players climb another ladder.


Northwest of a treasure vault directly north of the Floo Flame, on the road close to the shoreline.

Right at the very top of a ladder found at the start of the area on the map of Hogwarts Legacy.

Hidden behind vines past the first essence.

To the player’s left, blocked by crates easily dispersed with Depulso, creating a walkway to the final essence.


On a cliff to the east before the Landing Platform in that direction.

In a ruin with multiple rooms outside the first area.

Toward the back of the ruins, past a few trolls.

In a broken building to the right of the second essence.


Next to a Landing Platform southwest of the Floo Flame and across a small stream.

Within an abandoned castle to the right of its entrance.

Past a few platforms toward the top of the entrance’s room.

The final essence sits outside a treasure vault, south of the Hotspot and slightly east.

Phoenix Mountain

Using the southern road, the Hotspot rests past an intersection at the end of an adjacent path.

Atop a locked house, bypassed with the Alohomora spell in Hogwarts Legacy or a broom flying to the roof.

Simply inside the side entrance of the same building.

Depulso breaks wooden planks blocking the house’s other entrance, then must be used again on rocks inside to find the third essence.

South Poidsear Coast

Next to a bridge to the south, on the road discovered by dropping past a cliff.

On the other end of the bridge, is a house with wooden planks that can be broken with Depulso.

A larger house beyond the first has a second essence beneath the floor.

In a much larger room here, Accio pulls out a brick from the wall and opens a crate. Climbing this crate to the top floor shows the final essence.

Marunweem Bridge

Across the giant bridge at the very end, near a Landing Platform.

Repairing a set of platforms with Reparo in Hogwarts Legacy leads to this essence.

Using Accio on a block against a wall reveals a door that cannot be opened unless players have Alohomora Level 3. The essence lies past the door.

At the bottom of the platforms, directly near the water below.

Marunweem Lake

North of the road next to the shore, in a set of ruins directly west of the path’s end to the east.

Above the ruins in an area players can easily fly to.

In the central room, players must open two crates using Confringo to show Depulso mechanisms that open the door to the second essence.

Around the far end of the ruins, again accessed through a Broom.

West Manor Cape

Where the “Cursed Tomb Treasure” quest in Hogwarts Legacy was near the back of a house east of the castle.

By using cubes that drop when striking the floor with a spell, players can find the essence when using Levioso to climb one of the objects upward.

On top of the rafters of the building.

At the very top of the castle, through a door blocked by an Alohomora Level 3 door.

Cragcroft Shore

Down the cliff and southwest along the road, on the eastern path, when the road forks around where a Merlin Trial happens to be.

On top of the tower once players climb it.

To the side on another platform from the top of the tower.

Along the northern face of the tower, seen from afar on a broom.

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