Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for Babylon 5: The Road Home.


  • Six original cast members return to reprise their roles in Babylon 5: The Road Home, with every character voiced by their original actor whenever possible.
  • The story centers around John Sheridan’s journey through time, space, and reality as he tries to find his way home after becoming unstuck in time.
  • Each returning actor, including Bruce Boxleitner, Claudia Christian, Peter Jurasik, Bill Mumy, Tracy Scoggins, and Patricia Tallman, plays multiple versions of their characters in different circumstances.

Six original cast members are returning for Babylon 5: The Road Home, playing the same characters as in the classic science fiction series. Several characters had to be recast due to the actors dying after Babylon 5 ended in 1998. Yet every Babylon 5 character who makes an appearance in The Road Home is voiced by their original actor whenever possible.

The action of Babylon 5: The Road Home centers around John Sheridan shortly after his departure from the titular space station at the end of Babylon 5 Season 5. Exposure to the tachyons at an experimental power plant causes Sheridan, who traveled in time once before, to become unstuck in time. This leads to a strange journey across time, space and reality, as Sheridan runs into several familiar faces under drastically different circumstances while he tries to find the way home. Here is a guide to every returning actor in Babylon 5: The Road Home and the characters they play.

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6 Bruce Boxleitner As John Sheridan

John Sheridan with Colorful Lightning in Babylon 5 The Road Home

A hero to the Earth side of the Earth-Minbari War, Captain John Sheridan was appointed to take command of the Babylon 5 space station with the expectation that he would sabotage the Minbari-financed station’s mission of encouraging peace between worlds. Instead, Sheridan became a legendary figure, leading an intergalactic alliance against Earth and the sinister race known as the Shadows. He was ultimately elected as the first President of a new Interstellar Alliance. The action of Babylon 5: The Road Home centers around Sheridan and his efforts to return to his proper place in space and time.

While he did not join the cast of Babylon 5 until season 2, Bruce Boxleitner quickly became the center of the show’s story as John Sheridan. He’s made a career of playing presidents and politicians since Babylon 5, playing President Baker in Supergirl and President Alcuzan in The Orville. Apart from Babylon 5, he is probably most famous for playing the title role in the Tron franchise.

5 Claudia Christian As Susan Ivanova

Babylon 5 The Road Home Claudia Christian as Susan Ivanova

Claudia Christian played Susan Ivanova during the first four seasons of Babylon 5. She plays three different versions of Ivanova over the course of Babylon 5: The Road Home. One takes charge of a doomed Babylon 5 that was invaded by the Shadows before they were prepared to fight. Another is trapped on Earth in a reality where they lost the Shadow War, and their Vorlon allies elect to destroy Earth rather than let the Shadows take it. The final Ivanova appears in a different version of Babylon 5 at the end of the movie, reopening the station and declaring, “Babylon 5 is back online and we’re here to stay.”

Christian has become a popular voice actor since leaving Babylon 5. She is perhaps most famous for voicing both Aela the Huntress and Legate Rikke in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. She has also voiced multiple characters in the Fallout, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars and Call of Duty franchises. She was most recently seen in live-action as Captain Elaine Maynard in the series 9-1-1.

4 Peter Jurasik As Londo Mollari

Babylon 5 The Road Home Peter Jurasik as Londo Mollari

Originally an Ambassador of the Centauri Republic, Londo Mollari had perhaps the strangest path of any character on Babylon 5. Originally played by Peter Jurasik as a drunken fool, Londo soon showed a sinister edge as he was manipulated into serving the Shadows’ interests. He ultimately won redemption for himself and his people, but not before spending 16 years as a puppet emperor furthering the plans of the Shadows’ servants.

Two versions of Londo appear in Babylon 5: The Road Home. One is trapped on Earth in the reality where the Vorlons destroy Earth, having failed to persuade them to spare Earth and Centauri Prime. The other is shown in the new Babylon 5, arguing with G’Kar and asking Doctor Franklin if he could remove the “rather ugly growth” (i.e., G’Kar) standing next to him.

Peter Jurasik has mostly worked on stage since Babylon 5 ended. He also teaches acting at the University of North Carolina – Wilmington. Like Bruce Boxleitner, he also appeared in Tron as Crom, but the two did not share any scenes together. Apart from his role on Babylon 5, Jurasik is still fondly remembered for playing Sid Thurston (aka Sid the Snitch) on Hill Street Blues. He also co-wrote a science-fiction comedy, Diplomatic Act, based on his experiences playing Londo Mollari.

3 Bill Mumy As Lennier

Babylon 5 The Road Home Bill Mumy as Lennier

Introduced into the series as a personal assistant to Minbari Ambassador Delenn, Lennier was a devoutly religious man who repressed his unrequited love for Delenn and ultimately joined the Rangers. Played by Bill Mumy across all five seasons of Babylon 5, Lennier’s story took a dark turn in the final season, where he briefly abandoned John Sheridan during a disaster, hoping to have Delenn to himself. Lennier later went rogue, hoping to find some way to redeem himself. He is said to have died during the Telepath War, between two to four years after the series finale, but his final story has yet to be told.

Bill Mumy plays two different versions of Lennier in Babylon 5: The Road Home. One is the original Lennier, seen in a flashback escorting John Sheridan and Delenn to their going away party on Babylon 5. The second is seen in the final alternate reality, helping a hallucinating John Sheridan after he passes out.

First finding fame as a child actor, Bill Mumy appeared in multiple episodes of the original The Twilight Zoneand played Will Robinson in the original Lost In Space. Mumy has gone on to be a prolific producer, co-creating the show Space Cases and writing an episode of the 2022 Twilight Zone revival. Mumy is also a gifted musician, comprising one-half of the rock duo Barnes and Barnes.

2 Tracy Scoggins As Elizabeth Lochley

Tracy Scoggins as Elizabeth Lochley in Babylon 5 The Road Home

Tracy Scoggins joined the cast of Babylon 5 in Season 5 in the role of Captain Elizabeth Lochley. Taking command of the Babylon 5 station after John Sheridan left, Lochley also played a major role in the Babylon 5 spinoff Crusade. The original Lochley appears in Babylon 5: The Road Home, helping John Sheridan to seek a cure for his condition. An alternate Lochley appears in the final alternate reality, complaining about how repairs on the docks are delaying her leaving Babylon 5.

Before joining the cast of Babylon 5, Tracy Scoggins was the first actor to play Cat Grant in live-action in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. She has also made appearances on NCIS and Castle. She was most recently seen alongside Darth Maul actor Ray Park in the action movie City Limits.

1 Patricia Tallman As Lyta Alexander

Babylon 5 The Road Home Patricia Tallman as Lyta Alexander

Cast as telepath Lyta Alexander in the Babylon 5 pilot movie, The Gathering, Patricia Tallman has been a part of Babylon 5 since the very beginning. A prolific stage and stunt performer, Tallman served as Laura Dern’s stunt double in Jurassic Park. She’s also played multiple roles in various Star Trek productions and served as Gates McFadden’s stunt double.

Tallman was unavailable to reprise the role of Lyta Alexander when Babylon 5 was picked up as a syndicated series, but she became a series regular for the final three seasons. Over the course of the series, Lyta Alexander became the most powerful human telepath in recorded history. She was revealed to have died during the Telepath War in one of the Babylon 5 novels, sacrificing herself to secure freedom for her fellow telepaths.

Tallman plays two different variants of Lyta Alexander in Babylon 5: The Road Home. One helps John Sheridan to blow up the doomed Babylon 5 that was invaded by the Shadows. The other appears in the final variant of Babylon 5, where she is once again a P5 commercial telepath who helps confirm the time-lost John Sheridan’s story.

Babylon 5: The Road Home is now available on Blu-Ray, 4K, and digital download.

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