• Season 2 of Squid Game is highly anticipated, with four characters from the first season returning for the continuation of the story.
  • Gi-hun, the main protagonist, will be back and is expected to try to take down the mysterious organization behind the games.
  • Jun-ho, the undercover police officer, is likely to have survived his fall and will continue investigating the games, possibly teaming up with Gi-hun. The Front Man’s identity as Jun-ho’s brother could also be explored.

Squid Game season 2 is closer than ever, and with four characters returning for the continuation of season 1’s storyline, here’s what they may be up to in the upcoming episodes. Squid Game season 2 was announced not long after the conclusion of season 1, with many fans wondering if Netflix will be able to top the story of the show’s critically acclaimed first season. Although details on Squid Game season 2 are still sparse, there is a bit that is known about the upcoming season’s cast of returning characters. So, here is everyone who is coming back in Squid Game season 2 and why they could be returning.

Squid Game is one of Netflix’s most popular shows of all time, with the Korean thriller quickly taking off soon after it was released on Netflix in September 2021. Since then, viewers have been eagerly awaiting the return of the series, with the ending of Squid Game season 1 teasing an even wilder storyline to come. Although one of the most exciting aspects of a new season is typically returning characters, it is a little harder for Squid Game season 2 to pull this off, as most of its main cast died during the story of season 1. However, four characters will be returning, and here’s who they are.

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Gi-hun making a face in Squid Game

Seong Gi-hun is the main protagonist of Squid Game season 1, with him being the lens through which the viewers are introduced to the games. Played by Lee Jung-jae, Gi-hun is the winner of the games in season 1, with him winning the grand prize and being allowed to return home. Despite this, season 1 ends with Gi-hun boarding a plane in order to return to the games, teasing that Squid Game season 2 will follow Gi-hun as he attempts to take down the mysterious organization behind the event. Gi-hun returning to the games is an exciting hook for season 2, with the odds of him surviving again seeming low.


Jun-Ho from Squid Game

Hwang Jun-ho is the protagonist of Squid Game season 1’s B-story, and to the surprise of many, the character is returning for season 2. Jun-ho, played by Wi Ha-joon, is a police officer who manages to sneak onto Squid Game‘s island, with him investigating the event while undercover as a Pink Soldier. Jun-ho is motivated by the disappearance of his brother, who was never seen after participating in the games years ago. However, the end of season 1 sees Jun-ho discover that the Front Man is actually his brother, Hwang In-ho. After refusing to surrender, In-ho shoots Jun-ho, causing him to fall off a cliff.

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After his fall, Jun-ho isn’t seen again in season 1, making it seem like he died. However, due to the character being confirmed to return to Squid Game season 2, it’s apparent that he somehow lived. The Front Man only shot Jun-ho in the shoulder, meaning that it’s possible that season 2 will reveal that he swam to safety. It seems almost certain that Jun-ho will continue to investigate the games throughout Squid Game season 2, with him possibly even teaming up with Gi-hun at some point. Jun-ho’s world was shattered by the revelation of In-ho’s identity, so it will be interesting to see where he goes in season 2.

The Front Man

Squid Game - Front Man

The Front Man is the mysterious masked individual who oversees the games in Squid Game season 1, with him fulfilling the role of the show’s main antagonist. Although he is masked for most of the show, season 1 ends with the bombshell revelation that the Front Man is actually In-ho, Jun-ho’s brother. It seems likely that the Front Man will continue running the games in season 2 while also attempting to put a stop to Gi-hun and Jun-ho’s plans to take down the organization. Now that the Front Man’s identity has been revealed, Squid Game season 2 can give a greater insight into his backstory and plans.

The Salesman

Gi-hun trying to slap a recruiter in Squid-Game

The salesman is a minor character in Squid Game season 1 that actually plays a huge role. Played by Gong Yoo, the salesman recruits Gi-hun to join the game by challenging him to a game of ddakji. At the end of season 1, Gi-hun again sees the salesman playing ddakji with another individual in an airport, showing that he is clearly part of the organization. Although it is doubtful that the salesman will get much more development in season 2, he will most likely continue his villainous role from season 1, coercing needy people to participate in the titular Squid Game​​​​​​.

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