Below Deck season 10 has been full of drama, and fans have been excited about the season’s reunion, but Alissa Humber reveals it has been canceled.

Unfortunately, Alissa Humber has broken the news that there will be no Below Deck season 10 reunion. The reunion was gearing up to be one of the best after a whirlwind of drama this season. Alissa was at the center of most of it with her feud with Camille Lamb and the love triangle with Bosun Ross McHarg and deckhand Katie Glaser. There has also been tension between Captain Sandy Yawn and Chief Stew Fraser Olender. Sandy has had a lot of negative feedback for Fraser, who feels disrespected by her and doesn’t think she appreciates how hard he works.


The Below Deck season 10 reunion was set to cover everything, but according to Alissa, the reunion has been canceled.

Alissa shared an email on her Instagram story explaining that due to scheduling conflicts, they would no longer be moving forward with the reunion. Alissa simply captioned the post, “Interesting,” suggesting she thinks there might be another reason why the reunion was canceled. Alissa previously suggested she wouldn’t attend the Below Deck reunion. Other cast members haven’t made a statement about its cancelation.

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Alissa Was Recently Fired On Below Deck Season 10

Below Deck Alissa Humber

In the recent Below Deck episode, Alissa was fired after weeks of disrespecting Sandy. Alissa was given a second chance after she fought with Camille Lamb in front of charter guests. Camille wasn’t fired for the incident, but later Fraser realized her attitude wasn’t getting better, and he let Sandy know it was time to fire her. Alissa doesn’t believe she should have been fired, and she believes race has something to do with it since there aren’t many people of color in the maritime industry.

It’s certainly strange that the Below Deck reunion was canceled since so many fans were excited about it, and there were many things to discuss. It’s unlikely scheduling conflicts were the only issue since many shows were able to make reunions happen during lockdown due to video calls. There might be something else going on, as Alissa suggests, that the cast isn’t being told. Maybe due to all the tension on Below Deck season 10, some cast members didn’t want to come for the reunion.

It would have been great to see Camille and Alissa reunite and to see where things stand between Camille and Ben Willoughby, especially since he appears to have a fling with Alissa’s stew replacement. Sandy and Fraser would also have a few things to say to each other. Unfortunately, Below Deck fans will never get the chance to catch up with the cast. While scheduling conflicts may have been the excuse Below Deck gave the cast, Alissa is right to be suspicious.

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