Warning! This article contains spoilers for Ahsoka episode 1.


  • Unexpected characters from Star Wars Rebels, Governor Azadi and Jai Kell, make their live-action debut in Ahsoka, surprising and exciting viewers.
  • Clancy Brown, who voiced Governor Azadi in Star Wars Rebels, portrays the character in Ahsoka, ensuring a seamless transition from animation to live-action.
  • The appearance of Azadi and Jai in Ahsoka hints at the possibility of more Star Wars Rebels characters making unexpected appearances in the series, building anticipation for future episodes.

Unexpected characters from Star Wars Rebels have made their live-action debut in Ahsoka. The latest Star Wars series follows its titular character through her journey to finding Grand Admiral Thrawn after hearing whispers of his return. With the New Republic still forming and Imperial Remnants still at large, the threat of Thrawn’s return could promise war, causing Ahsoka to recruit those she trusts most to find the Grand Admiral before it’s too late.

Star Wars Rebels saw Thrawn’s first leap from the pages of Star Wars novels, which only further promised the involvement of the Ghost crew and other characters from the animated series. Sabine Wren, Hera Syndulla, and Chopper have all since appeared in the first episodes of Ahsoka to confirm that they would be along for the ride. Thrawn himself has also earned his live-action debut tease in a trailer for the series, while Garazeb “Zeb” Orrelios made a brief appearance in The Mandalorian season 3. All other potential Star Wars Rebels character appearances have been kept a secret, and the two that are featured in the first episode of Ahsoka are very unexpected.

Who Are Governor Azadi & Jai Kell?

Ryder Azadi in Star Wars Rebels.

Governor Ryder Azadi is most known for his deep ties to both Ezra Bridger and the planet of Lothal in Star Wars Rebels. Azadi was featured in the series as the leader of a resistance group on Lothal as he aided the Ghost crew in several endeavors, most notably the liberation of Lothal from the Empire. Jai Kell is also well acquainted with Ezra, having met him during one of Bridger’s missions spent infiltrating the Imperial Academy. The Ghost crew assisted in Jai’s escape from the Academy, where he and his mother were sent from Lothal into hiding until Jai went on to join Azadi’s resistance group. Jai assisted in the liberation of Lothal, as well as various other efforts that made the planet’s freedom possible.

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Who Plays Governor Azadi & Jai Kell?

Clancy Brown and Ahsoka Tano.

Governor Azadi is played by Clancy Brown, the same actor who voiced him in Star Wars Rebels. This marks Brown’s second live-action Star Wars role, with his first being Burg in The Mandalorian season 1, episode 6 “Chapter 6 – The Prisoner.” Jai Kell is played by Vinny Thomas in Ahsoka and is voiced by Dante Basco in Star Wars Rebels. The two both have an uncanny resemblance to their Star Wars Rebels counterparts, especially Brown, making for a seamless transition from the animation medium to live-action.

Seeing Azadi and Jai appear in Ahsoka was certainly unexpected, but very welcomed. Having those two notable characters in live-action, especially in front of Sabine’s infamous mural, is ia treat for viewers of Star Wars Rebels. Azadi even had the chance to name Ezra in front of a gathered crowd on Lothal to reference his role in the liberation of the planet from the Empire, a scene that made a great contrast to Empire Day and Ezra’s birthday as featured in the animated series. These two characters appearing in Ahsoka opens the door for many other unexpected Star Wars Rebels characters to appear, making the stories feel more connected.

Ahsoka releases new episodes Tuesdays at 6pm PT / 9pm ET on Disney+.

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