With Agent Elvis providing plenty of entertaining storylines, many people have been wondering who is part of the cast and what characters they play. Season 1 centered around Elvis enrolling for a government spy program to take down threats to American security. The premise might be fictional, but it will satisfy dedicated Elvis fans given that the late musician had actually expressed interest in serving as an undercover agent for the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (via Smithsonian Magazine). Agent Elvis plays around this idea, putting a foul-mouthed Elvis in a jetpack and pairing him with a reckless chimpanzee.

Agent Elvis is just one of the many comedic and dramatic reinterpretations of Presley’s life. In 2022, his legacy surged back in popularity, with Austin Butler talking in his “Elvis voice” in Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis. The fascination with Presley has been a recurring theme in Hollywood and American television, with notable portrayals by Kurt Russell, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, and Michael Shannon. With Agent Elvis, McConaughey joins this long line of accomplished actors mimicking the controversial yet iconic personality.

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Matthew McConaughey As Elvis Presley

A split image of Elvis and Matthew McConaughey

A rock n’ roller by day and vigilante by night, Elvis Presley gets a stylish and violent makeover as a suave agent who serves under a secret government program. While the character retains some of the real-life figure’s trademarks like his pompadour hair and flashy jumpsuits, Matthew McConaughey reinterprets the star with his usual carefree speaking style. Following McConaughey’s acting debut in Dazed and Confused, he starred in mainstream hits while even bagging an Oscar for Dallas Buyers Club. Before Agent Elvis, he also voiced the flamboyant koala Buster in the Sing franchise. TV audiences will also be familiar with his Emmy-nominated turn as Rust Cohle in True Detective.

Don Cheadle As The Commander

An image of the Commander smiling at Elvis and Don Cheadle looking serious in Iron Man 2

The Commander is the one who calls the shots in Agent Elvis. The head of the secret organization that hires Elvis in the first place, the ominous figure handles the government’s under-the-radar operations. He’s voiced by Don Cheadle who, interestingly, portrayed a college lecturer specializing on Elvis Presley’s life in the 2022 Netflix comedy White Noise. Cheadle became a mainstream name ever since he replaced Terrence Howard as War Machine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Oscar-nominated actor has balanced his career between mainstream film franchises like the Avengers and Ocean’s trilogy while also starring in critical favorites like his directorial debut Miles Ahead and Hotel Rwanda.

Kaitlin Olson As CeCe Ryder

An image of CeCe talking in Agent Elvis and Kaitlin Olson sitting in Hacks

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia alumni Kairlin Olson plays Elvis’ co-worker and close friend CeCe Ryder. Agent Elvis isn’t her first voice-acting credit in an adult sitcom as the witty actor has also played Yellowstone ranger Ethel in Brickleberry and Quagmire’s sister Brenda in Family Guy. While she started out with minor roles in sitcoms, it was the dark comedy It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia that proved to be her breakout. She plays Dee Reynolds, one of the members of “The Gang” who tries to make money through illicit means. Since this critically-acclaimed lead role, Olson also received an Emmy nomination for guest-starring in Hacks.

Johnny Knoxville As Bobby Ray

An image of Bobby Ray smiling in Agent Elvis and Johnny Knoxville in Action Point

Joining Elvis in his over-the-top adventures is the star’s naive yet loyal sidekick Bobby Ray. The Agent Elvis role suits Johnny Knoxville’s comedic presence has been utilized, starring alongside Dwayne Johnson in Walking Tall and opposite Arnold Schwarzenneger in The Last Stand. But Knoxville’s biggest claim to fame is his death-defying, rib-tickling antics in the Jackass franchise. Along with crew members like Bam Margera and Steve-O, Knoxville took physical comedy to another level in Jackass with some extremely dangerous stunts. When he’s not indulging in stuntwork, Knoxville is equally proficient at dry, sarcastic humor as can be seen from his recent role on Hulu’s Reboot.

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Niecy Nash-Betts As Bertie

An image of Bertie pointing and Niecy Nash Betts looking stressed in The Rookie

A mentor and a mother figure to the King, Niecy Nash-Betts joins the Agent Elvis star cast as Bertie. Over the years, Nash has proven her acting abilities in comedic as well as dramatic roles. She has had considerable sitcom experience starting out with a supporting role in Reno 911 and subsequently gaining major roles in dark comedies like Scream Queens, Claws, and Getting On. Dabbling in more serious roles brought the Emmy nominee further attention, particularly with her work on Ava DuVernay’s filmography. Nash played Civil Rights activist Richie Jean Jackson in DuVernay’s historical drama Selma and also starred in her Netflix limited series When They See Us.

Tom Kenny As Scatter

A chimpanzee smoking a cigar and Tommy Kenny speaking into a microphone

Although he’s synonymous with SpongeBob SquarePants, Tom Kenny has lent his voice acting talents in a wide range of animated properties. On Agent Elvis, the man of many voices shines again as the unpredictable chimpanzee Scatter, an ex-NASA employee who now aids Elvis on his missions. Kenny has had a stellar career voicing SpongeBob in the titular Nickelodeon series and its associated properties. Kenny’s other acclaimed voice credits include the Mayor and the Narrator in The Powerpuff Girls, Dog in CatDog, the Ice King in Adventure Time, among others. Kenny has also dabbled in live-action humor regularly appearing in the sketch comedy shows Mr. Show and The Edge.

Priscilla Presley As Herself

An image of Priscilla Presley in Agent Elvis and her in Dallas

Elvis’ aficionados will be in for a surprise as Agent Elvis’ Priscilla Presley is voiced by none other than the late singer’s own real-life wife. Presley, who handles her husband’s estate and all licensing related to his name and likeness, was married to him from 1967 to 1973. She has embarked on several ventures since the 1970s, acting in The Naked Gun trilogy and penning the memoir Elvis and Me. While most of her recent acting work in the 2010s included TV movies, Presley voicing a fictionalized version of herself makes for an interesting comeback. She also co-created and executive produced Agent Elvis.

Agent Elvis Supporting Cast & Characters

Howard Hughes smiling in Agent Elvis

Jason Mantzoukas as Howard Hughes: Howard Hughes’ life was adapted in The Aviator but a more eccentric version of the aviator-business tycoon is voiced by Jason Matzoukas who has played similarly bizarre and loud characters in Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Big Mouth.

Christina Hendricks as Roxanne Ryder: One of the high-profile guest stars on Agent Elvis is Christina Hendricks who plays CeCe’s relative Roxanne. Hendricks was nominated for six Emmys for playing Joan Harris in Mad Men. Her other credits include Good Girls, Drive, and Firefly.

Gary Cole as President Nixon: The infamous former-American President Richard Nixon is voiced by Gary Cole who has had experience playing authoritative characters in Office Space, Veep, and The West Wing.

Fred Armisen as Charles Manson: The notorious cult leader Charles Manson also features in one episode of Agent Elvis, voiced by Fred Armisen of Saturday Night Live and Portlandia Fame. Armisen has also dabbled in animation earlier voicing characters in Big Mouth and Final Space.

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