Rumors suggest that adamantium will debut in the MCU during Captain America: New World Order, posing an unusual problem for Sam Wilson in Phase 5.

The debut of adamantium in Captain America: New World Order will help to strengthen the story of Sam Wilson’s first solo outing as Captain America. Avengers: Endgame saw Steve Rogers pass the iconic shield on to Sam Wilson, who fully embraced his new identity as Captain America during Phase 4’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney+. With his first solo project on the docket for the MCU’s Phase 5, Sam Wilson will face some exciting new challenges that his Captain America predecessor never did.

While Steve Rogers was imbued with the Super Soldier Serum, Sam Wilson will need to come to terms with being a Captain America with no superpowers aside from his strategic mind, trademark wings, and vibranium shield. Anthony Mackie has recently confirmed that it’s unlikely that Sam Wilson would lead an Avengers team in the MCU’s future, as he doesn’t have any hidden abilities, which means that he’ll have to make the Captain America mantle his own without the aid of superpowers. This could become a problem in Captain America: New World Order, which could see the debut of a highly-anticipated metal even stronger than vibranium.

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Adamantium Makes Sam Wilson’s Task Harder In Captain America 4

captain america's shield in the falcon and the winter soldier

Adamantium, which die-hard Marvel fans will know is the metal that covers Wolverine’s skeleton, has been rumored to be making its first appearance in the MCU during Captain America: New World Order, thanks to the statue of the Celestial Tiamut that raised from beneath the Earth in Eternals. The introduction of a new metal that could rival the power of vibranium will make Sam Wilson’s debut as Captain America twice as hard, since the vibranium shield is really the only superhero thing about Wilson. Wilson is already starting off as an underdog in New World Order, and the introduction of adamantium would only make this even more apparent.

How Adamantium Would Change The MCU’s Power Balance

celestial tiamut being transformed in eternals

Vibranium has always been a coveted resource in the world of the MCU, and Phase 4’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever rammed home the fact that world governments are seeking to get their hands on some vibranium of their own. This resource race is set to become pivotal to the landscape of the MCU going forward, and could see some significant changes if adamantium is also thrown in the mix. Every government in the world has access to the statue of the Celestial Tiamut, which has been rumored to contain adamantium, so the new metal could become even more sought-after than vibranium.

If Sam Wilson defeats a villain who has access to vibranium in Captain America: New World Order, perhaps the world will see him as a more formidable hero, and a better replacement for Steve Rogers. Adamantium’s introduction would also tease the debut of a multitude of the MCU’s mutants, whose appearance would drastically shift the balance of power in the franchise, and perhaps shift the focus away from the Avengers. Adamantium’s introduction hasn’t been confirmed for Captain America: New World Order, but if it does make an appearance, the shape of the MCU and its heroes will change forever.

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