Adam Sandler’s latest sequel, Murder Mystery 2, is unusual for the comedian but its release may mark a big, upcoming change in his long career.

With the release of Netflix’s Murder Mystery 2 just around the corner, it seems as though Adam Sandler is taking his career in a slightly new direction. The comedian is known for starring in a variety of films including classic comedies like Billy Madison, rom-coms like 50 First Dates, and even dramas a la Uncut Gems. Sandler’s foray into dramatic acting certainly marked a significant change in his career and now the Murder Mystery sequel could be denoting a similar change of pace.

The first Murder Mystery came out in 2019, starring Sandler and Jennifer Aniston as a couple trying to reignite their marriage on a European cruise. However, the pair are quickly framed for murder and must figure out an escape plan. The film did not necessarily thrive among critics or audiences, however, Adam Sandler’s Murder Mystery 2 is being released in March 2023. It continues Sandler and Anniston’s story as they become private detectives and must investigate the disappearance of a close friend.

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Why Murder Mystery 2 Is So Different For Adam Sandler

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Murder Mystery 2 is a departure from the norm because Sandler typically avoids doing sequels to his films. Only two Sandler sequels have ever been made: Grown Ups and Hotel Transylvania. It makes sense that Sandler would continue these series because of their popularity, but other factors likely contributed to the decision too. In Grown Ups, Sandler got to make a film with his group of real-life friends, and Hotel Transylvania perhaps provided less of a challenge because it’s an animated franchise. However, Sandler won’t return for Hotel Transylvania 4, despite taking part in the previous three films, further showing how rare it is for him to take on sequels.

Sandler hasn’t publicly commented on why he chose to make Murder Mystery 2. The film did not perform as well as some of his previous movies, so it doesn’t seem like the obvious choice for a Sandler sequel. Perhaps as a part of his deal with Netflix, Sandler and the company decided a Murder Mystery sequel could be beneficial for both. With renewed hype over murder mysteries like Knives Out and Glass Onion, Sandler’s latest sequel is almost certainly an attempt to ride the wave of popularity in a more comedic way. However, there’s also a chance that Murder Mystery 2 is an attempt at change in Adam Sandler’s career.

How Murder Mystery 2 Could Be Great For Sandler

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While just one of many films Sandler has in the works this year, Murder Mystery 2 could be a great career move for the actor and producer. The first Murder Mystery bought in 30 million viewers in its first weekend, breaking the record for Netflix original movies at the time (per Deadline). It’s likely that the follow-up will bring at least some of the audience that enjoyed the first, with the potential to break more Netflix records.

In addition, any potential success of Murder Mystery 2 could lead to Sandler making more sequels in the future. This would be a significant difference from Sandler’s past career choices and potentially be of great benefit to him by pleasing long-time fans as well as capitalizing on the current wave of ’90s and ’00s nostalgia. Depending on how Murder Mystery 2 does, Sandler’s continued collaboration with Netflix could see his career take an entirely new trajectory.

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