The Rookie season 5 finale left viewers hanging with the possibility of Aaron Thorsen dying from his gruesome gunshot wound, but he might not be the character that fans should worry about going into season 6. The final episode began with Aaron and Celina Juarez walking home in the late hours of the night following an intense Dungeons & Dragons game when they heard strange noises. After going down a dark alley to investigate, a group of masked people attacked them.


One of the criminals hit Celina hard on the head, while another shot Aaron in the chest. Both police officers were rushed to the hospital, where Aaron remained in critical condition while Celina refused to leave his bedside. The ABC series did a great job of making viewers believe that Aaron could die during the hour, and unfortunately, fans won’t know his fate until season 6 premieres. However, it’s possible that all the attention on Aaron’s gunshot could be a red herring, and it’s Celina who will die in The Rookie season 6.

Celina Could Be The One In Danger In The Rookie Season 6

Celina and Aaron get hurt during the season 5 finale of The Rookie, and Bailey attends to Aaron's gunshot wound.

Celina’s head trauma was brushed over during the season 5 finale of The Rookie. She was admitted to the hospital, where doctors likely checked her out and tended to her injuries. She was still wearing a hospital gown at the end of the hour, so viewers were left to assume that the doctors were keeping her admitted to keep an eye on her following the attack. Head injuries are serious, and sometimes, they can lead to death, so it’s not surprising that Celina hadn’t been given the okay to check out of the hospital. But this small detail might suggest that fans should be concerned about Celina, not Aaron.

Although season 5 ended with a code blue from Aaron’s hospital room, he will probably be alright when season 6 premieres. Aaron was Jackson West’s unofficial replacement in the cast, so it’s unlikely that he will suffer the same fate as his predecessor. But if Celina were the one to die in The Rookie season 6, that would be one of the most shocking twists in the show’s history. While everyone panicked over the possibility of losing Aaron, Celina could be the one whose life was in danger.

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Will Aaron Or Celina Die In The Rookie?

As mentioned above, the probability of The Rookie killing off Aaron is slim to none, especially since all the attention was on him during the season 5 finale. However, as fans know, the writers aren’t afraid to kill off any of their characters. Captain Zoe Andersen died in season 1, Jackson was shot and killed in season 4, and many of the supporting characters, including Rosalind Dyer and Nick Armstrong, have also died in the past five seasons of the show. So anything is possible when it comes to The Rookie.

While Aaron is presumably safe, fans should be prepared for anything when season 6 premieres. There is a new villain in town, after all, and no one knows what his plan is. Plus, Celina’s head injury could come back around when The Rookie returns, and if she dies, John Nolan will be out for blood. All this makes the fate of both characters uncertain.

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