Wiccan aka Billy Maximoff’s quick wit and magical skills helped him capture and defeat one of Marvel’s most powerful characters, Sentry.

Billy Maximoff aka Wiccan is among the most powerful magic users in the Marvel Universe, but showed his abilities were even more impressive than anyone realized by taking down the Sentry. Appearing in the MCU in WandaVision and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Billy Maximoff has shown great skill in the comics and become much more than just his lineage as the Scarlet Witch’s son. Billy’s skill was great long before becoming the Demiurge, and gaining the ability to completely rewrite magic.

Although Billy has defeated the likes of Dormammu, the Sentry might be the most powerful and dangerous opponent Wiccan has faced. Often referred to as “Marvel’s Superman,” Robert Reynolds aka Sentry’s power level is equivalent to that of a thousand exploding suns and gave him strength to biblical proportions. Sentry’s powers have split and wreaked havoc because of a repressed persona, and the only way to stop him previously was to make him forget his own life.

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Sentry’s Defeat Marks A Powerful Milestone For Wiccan

Wiccan and Sentry

The events of Dark Reign: Young Avengers by Paul Cornell, Mark Brooks, and Christina Strain were much darker than the usual threats the Young Avengers face. The main characters for this series are not the original team many had come to love, but a new Young Avengers team who take their title and try to become heroes. However, it is only a matter of time before those “heroes” are confronted by the original Young Avengers for the claim to their name. The tension between the two groups boils over until it all comes to a point and Norman Osborn’s registered Avengers enter the fray. Wiccan, in combination with Sylvie and Coat of Arms is suddenly forced to take on the all-powerful golden guardian, Sentry. But with a few choice words, he actually manages to do what most can’t and defeat Sentry by binding him.

Sentry’s feats include a very long list of victories over incredibly powerful beings, one even being himself. When Sentry held the key to destroying the world simply by using his powers for any reason, he presented such a threat that many heroes were required to contain him. His own wife even begged Iron Man to find a way to either power him down or kill him because he has the potential to destroy them all. Wiccan’s ability to even so much as bind him in Dark Reign is a feat no one has accomplished; not even the superhuman prison the Raft can hold him.

In order to think fast enough during battle to throw off the likes of Enchantress, Sentry, and more, Billy Maximoff has to be more clever than he is made out to be. Not many people can think of spells on the spot like he can, and he has to think of some right off the cuff in the heat of battle while actively being attacked. His ability to continue to whip out new spells every time he needs something done is part of why he’s so powerful. Before ever becoming the Demiurge, he could easily be listed as one of the best of the best magic users. With Sentry gone, the entire tide of the battle sways towards the Young Avengers’ favor and everyone attacking them stands down out of fear of his abilities.

Wiccan is far more powerful than many fans give him credit for, and he deserves a moment to shine like that again, where his raw magical power and wit combine to defeat a powerful character in a surprisingly simple way. The simplicity of his abilities are one of the main reasons it works so well, and Billy Maximoff can truly show that he’s the son of a very powerful witch. The battle against the Sentry shows that Wiccan‘s potential power is much more than just the Demiurge and Marvel Comics must show it off more.

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