A Green Lantern’s power ring is one of the most powerful tools in DC Comics, but one Justice League hero takes it to the next level.

One of the most powerful weapons in DC Comics is a Green Lantern power ring, and over the years they have come into the possession of a few members of the Justice League. Yet, there is one hero who took the power of the Green Lantern Corps to a whole new level: Big Barda.

Big Barda aka Barda Free is the wife of Scott Free aka Mister Miracle, but she was originally a member of Darkseid’s elite warriors known as the Female Furies. Raised as an orphan by Granny Goodness, Barda’s upbringing was full of harsh training and cruel conditioning, but all that changed on the day this New God of Apokolips met Mister Miracle. She eventually escaped the reach of Darkseid and traveled to Earth where she married Scott and became a superhero. She put the past behind her to become something more than just a soldier of Apokolips.

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Big Barda Is Unlike Any Other Green Lantern Who Came Before Her

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This is a trend that fans see continue in the 2004 Elseworlds story JLA: Another Nail, by Alan Davis and Mark Farmer. In this world, where Superman was never raised by the Kents, Barda finds herself becoming a Green Lantern after acquiring a ring from a fallen Lantern during a battle against Darkseid on Apokolips. However, she is not just any Lantern. Barda’s power ring far outmatches any other Lantern in the history of the Corps. After she is selected by her power ring it fuses with the technology of a Mother Box, giving Barda powers not possessed by other Lanterns.

Her Green Lantern powers are the further augmented by Mister Miracle. After being tortured by Desaad, Scott uses Mother Box technology to escape his body and uploads his consciousness to Barda. With the combined might of a Mother Box, a Green Lantern power ring, and her husband giving the power its own consciousness, Barda becomes the ultimate Lantern, with a more versatile and extreme power than any other, drawn both from the Central Power Battery and New God tech. In fact, Barda’s power is so complex and mighty, that she is able to project Scott out of her ring. Together they are able to kill Darkseid, With the essence of Mister Miracle (the universe’s ultimate escape artist), the Oan power ring (the universe’s ultimate tool), and the Mother Box (the universe’s ultimate calculator), Barda and Scott are able both control the ring’s power. They use this incredible combination of gifts to reverse Darkseid’s own technology to defeat him, which is a feat unmatched in almost any other universe within the DC Multiverse.

This amalgamation of Lantern and New God technology makes her so powerful that even the Guardians of Oa are wary of her. Thus, by becoming a Green Lantern, Big Barda manages to upgrade her power level in a way that no other member of the Justice League ever has.

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