• A co-creator of A League of Their Own expresses frustration over the show’s cancelation and questions the studio’s explanation.
  • Jacobson clarifies that cancelation isn’t solely due to strikes, implying the studio is using it as an excuse.
  • Despite the disappointment, Jacobson expresses love for the cast and crew, choosing not to dwell on frustration.

The co-creator of A League of Their Own is not pleased with the decision to cancel the show, nor the studio’s explanation for the cancelation. A League of Their Own is a reboot of the 1992 classic and tells the story of a team of women banding together to create a professional baseball team during World War II. The show explores themes of racism, LGBTQ+ identities, and women’s rights. After a successful season 1 saw A League of Their Own renewed, Prime Video canceled the show due to complications resulting from the WGA strike.

Abbi Jacobson, who co-created the series alongside Will Graham and who starred as Carson Shaw, took to Instagram to open up about her reaction to A League of Their Own‘s cancelation. Check out her post below:

Jacobson emphasizes that the cancelation decision is not entirely related to the strikes. She even considers the accusation “cowardly” and strikes indirectly at the studio. Her post is not entirely negative, however, as she states that her intention is not to dwell on her frustration. Instead, she still shares her love for the show’s cast and crew.

A League Of Their Own’s Confusing Cancelation

The cast of A League Of Their Own

A League of Their Own did not initially appear to be at risk for cancelation. After all, A League of Their Own season 2 was confirmed in March, approximately two months before the start of the Writers Guild of America strike. There were already numerous indications that a strike would be on the way, and the WGA voted in favor of a strike just one month after. Initially, it appeared that Prime Video was more than willing to accept waiting for the strike to end before fully continuing the show.

As recently as July, Amazon Studios Television executive Vernon Sanders described A League of Their Own‘s future with extreme optimism. There was even some speculation that the show could eventually be renewed for future seasons. Unfortunately, Prime officially announced that the renewal will no longer be going forward. The series was initially renewed for a four-episode final season, but it will now be ending after season 1. Prime sources have argued that the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes played a role.

While Jacobson had been vague about the exact reasons for the cancelation, she is definitively stating that the strikes are not the true reason for A League of Their Own‘s cancelation. There is still some chance that the show could continue after Netflix’s Warrior Nun was saved by fan campaigning after another surprising non-renewal. The future of A League of Their Own remains in doubt, but Jacobson stands by the cast, crew, and the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes.

Source: Abbi Jacobson / Instagram

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