Warning! Contains MAJOR Spoilers for Birds of Prey #1!


  • Maps Mizoguchi, from Gotham Academy, has taken on a new superhero identity called Meridian, distancing herself from her initial dream of being Batman’s next Robin.
  • In Birds of Prey #1, Black Canary forms a new team to save her sister, and Maps, now an adult from the future, joins as Meridian.
  • The reasons for Maps giving up on being Robin are unclear, but her new identity shows that she still aspires to be a hero.

Many characters in comics start with one superhero identity and eventually move on to another, and it seems that’s exactly what has happened to fan-favorite Gotham Academy character Maps Mizoguchi. While Maps originally wanted to be the next Robin, it seems she’s outgrown that and finally taken on a new identity for herself: Meridian.

As of Birds of Prey #1 by Kelly Thompson, Leonardo Romero, Jordie Bellaire, and Clayton Cowles, Black Canary’s sister Sin has been taken by the Amazons, and it seems if she isn’t released soon, it might just cause the end of the world. Because of this, Black Canary has assembled a new Birds of Prey team to save her sister. One of the people helping Black Canary with this new team is, surprisingly, Maps Mizoguchi. This version of Maps is an adult from the future, and it seems that Maps has her very own superhero identity.

Maps Mizoguchi Meridian in Green Suit

Calling herself Meridian, not much is currently known about her new superhero identity or what she can do. But one thing is for sure: this brand-new hero Meridian is a far cry from the girl Maps Mizoguchi originally wanted to be.

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Maps Mizoguchi’s New Hero Identity

Maps Mizoguchi and Damian Wayne

Mia Mizoguchi, known mostly by the nickname “Maps,” was originally introduced in the beloved Gotham Academy series. The book mostly follows students at the titular Gotham Academy, where they try to balance school life while also dealing with the general weirdness of living in Gotham City. The title features several original characters, but the most popular by far is Maps. A young girl who wants nothing more than adventure and mystery, Maps’ biggest dream was once to become Batman’s next Robin. Maps wanted so badly to meet Batman that she even once snuck up to the Batsignal, turning it on in the hopes of meeting him.

Maps’ future hero identity is seemingly completely unrelated to Batman, so it’s possible that, at some point in the future, Maps gives up on being Batman’s new Robin. The reasons why aren’t exactly clear, but considering the deadly dangers of being Robin, it’s possible she realized that it simply wasn’t a very good career choice. While Maps may have fallen out of love with the idea of being Robin, there’s no denying the influence Batman clearly had on her as she was growing up, and it seems Maps was still inspired to be a hero all the same. The reasoning behind Maps’ mantle “Meridian” — a name with ties to cartography — and her exact abilities or expertise exactly are all yet to be seen.

Maps Was Batman’s Robin For Exactly One Night

Maps as Robin with Batman

DC is no stranger to bringing back old characters and giving them new roles. Maps Mizoguchi was by far the most popular character in Gotham Academy and, while the title itself has yet to make a strong comeback, DC has clearly taken note of her popularity. While Maps may no longer want to be a Robin, this new hero identity allows her to branch out and really make her own name, especially with a team as iconic as the Birds of Prey. Whatever the case, readers should definitely be excited to see where Maps Mizoguchi goes next.

Birds of Prey #1 is on sale now from DC Comics!

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