• Jovi and Yara’s relationship takes a turn for the worse when Yara reveals she had been hiding her use of birth control from Jovi.
  • The preview hints that Jovi may have cheated on Yara with another woman, causing a heated argument between the couple.
  • Trust issues and communication problems are at the core of Jovi and Yara’s relationship troubles, but there is hope for them to improve through therapy.

In the latest episode of 90 Day: The Last Resort, Yara Zaya is furious with Jovi Dufren because he brought one of their fellow cast members into their bed. The reality TV spinoff has stunned viewers with dozens of bombshell reveals since its premiere. However, the issues between Jovi and Yara didn’t start until episode 2. Previously, Yara disclosed that she had deceived her husband for months. She said, “I have been hiding from you. I’ve been taking birth control.” Jovi was utterly heartbroken by the reveal and couldn’t understand why Yara didn’t discuss things with him. He asked, Why would you not tell me that?”

The episode also showcased some previews that hinted issues between various cast members will worsen. In one of the scenes, Yara and Jovi had a loud argument in their bedroom that didn’t look good. The 28-year-old Ukranian woman shouted, Bringing someone into my bed, that’s not okay.” The preview implied that Jovi had probably cheated on Yara with another woman. While it didn’t reveal much, it showed Jovi embarrassingly sitting on the bed looking guilty. Fans have since wondered if the 33-year-old man cheated on his wife. However, the latest episode reveals things aren’t as bad as they looked.

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Jovi & Yara’s Fight Explained

The 90 Day FiancĂ© spinoff’s latest episode shows the argument between Jovi and Yara. The issue starts during the dinner when the pair discusses the birth control situation. Jovi says, Just think about the situation you put me in today. For you to bring up that problem in front of everybody who’s over there is not okay for me.” The 33-year-old man shares that he was uncomfortable that his wife shared their private matters in front of others. He also admits he can’t trust Yara anymore and accuses her of being controlling.

Which Cast Member Was With Jovi In Yara’s Bed?

Montage of 90 Day: The Last Resort's Jovi and Yara

The next morning, Yara tells the cameras about last night. She says, After arguing last night, Jovi goes to the bar, that’s what he usually do.” The 28-year-old Ukranian star reveals that her husband met none other than Angela Deem, drank with her, and even brought her into their room to ask her to join them. Yara gets very angry during the scene and questions her husband. However, Jovi shows no remorse and claims what he did was justified. The 90 Day: The Last Resort star says,You’re choosing to f**king lie to me, and hide sh*t from me, so what do you want in return?”

The scene ends with Yara telling her husband she was extremely hurt when he brought Angela into their bedroom. She storms out as Jovi sits there contemplating his future. While it’s unfortunate that the pair had to go through this, it’s good to know they haven’t done something to ruin their marriage permanently. The two have a good relationship that is suffering due to trust issues. Hopefully, they’ll learn to be more honest with each other through therapy and exit 90 Day: The Last Resort with a significantly improved bond.

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