• 90 Day: The Last Resort features couples trying to improve their relationships through therapy, with Big Ed and Liz Woods aiming to settle in Arkansas.
  • Yara and Jovi have a healthy relationship but face issues due to Yara’s desire to live near her family in Ukraine.
  • Kalani opens up to Asuelu about having emotional feelings for someone else, causing tension in their marriage. Yara reveals she has been secretly taking birth control without Jovi’s knowledge.

90 Day: The Last Resort contains some of the biggest revelations in the franchise’s history. The reality show premiered on August 14, 2023, featuring five pairs trying to improve their relationships through therapy. One of those couples is Big Ed Brown and Liz Woods, who have broken up nearly a dozen times in the last two years. They want to work on their differences and improve themselves to become more compatible. During episode 1, the pair admitted they aim to settle in Ed’s hometown of Arkansas to take their relationship to the next level.

Yara Zaya and Jovi Dufren are another 90 Day: The Last Resort pair. While the two visibly have a healthy relationship and a beautiful family, they still have some issues that they need to work on. Yara has been in a tough situation due to being far from her family in Ukraine. She wants to live near her relatives, which has previously created issues between her and Jovi. The pair has an emotional gap, but there’s some suggestion that they don’t deserve to be on the show because their problems are relatively benign compared to other couples.

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Kalani Admits Having Feelings For The Hall Pass Guy

The recent episode of the 90 Day Fiancé spin-off featured more chaotic situations between cast members. One of those moments happened when Kalani Faagata opened up to Asuelu Pulaa about having emotional feelings for the guy she slept with. The 35-year-old mom of two revealed that she took the hall pass to experience how it feels to be with another man because she had only ever been with her husband. She added, “But once I got to know this other person better, I ended up liking the other man.” Asuelu was angry and upset at the revelation because he felt Kalani crossed the line by committing both emotional and physical cheating.

Yara Reveals Secret She Has Been Keeping From Jovi

Yara & Jovi 90 Day The Last Resort

Yara and Jovi may have a good marriage, but they also dropped some bombshells recently. The 28-year-old Ukrainian woman began by expressing that she had kept a secret from her husband. She said, “I’ve been taking birth control,” letting Jovi know that she purposely hid it from him because he wants another baby, and she doesn’t. Jovi was shocked by the revelation but didn’t get too angry. He simply responded by asking, “I feel like that is something we should discuss instead of you going behind my back to do it.”

Kelly & Big Ed Butt Heads

Big Ed Brown 90 Day Fiancé montage two images of big ed

Ed and Kelly Brown didn’t have a great time during the couple’s race. The San Diego native called the New York cop a “b***h.” Later, they regrouped in a jacuzzi, where things aggravated. During the scene, Kelly and Molly Hopkins jumped into the tub with Angela Deem, Liz, and Ed. While everything was initially fine, Ed began interrupting people. Kelly said, “Very extremely annoying when Ed interrupts everyone.” As the situation worsened, Kelly eventually had enough of Ed. He got angry and asked him if he craved attention, which Molly supported. The whole thing then turned into a chaotic argument between 90 Day: The Last Resort cast members.

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