• Angela Deem’s on-again off-again relationship with Michael may be beyond repair, and it might be time for her to focus on herself.
  • Angela’s extreme and histrionic behavior, from trashing cars to physical fights, makes her a volatile and unstable partner.
  • Angela’s trust issues and wandering eye suggest that she may be better off without Michael, as the relationship seems to be headed for disaster.

90 Day: The Last Resort star Angela Deem is on-again off-again with Michael Ilesanmi, and it might be time to throw in the towel. Being single isn’t the end of the world, and the wild “meemaw” might benefit from some “me time.” By staying single for a while, she could reassess her former relationship and regroup. Angela isn’t always the most introspective person. She’s an outgoing, adventurous Sagittarius. If she did take time to think about how Angela’s relationship with Michael played out, she might learn important things about herself. While Angie’s getting on in years, she’s not necessarily the most mature woman. Does she have some growing up to do?

90 Day: The Last Resort is a spin-off with a fascinating premise, which is brand-new for the 90DF franchise. It’s about putting couples in a serene tropical setting and offering them New Age-inspired relationship “treatments.” It’s a last-ditch attempt to bring seemingly doomed couples together. However, Angela and Michael may be way past the point of no return. Angela was brandishing divorce papers on the show, and that really says it all. Is it all downhill from here? Maybe, and if it is, it’s probably for the best.

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Is Angela Too Unhinged For A Stable Relationship?

Side by side images of 90 Day Fiance's Angela Deem

Angela has no filter – she’s about as extra as a person can get. While this works well for reality TV, the Foreigner song “Urgent” really sums her up: “You’re so extreme/you can be so temperamental.” Prone to the most histrionic displays of love and hate, she’s like a hurricane. When she’s not trashing Michael’s car in a fit of rage, she’s imagining a happy future with him. With Angie, nothing makes sense, the ride is wild, and the outcome is really anyone’s guess.

In the past, there’s no question that the Meemaw’s crossed the line, repented, and then shamelessly crossed it again. She can’t be trusted to control her anger or any other emotion. While this woman is passionate, she’s messy, and that’s dangerous. That’s one reason why Usman “Sojaboy” Umar, with whom she’s feuding, said that Michael was her, “hostage,” as per a 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? reunion.

While Angie’s antics can entertain, she’s veered into problematic territory more than once. Attacking an inanimate object (Michael’s vehicle) just scratched the surface. While that was a crime, she did worse when she got into a physical fight with a “pal” after a turbulent cab ride to a hotel. The Meemaw fought her “friend” in an elevator, and there were witnesses. This violence is the shadow side of Angela, who just loses it. Once something sets her off, she’s out of control.

This tendency to freak out, harming property and people, is the reason why Angela needs a break from Michael. He’s so often her target. Of course, she’s easily provoked. If Michael hadn’t owned up to cheating on her, things might be different. However, he did do that, and now they’re in a bad place.

Angela’s trust issues run very deep. That’s one of the reasons why they’re on the show, but some issues are too serious to repair, even in beautiful surroundings, with patient and innovative experts. However, a miracle could happen. It’s not inconceivable that Angela could learn how to get along with Michael. It’s just a very long shot.

Does Angela Really Want Just One Man?

90 Day Fiancé’s Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi looking serious

Angela plays the hypocrite when she chastises Michael for staring at a dancer (and other infractions), because this Georgia peach has a bit of a wandering eye. She’s not averse to flirting it up, even with divorce papers in her hand. This brazen diva can so easily get sidetracked by a handsome man. Remember how she was all over her plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Obeng? That really raised some eyebrows, and now, she’s getting heat for batting her eyelashes at a resort employee, while ostensibly being at said resort to get relationship therapy.

This woman likes the hunt, and might be better off hunting. When she tries to play the faithful partner, to a man who’s anything but faithful, it’s just chaos. Michael’s chatted with women online, inflaming Angela, but how is she any different? She made a male “friend” on TikTok, and who knows what kinds of naughty thoughts were running through the Meemaw’s mind?

Why Is Angela Even Trying To Make It Work?

90 Day Fiancé’s Angela Deem looking surprised

At this point, it seems like Angela’s heading for disaster. While the divorce papers seem to signify that she’s drawn some kind of line in the sand, calling a halt to the madness, her MO is to stage some dramatic breakup-themed stunt and then backslide. That’s who Angela is and how she operates. She may be hooked on the drama, getting an adrenaline buzz from the dizzying highs and lows. She might benefit from cutting off the source of that adrenaline – Michael. There are other people who might be exciting, without making her so angry that she forgets where she is and what she’s doing.

With Michael, Angela’s truly on the edge. The problem is that she enjoys being there. It’s a risk she likes to take. This thrill-seeker needs to find healthier outlets, and a happier relationship. The 90 Day: The Last Resort therapists have their work cut out for them, as Hurricane Angie is a force of nature.

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