• Yohan and Daniele rush to get married and start the fertility process due to Daniele’s desire to get pregnant immediately.
  • Yohan wants their baby to have Daniele’s traits, but the doctor explains that genetically it won’t have Daniele’s genes.
  • The doctor recommends starting the fertility process fast due to Daniele’s age and mentions a success rate of 65-70% if they start immediately.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Yohan Geronimo knows exactly what he wants his future baby with Daniele Gates to be like. The 32-year-old Yohan used to work as a personal trainer and dance instructor in a hotel when he met Daniele, 43. Daniele was in the Dominican Republic holidaying with her family. She wanted this tall, attractive man to be her husband and the couple instantly began dating. Five months later, Daniele and Yohan got married on 90 Day Fiancé: Love In Paradise in November 2021. Daniele and Yohan rushed the wedding not only due to their attraction for each other but also because time was running out for Daniele who wanted to get pregnant immediately.

When Daniele and Yohan returned via 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 4, it showcased the ups and downs in their storyline due to her leaving her New York life behind for the peace of the Dominican Republic. A preview by ET for episode 8 of season 5, however, shows they’re taking baby-making seriously. Daniele and Yohan are at a fertility clinic and Yohan asks the doctor, “The fact that it comes from another person and it’s inside Daniele’s body, will it inherit something from her?” The doctor explains that since the baby is growing inside Daniele, she will be forming it with her blood. “But genetically speaking, it’s not going to have Daniele’s genes.” Yohan admits he wants their baby to have Daniele’s traits, “like her eyes, her nose.” But he also jokingly adds, “Not her temperament.

Daniele & Yohan’s Doctor Recommends Starting Fertility Process “Fast”

Daniele and Yohan from 90 Day Fiance looking serious

What bothers Yohan is that the baby is not going to inherit Daniele’s traits but the donors, although it will have his characteristics. Daniele, meanwhile has very high expectations from the donor. She doesn’t mind whether the woman is blonde or brunette. She wants her to be Harvard-educated. “I care less what she looks like and more about what she does for a living,” Daniele mentions. The eggs will be extracted on the same day that Yohan will be expected to provide his sperm to the clinic. They will have six or eight embryos that they will be working with.

Five days after the extraction, the transfer process will begin. “Then after that, just wait for the pregnancy,” the doctor said. If Daniele finalizes her donor as soon as possible, the process could be done in 15 days. During his confessional. The doctor tells the cameras that the “rate of success” of the process is around “65 to 70 percent” because of Daniele’s age only if they start the procedure immediately. He suggests doing it fast because the longer Daniele waits, the “rate will become lower.” Daniele and Yohan were arguing a lot in the previous season thanks to her not allowing Yohan to wear the pants in the relationship. He also wasn’t happy with Daniele welcoming her ex-boyfriend turned friend Taylen into their life.

This time around, Daniele and Yohan are trying to make their marriage work. They probably think that a baby is what they need now to create their happily ever after. Daniele has a 22-year-old son, but she does feel she is ready to take care of a baby at her age. Yohan, who is religious didn’t agree to involve science in their baby-making process and realized that Daniele needed medical help in this case because of her age. It is not known whether Daniele and Yohan were successful in having a baby. But the American 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star keeps hinting at a nasty split with Yohan on her IG.

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