90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star Debbie Aguero was married twice, and therefore has two ex-husbands before she met her boyfriend Oussama Berber online. The 67-year-old from Georgia started dating Oussama over five years ago. He was about 19 or 20 years old back then. Debbie moved to Morocco in The Other Way season 4 to get married to Oussama. However, Oussama wasn’t on the same page as her. Oussama planned on moving to the U.S. and getting a green card, and claimed it was initially something Debbie had told him as well.


90 Day Fiancé couple Debbie and Oussama split before the season finale, and at the Tell-All, confirmed they weren’t together. Oussama admitted he loved Debbie, but doesn’t love her anymore. He revealed he tried to call Debbie over a thousand times to tell her things were over between them, but Debbie’s son Julien revealed Oussama wanted to get back together, and even sent a text saying he loved Debbie. Oussama confessed he had a physical attraction to Debbie and asked her to tell the cast about “the night in Casablanca.” However, according to Debbie, the last time she was intimate with a man was over 14 years ago.

All About Debbie’s First Ex-Husband

Debbie Johnson Son Julian Throwback In 90 Day Fiance

When Debbie was growing up, her mother had some “significant health issues.” She never knew any kind of normalcy or structure and as she got older, Debbie failed to understand what a healthy relationship is supposed to look like. “I was very very naïve,” said Debbie, who was married to her first husband for four years. Debbie’s son Julian was born during this marriage. Her ex-husband was a womanizer who would drink a lot. Debbie decided she had to leave him, which she did, and never looked back.

What Happened To Debbie’s Second Ex-Husband

Debbie In 90 Day Fiance Ex Husband Daughter Sandy

Debbie believes love doesn’t come in “nice little packaging,” and the romantic partner can sometimes turn out to be a big bad wolf. She met her second husband shortly after she left her first ex-husband. Debbie and her second ex married rather quickly because she got pregnant with her daughter, Sandy. Debbie was married to this man for 23 years, but soon everything started to go South when he started traveling more often than normal for work. Using a private detective’s help, Debbie confirmed her suspicions, and was shown photos of her second husband with another woman in another country.

Why Debbie Couldn’t Get Intimate With Oussama On 90 Day Fiancé

It was such a gut-wrenching time in my life that I lost Debbie for a while,” Debbie confessed. She sat behind closed doors for 12 years, and felt that she was rescued by Oussama when he started commenting on her art posts. According to Debbie, she and Oussama had a wonderful time together where they enjoyed wine, cheese, and fine food. Oussama tried to get “amorous” with her, which she referred to as the “Barry White time.” However, Debbie revealed she isn’t attracted to young men at all, and what happened with Oussama was a moment of “temporary insanity” and a “total bummer” to fall in love with a 24-year-old.

Nights in Casablanca was “wishful thinking” on Oussama’s part because Debbie prefers a seasoned gentleman to get intimate with. The last time that Debbie was in a physical relationship with someone was “probably 12 years or more maybe 14 years,” which was probably with her second ex-husband. Debbie is of the opinion that it’s a “special gift” that one gives someone, and is valuable and treasured. Perhaps the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way star hasn’t been able to find a man worthy enough until now.

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