• Statler really wants to move into Dempsey’s home, despite feeling uncomfortable and unhappy with the living conditions.
  • Statler’s main goal is to be in a stable relationship with Dempsey, and moving in together is seen as a necessary step in order to continue the relationship.
  • Statler may not have the financial means to get her own house in England, and is willing to compromise in order to be with Dempsey. She hopes that Dempsey accepts her proposal on the show.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way celeb Statler Riley seems desperate to move into Dempsey Wilkinson’s home. The 33-year-old Statler from Irving, Texas met the 28-year-old Dempsey from England on a dating app. Statler, who considers herself the black sheep of her family, was attracted to women with English accents. That led her to find Dempsey, whom she considers the most amazing woman in the world. Statler was impressed with Dempsey’s photos, and after they talked online for seven months, Statler headed to Darlington to meet her girlfriend in person. To do so, she had to deal with a missed flight and a parasite.

After she joined the series, 90 Day Fiancé viewers were immediately repulsed by Statler. She repeatedly spoke about her interest in sex, and even visited a sex-themed restaurant with her friend. Statler made having ADHD and being kinky her whole personality. However, she also showed her vulnerable side to the audience while talking about why she felt so rejected in life. First, it was her birth mother who rejected Statler. She was adopted by another couple with two boys. Statler’s older brothers were better at basically everything, and this made her feel like a disappointment to her family.

Statler’s Always Complaining About Dempsey’s Home

90 Day Fiancé Before The 90 Days Statler montage two dramatic expressions

Statler was in a relationship with a different English woman before Dempsey. However, Statler’s ex-girlfriend broke up with her after Statler said that she wanted to move in with her. Later, immediately after meeting her, her new partner Dempsey expressed concerns about Statler not being able to adjust to her lifestyle. Dempsey was right, since Statler said Dempsey lived on a farm, “out in the middle of nowhere” and she was, “unexcited” to be dealing with such circumstances.

City slicker Stater was concerned about the space, as well as the condition of Dempsey’s home. She knew she couldn’t live in Dempsey’s trailer over the long term because it was so small. She thought the trailer was cold, and said that being cold was her, “version of hell.” She couldn’t handle the construction outside, and complained about not being able to take a hot shower. She bluntly told the cameras she didn’t want to, “take a dump” in the field outside.

Statler Just Wants To Be In A Relationship

Dempsey doesn’t know that I want to move in with her, but I’m realizing that I’m not comfortable here,” Statler had confessed. She knew what she was getting into because she said, “I am freezing cold, I don’t feel like there’s a lot of space for me, and I’m out in the middle of nowhere… and that scares me because I don’t have another plan.

It became clear that Statler was perhaps not really looking to move, but to have a stable relationship with her new partner. Since Dempsey’s from another country, moving in with her was inevitable if Statler wanted to continue the relationship. Statler has been vocal about hating Dempsey’s house.

She might not be financially capable of getting her own house in England. If she does get one in the city, she would have to be away from Dempsey. Statler and Dempsey are both aware that their relationship so far has been rushed, and the American woman is showing no signs of slowing down. Still, Dempsey is scared of rejection. She wants to quickly get into a committed and serious relationship because she’s scared of her past.

Statler has a list of relationship goals she wants to tick off. One of them is being under the same roof as the person she loves. She’ll probably relax if Dempsey accepts her proposal on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way.

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