Jen Boecher and Rishi Singh documented their split on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, but a few hints suggest they are secretly still together. The Oklahoma native and her 32-year-old lover became popular when they debuted in The Other Way season 4. The couple first connected when Jen traveled to India and bumped into Rishi. One thing led to another, and the two became lovers and decided to get married. Unfortunately, their journey didn’t go as smoothly as it started since Rishi hid his engagement from his Indian family.

On the show, Jen traveled to India again, hoping to tie the knot with Rishi. However, she was disappointed to learn that Rishi hadn’t told his family and wanted her to play pretend until he could sort things out. The couple went through major ups and downs during the season and tried to make things work. They even went shopping for ethnic clothes so Jen could impress Rishi’s family. Sadly, nothing worked out, and the 90 Day Fiancé franchise pair was left with a stalemate, leading the two to an emotional breakup.



5 Jen & Rishi Look Happy Together In Recent Photos

While Jen and Rishi have called it quits on the show, a few clues hint they may still be together. One major sign that the two could’ve reconciled after Tell-All is in their social media posts. The two still have dozens of cuddly pictures with each other on Instagram. In a photo from May 2023, Rishi passionately kissed Jen’s forehead. He captioned the post, “I do not like to see Jen upset,” while asking 90 Day Fiancé fans not to trouble his significant other, as she doesn’t deserve it.

When couples break up, they often remove each other’s photos from their profiles. An example is Yve Arellano and Mohamed Abdelhamed from 90 Day Fiancé season 9, who completely removed all mentions of them being together. However, Jen and Rishi still have each other’s happy moments on their social media profiles. The most surprising part is that Jen initiated the breakup with Rishi on the show. Hence, it’s odd that she even has a lot of pictures with Rishi pinned to the top of her profile. The cute romantic photos suggest the two are still not over.

4 Rishi Admits To Being In Love With Jen

After breaking up, 90 Day Fiancé franchise stars rarely express their love for their significant other. After all, most splits are often explosive and don’t end on a good note. However, Rishi and Jen’s breakup was intense and emotional, which showed that they still cared for each other. Both cried before saying their final goodbyes, making all the viewers feel for them. If that wasn’t enough, Rishi has shared multiple posts since splitting from Jen, stating that he still loves her and would never give up on their relationship.

In mid-May 2023, Rishi posted a picture of himself hugging Jen alongside a well-thought caption. He wrote, “Love conquers everything,” while stating that he still loves Jen for how she has improved him as a man. Rishi used his caption to state that his love will “find a way” and that time will change and soon be in their favor. The loving caption got much appreciation from fans, even co-stars like Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh. Rishi’s relentless love for Jen and his bold statements hint that he may have gotten back with her after the Tell-All.

3 Jen Defends Her Love For Rishi

Like Rishi, Jen has also talked about her real feelings and love for Rishi. In late May 2023, she posted a photo from an article showcasing how 90 Day Fiancé fans have applauded the breakup scene. The caption in the screenshot read, “This was the most authentic scene in 90-Day history,” stating that there hasn’t been a scene like this before. In the caption, Jen thanked the fans for complimenting her and seeing her emotions as real instead of “acting.” She admitted that the moment made her cry and was extremely bittersweet.

On the surface, Jen is simply talking about the scene. However, her caption clarifies that she was taking a shot at the critics who called her and Rishi’s relationship fake. Over the months, Jen and Rishi have been accused of acting on the show. There was also some suggestion that the couple only joined 90 Day Fiancé for clout and didn’t have real feelings for each other. However, the finale proved that Jen and Rishi were deeply in love and may still be with each other after the show.

Jen and Rishi still follow each other on Instagram, which hints they may still be together. Mostly, TLC pairs who split up quickly unfollow each other and move on. Some examples include Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith, Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa, Jeymi Noguera and Kris Foster, and many more. However, Jen and Rishi mutually follow each other on Instagram, which suggests they may be hiding a secret reconciliation after the show. Jen also mentions Rishi’s name in her social media bio, another major hint indicating that she may still be with the Indian model.

Besides, the two still like each other’s posts, which guarantees they may still be together after the Tell-All. In late April, Rishi posted a loving birthday message for Jen showing his love for her. He wrote, “I promise to keep falling for you,” adding that no distance will separate them. Rishi also used the post to send Jen “love & kisses,” which she responded by liking. Since the birthday wish is new, and so is Jen’s response, it may be that the two have somehow reconciled after breaking up on the show filmed months ago.

1 Rishi Still Flirts With Jen In May 2023

Jen has battled weight issues since she was in kindergarten. On May 19, she shared an inspirational post about the same, stating her feelings and thanking “God” for strengthening her. While Jen didn’t mention Rishi in the post, he instantly joined the comment section to compliment his beautiful lover. He wrote, “You are gorgeous,” implying that Jen is perfect and doesn’t have to think about weight anymore. The Indian man also stated that Jen had been a “champion” since birth and used heart emojis to show his love.

Most pairs who part ways don’t react to or like each other’s posts. They never write lovey-dovey statements or flirt in the comment section. But Rishi’s comment on Jen’s post suggests the two may have reconciled after the show. Similarly, Jen also likes Rishi’s latest photos and videos. In May, the two shared a common post on Instagram from both their accounts. If they had permanently split, it’s unlikely that they would’ve planned and posted content together on Instagram. For now, most signs suggest the two have somehow made it work after calling it quits in 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 4.

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