• Paul’s wife Karine implied that he is dead, while his rumored girlfriend Izabele is trying to find him.
  • Paul sparked dating rumors with a 17-year-old in October 2022 through Instagram posts.
  • Karine made claims about Izabele, sharing a picture from her Instagram and suggesting Paul asked his mom to contact her.

90 Day Fiancé star Paul Staehle’s wife Karine Martins has implied that he is dead in a recent update, however, Paul’s rumored 18-year-old girlfriend Izabele Medeiros is still trying to find him. Paul, a 40-year-old reality TV star, is known for his controversial storyline in the 90 Day Fiance franchise. Paul had found love internationally with Karine, who was from Tonantins in Brazil. Paul and Karine’s language barrier and age gap led to most of their relationship problems. Besides, Paul also had a criminal past – he had been arrested and sent to prison for arson – which he kept a secret from his then-girlfriend Karine.

Paul and Karine’s marriage was abusive, leading to their split in December 2021. They lost custody of their kids as a result and got back together in April 2023 in order to get Ethan and Pierre back. Karine recently posted a story about Paul going missing in Brazil on Instagram. The next day, she posted an emotional tribute video for Paul using a caption written in the past tense – suggesting Paul had passed away. Paul’s mother Edna then came forward to claim she had received alarming texts from her son last Thursday morning asking for help, but they haven’t heard anything back from him since then. Meanwhile, 18-year-old Brazilian native Izabele, whom Paul had been romantically linked to, is also giving her statement.

Paul Sparked Dating Rumors With 17-Year-Old In October 2022

In October 2022, Paul posted a video with a 17-year-old while he was vacationing in Brazil. Paul started posting Instagram Stories with Izabele in which he was dancing with the teenager. Reddit user @chewyfranks posted a screenshot of one of Paul’s stories asking, “Why is Paul interacting with a child like this? He’s a grown man.” In his own caption, Paul had written that he was “being taught how to use TikTok” by Izabele. Izabele’s Instagram bio confirms her age. “We all watched this grown man manipulate a 19-year-old girl he had known for a not-specific-enough amount of time online and therefore have no room to be surprised,” wrote @flareonomatopoeia about Paul’s relationship with Karine.

Paul’s Girlfriend Izabelle Is Looking For Him In Brazil

When there was news about Paul’s disappearance, fans turned to Izabele’s Instagram to find clues about Paul’s whereabouts. Izabele seemed to be unaware of Paul having gone missing. She was freely posting videos of herself dancing. But eventually, on September 1, 2023, Izabele shared a story addressing rumors surrounding her boyfriend. “Hello everyone I can’t give much information because we don’t have anything concrete to tell,” she posted. She mentioned they were trying to find Paul but unfortunately had to wait a certain time to call the police. “Wholeheartedly this is not a joke,” she added. “I was lost until messages arrived telling me everything, just ask the fan to pray for him ok,” Izabelle wrote.

Karine Makes Shocking Claims About Paul’s Girlfriend Izabele

Meanwhile, Karine too, had something to say about Izabele. While Karine had already posted the video that implied Paul was dead by then, she reposted a picture from Izabele’s IG feed to her own stories. “This is one of the people Paul asked his mom to contact,” wrote Karine. She was referring to apparent screenshots of texts exchanged between Paul and his mother before he went silent. Celebrity blogger John Yates shared the messages which show Edna asking Paul, “Can Izzy or Aunt help you?” after he messages her, “I got lost” and “I f***** up fugkrd up bad.” In the screenshots, Paul can be seen telling his mom to “contact them” because he needs “help.

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