Former 90 Day Fiancé cast member Miona Bell is all about the glam, which is visible on her Instagram page. She became popular after being featured in 90 Day Fiancé season 9, where she married her South Dakota native beau, Jibri Bell. She moved to Palm Springs, hoping to live her dream. Soon after settling in California, Miona started her beauty brand and sold ponytails. Within months, she was able to sell out multiple times and make a lot of money through her hair expertise. A few months ago, Jibri claimed Miona had become a millionaire.

In April 2023, Miona shared the top reasons her ponytail business grew so fast. She hinted that strategically appearing on reality TV helped her immensely, and allowed her to become a popular entrepreneur. Miona also shared that her business grew due to clever marketing, nice branding, and her knowledge of ponytails. The 90 Day Fiancé star has been a fashion enthusiast since she was young, so fans quickly trusted her beauty advice. Miona has also been posting glamorous content wearing her iconic ponytails, which helped inspire her Instagram followers to purchase her hair products.



10 Miona Bell Looks Stunning With Her Curly Hair

Miona is a fashionista who likes to glam up in all her posts. In May 2023, she shared a stunning modeling photoshoot of herself flaunting her new product, the “shorter” ponytails. The post showed Miona wearing a cute pink and orange dress that highlighted her body and glam makeover. It also showed her wearing large rounded gold earrings that helped her new ponytails stand out. Miona completed her makeover by wearing a matching gold watch, which further complimented the brown and blonde shades of her various hairstyles.

9 Miona Bell Glams Up In Green

Miona loves to twin with her beau Jibri whenever possible. In April 2023, she did the same when she matched her husband’s neon green look and wore a similar top with a psychedelic pattern during their visit to Coachella. Miona captioned the post, “Inter-dimensional Time Traveling,” while flaunting her makeup and purple shades. The Serbian woman wore big hoop earrings in the photo, which complimented the color of her sunglasses. She also sported faded red-colored lipstick and a lot of blush that enhanced her facial features and smile.

8 Miona Bell Looks Like A Disney Princess

Miona has been expanding her business with new products every month. In May 2023, she promoted her long-length hair extensions while standing beside her pool. Miona paired her clip-in hair with a pink designer dress that highlighted her body perfectly. She also sported high-glam makeup with maroon lipstick and rosy blush. Miona called herself the Disney princess “Rapunzel,” which most 90 Day Fiancé viewers agreed with in the comment section. Someone even told the former reality TV star that she manages to “crush every outfit” she wears in her glam photoshoots.

7 Miona Bell Stuns Fans With Her New Ponytail

Miona loves to shine in the most unique outfits ever. In early 2023, she wore a sleeveless crop top with a turtleneck and paired it with a matching purple long skirt. She used her post to assert that she’s trying to become her “best version,” while proudly showing her long Flamingo ponytail. Miona completed her purple makeover by sporting a copper-colored watch and matching bold metallic earrings. Her overall look complimented her tanned skin alongside her makeup. Fans praised Miona and asked her to start a “fashion line next.”

6 Miona Bell Looks Great In Pink

Miona understands color combinations and aesthetic pretty well. In March, she shared a snap of herself while standing in front of a pink wall. Miona wore a cute dress with split colors like orange, pink, and magenta. Additionally, she wore glam makeup in the post, with light purple lipstick and orange blush. Her cute look impressed 90 Day Fiancé fans, who asked about her amazing dress and glam tips. An Instagram user even commented, “You are helping so MANY of us cancer patients with your beauty,” while thanking Miona for her ponytail solutions.

5 Miona Bell Shows Off Her Love For Beige

While Yara Zaya is most known for her love for the beige color, Miona also likes to wear it occasionally. In 2023, she shared a makeover of herself while standing on dunes. She captioned her makeover as “Desert Girl,” and admitted she’s “obsessed with this beige aesthetic.” Miona rocked her waist-length blonde wig in the post, alongside glamorous cosmetics with a light shade lipstick. She also wore matching brown slippers that complimented the milky tone of her designer outfit. The young reality star got close to five thousand likes on her post, which included many iconic 90 Day Fiancé stars.

4 Miona Bell Flaunts Expensive Car In Crop Top & Denim

Since starting her business, Miona has accomplished many things and personal goals. One achievement is her expensive car, which she loves to flaunt in her Instagram posts. In March 2023, Miona exhibited her high-fashion look while filling her car’s gas tank. She captioned the post, “I was not made to be subtle,” while showing off her long tinted ponytail in a black crop top and denim skirt. Miona’s street style makeover got nearly 10K likes, with fans praising her glamorous style, hardworking personality, and fashion sense.

3 Miona Bell Chooses To Wear Leather Pants

Over the last few months, Miona has also shared many cute hair tutorials to help her fans. One such transformation video comes from January 2023, when she showcased how to style curly hair perfectly. In the video, Miona wore a cute full-sleeve top with colorful patterns. She paired it with olive-colored leather pants and gold earrings. Despite the inconsistency of colors, Miona’s modern getup looked great on her. It also proved that truly stunning makeovers don’t require a person to show their skin to get views.

2 Fans Praise Miona Bell’s Green Glam Dress

Miona stunned fans when she shared her glamorous New Years look alongside her husband, Jibri. In the post, she wore a flashy green designer outfit with a top that looked like lingerie. She sported a tinted ponytail that complimented the minimal makeup on her face. The makeover showed Miona matching her outfit with the green color of her husband’s turtleneck. However, she didn’t copy the yellow color of Jibri’s suit, which seems to be a deliberate decision to make her outfit stand out.

1 Miona Bell Poses In Green Shirt

Miona loves wearing green, and she’s shown it time and time again. On Christmas Eve, she wore a forest green shirt and posed beside her metallic black car. Miona captioned her post, “I managed to accomplish almost everything,” while proudly stating that she achieved all the goals she set for herself in early 2022. The Serbian reality star paired her green top with a matching green skirt with a colorful pattern. She also sported high-length heels and gold earrings to shine from top to bottom. As expected, Miona’s all-green glam makeover got thousands of likes from 90 Day Fiancé fans.

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