• Kalani will never forgive Asuelu for cheating because she had saved herself for marriage and he was the only person she had been intimate with.
  • Kalani’s new relationship with Dallas is better for her because her relationship with Asuelu was already rocky before the cheating occurred.
  • Despite their attempts to reconcile for the sake of their children, Kalani and Asuelu should try to end their relationship on good terms if they choose to walk away from each other.

90 Day: The Last Resort couple Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa’s relationship is not worth saving despite their best efforts. Asuelu was 23 years old when Kalani, then 29, met him at a resort in Samoa. Kalani then became pregnant with their first son, and Asuelu was on his way to the U.S. Kalani and Asuelu’s relationship hit a new milestone ahead of their wedding when they found out they were pregnant again. Asuelu promised he would step up to support his family, but Kalani’s parents and sister, Kolini, didn’t approve of the coupling.

Asuelu was unsuccessful since Kalani felt he wasn’t doing his part as a father or husband. When Kalani and Asuelu showed up on 90 Day: The Last Resort, there were already rumors of Kalani dating a new man named Dallas Nuez. Kalani met him after Asuelu cheated on her and gave her a hall pass. Kalani admitted she had feelings for Dallas, yet the couple is trying to fix their broken marriage on the new series.

Kalani Will Never Forgive Asuelu For Cheating

Kalani was raised Mormon. She was saving herself for marriage. When Kalani left the church, she promised herself that she was only going to sleep with the first person she fell in love with. That happened to be Asuelu. Kalani was one month away from turning 29 at the time. “This is why the cheating was so devastating, Kalani told an Instagram follower during a recent Q&A session. Kalani had never “shared” her body with a different man. It’s why Kalani will never get over Asuelu cheating on her, no matter how many times he apologizes or promises to make things better.

Kalani’s New Relationship Is Better For Her

Montage of Kalani and Asuelu from 90 day fiance in front of tropical background

It’s not like Kalani and Asuelu’s relationship was great even before the cheating. In June 2022, after Asuelu had blocked Kalani, he had taken to Instagram to write a long note. “She’s different from how she used to be. She doesn’t wanna go out with me,” posted Asuelu, who had “a lot” more to say but couldn’t since he was “under the contract.” Kalani seemed to have checked out of the relationship before she met Dallas. A few days later, Asuelu posted an Instagram Reel claiming he was single. Considering Asuelu too wanted to move on, Kalani being with someone new who she’s happy with is a better option.

Can Kalani & Asuelu Be Friends After Their Breakup?

Kalani and Asuelu from 90 Day Fiancé looking serious

Kalani and Asuelu’s breakup rumors started over a year ago in 2022. Despite their problems, the couple wanted to get back together for their children. They even posted a sweet family photo for Christmas 2022, which implied they had reconciled. Asuelu has been trying his best to be a good dad to his kids, and if he wants to do that, he knows he has to be respectful of Kalani. The “hall pass” will continue to haunt the 90 Day: The Last Resort star for the rest of his life, but even if they choose to walk away from each other, Kalani and Asuelu should try end on good terms.

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