• Jasmine Pineda has been facing severe bullying and death threats due to her behavior on 90 Day Fiancé, which has affected her mental well-being.
  • Fans have criticized Colt Johnson for his co-dependent relationship with his mother and his infidelity, showing little sympathy even during his tough times.
  • Geoffrey Paschel’s fiancée Varya Malina continues to receive negative comments from people who believe she should leave him, despite her support for him.

90 Day Fiancé star Jasmine Pineda is not the only cast member who’s dealing with bullying in 2023. Jasmine made it onto another list, the gold diggers in 90 Day Fiancé, even before her formal introduction. Her fiancé Gino Palazzolo revealed how he had been unemployed during the pandemic and was still spending money on Jasmine for her hair, face, and everything else. Gino had, after all, met Jasmine on a sugar daddy/sugar baby dating website. She expected him to spend as lavishly on her as he had done for the past sugar babies he took on dates with him. But Jasmine was toxic in her approach.

Fans started wondering if Gino deserved better than a wife who refused to sign a prenup and switched her personality from a sweet girlfriend to a screaming one within seconds. Just like Jasmine, there are other stars that viewers have come to despise thanks to the way they’ve dealt with their 90 Day Fiancé relationships. Because it’s easy for a troll to simply create a burner account, there are hundreds of comments that reek of negativity that can be seen on these cast members’ Instagram pages. In the worst of cases, it may drive a star to quit social media for good, or simply step away from reality TV itself.

10 Jasmine Pineda

Montage of 90 Day Fiance's Jasmine Pineda

Jasmine’s recent behavior on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days is concerning. She has been asking Gino to pay the rent for the $3000 apartment, and having scary meltdowns. However, some fans seem to taking the Jasmine criticism too far by sending her death threats. Jasmine revealed that her followers have “no idea the things people text me.” She added, “Wishing me [death] and even worse things.” Jasmine has been dealing with “so much bullying lately” that she’s even “scared” to open her DMs. Jasmine wanted to avoid negativity as it was her birthday week. But she also let her well-wishers know she didn’t mean to ignore them.

9 Colt Johnson

Colt Johnson from 90 day fiance montage

Colt Johnson and his mother Debbie Johnson’s co-dependent relationship was looked down upon by many. Colt’s marriage with Larissa Lima was also a disaster leading to her three arrests. Colt then proceeded to cheat on his next girlfriend, Jess Caroline, with his now-wife Vanessa Guerra. In October 2021, Colt revealed the loss of his and Vanessa’s baby due to a miscarriage in a heartbreaking post. However, some fans chose not to show him sympathy even during his tough times, as one comment read, “Probably for the best you lost the pregnancy. That child is far better off without being in this world with you as a father. Period.”

8 Varya Malina

Former 90 Day Fiancé star Geoffrey Paschel is currently in a Tennessee prison serving an 18-year sentence for aggravated kidnapping, assault, and more. But he continues to get the support of his Russian fiancé Varya Malina who still believes that he is innocent. There are viewers who believe Varya truly loves Geoffrey. However, some do try to give Varya a reality check by posting things like, “He’s really not worth it” or “You’re kidding and sad if you’re waiting 18 years. None less for horror to escape. But to each their own 15 of fame,” on her Instagram posts.

7 Larissa Lima

Larissa Lima From 90 Day Fiancé in two tight outfits

Brazilian beauty Larissa Lima was reportedly fired from the show for breaching her contract by performing on an adult web can show back in 2020. Larissa has been in America since her K-1 journey on 90 Day Fiancé season 6, but has completely changed her appearance with multiple cosmetic and plastic surgery. There are many viewers who believe Larissa has ruined herself. Even today, Larissa gets comments that mock her body or make her feel bad about her choices on her social media updates. One such comment is from a follower telling Larissa, “What did you do to yourself and why it’s so sad.”

6 Angela Deem

Angela Deem 90 Day: The Last Resort montage

Amid Angela Deem’s comeback to the franchise with 90 Day: The Last Resort, rumors swirled of her getting fired by the network. Angela has always made headlines for her bad behavior on and off camera. This involves the way she treats her husband, Michael Ilesanmi, fights she instigated with fellow cast members, and even ones her best friends. It’s true that some viewers do wish for Angela to get the boot from the reality TV show. However, Angela denied these rumors and laughed them off. Still, she is getting comments from trolls on Instagram telling her, “I heard you got fired. It’s about damn time” on her recent posts.

5 Nicole Nafziger

Like Larissa, it’s been a long time since Nicole Nafziger was seen on 90 Day Fiancé with her fiancé Azan Tefou. Nicole was shamed for leaving her toddler behind in the U.S. when she went to Morocco to meet a man she’d started talking to online. Nicole was insulted for her weight, and slammed for her bad choices that involved staying together with Azan even when there were rumors of him being married and having kids with a different woman. Nicole doesn’t post too often on Instagram now, but when she does, she is subjected to ridicule. A critic commented, “Is she still trying to be relevant” on a post that was simply a harmless selfie shared by the young mom.

4 Chantel Everett

When it came to picking sides between Chantel and Pedro amid their divorce, most viewers chose to support the American woman. Chantel has been praised for keeping her head up and focusing on her family and career during the painful ordeal. Yet, Chantel’s Instagram page is not free from comments that taunt and mock her. Recently, Chantel shared a video of her and her sister Winter Everett dancing together. She received comments like, “Anyone else think it a little creepy to be dancing up on your sister like that?” and “Why is she grinding on her sister tho? Weird flex!!” that were completely uncalled-for.

3 Big Ed Brown

Big Ed Brown started his 90 Day Fiancé journey as a sort of fun and lovable character, being an old, lonely man flying to the Philippines to meet his online lover. But once Big Ed began interacting with Rose Vega, viewers reacted negatively after seeing that he had been lying and insulting toward her. More hate came towards Big Ed after his toxic behavior toward his now-fiance, Liz Woods, aired. But some Instagram comments shame Big Ed too far. Like one that read, “How do u get even fattier when u do these fake workout content videos?” and “U work out so much but still got this elephant belly wtf.

2 Kalani Faagata

Kalani Faagata and Asuelu Pulaa currently star in 90 Day: The Last Resort which they participated in due to their infidelity issues. Kalani revealed she caught Asuelu cheating on her and got a “hall pass” in return, so she could also kiss someone else to make things even. Kalani took this hall pass, but now, the man named Dallas Nuez, is her boyfriend. Not everyone is cheering for Kalani for taking charge of her sexuality. Kalani has been receiving hate via Instagram from people writing, “It’s not ok that he did it. However you doing it doesn’t make it even” or “This is a big mistake” and “Hopefully he didn’t give you herpes.”

1 Pedro Jimeno

Pedro Jimeno became a villain after he sought a divorce from Chantel Everett. A year later, he’s still one of the most despised cast members in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise. Pedro and Chantel’s marriage totally fell apart on The Family Chantel season 4. Pedro was called out for his harsh treatment of Chantel and deemed a scammer who only married Chantel only for money and a green card. Pedro’s followers don’t show him any mercy on Instagram. Pedro recently posted a picture of himself dressed in formal wear captioned, “Always clean.” A fan replied, “Clean like Chantel left your bank account, you still own her everything you have and will have though.”

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