Natalie Mordovtseva stunned 90 Day Fiancé fans by sporting a new hairstyle that makes her look very different. The 38-year-old reality star is popular for her physical appearance and her unique personality on the show. Since her debut, Natalie has had curly blonde hair that sets her apart from every other 90 Day Fiancé cast member. However, in November 2022, she was called out for not caring for her hair and letting it be frizzy. There was some suggestion that Natalie should get professional help and condition her scalp.


It appears Natalie took the past criticism to heart, as she recently debuted a brand-new look and surprised everyone. In her latest Instagram post, the Ukrainian native shared a photo of herself sitting on a sofa with her new straight hair. The photo shows Natalie rocking a waist-length haircut parted from the side, which looks good with her black dress and compliments her face shape.

However, the new hair makeover makes 90 Day Fiancé’s Natalie appear different from her old self. Fans couldn’t help but comment that her “hair looks so beautiful,” despite her looking “Unrecognizable.”

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Natalie Mordovtseva Gets Different Reactions 90 Day Fiancé Fans

Natalie Mordovtseva From 90 Day Fiancé in a red dress looking to one side

Viewers had a mixed reaction to Natalie’s hair makeover reveal. While some liked it, others thought it made her look too different. An Instagram user wrote, “Not Natalie,” highlighting that she doesn’t look like herself with the new hairstyle. Another user commented, “You look beautiful with the straight hair,” stating that the new hairstyle does look good on the Ukrainian native. Some fans even felt that the photo looked odd and showed suspicion about Natalie’s head looking too “small.” One critic wrote, “Is it Photoshop or lost tons of weight and surgery.”

Natalie has always turned heads with her looks. However, her latest makeover got a mixed reaction because it made her look almost unrecognizable. Since her debut, the Ukrainian reality star has rocked distinct curly hair that has become the staple to her appearance. By opting for a straight hairstyle, Natalie has truly transformed herself, making her face look unrecognizable from her time on reality TV. Therefore, it is understandable that fans are divided about her new hair makeover and are pointing out that Natalie doesn’t look like herself anymore.

It is also possible that Natalie’s new photo is photoshopped, because there are indications of the edits. From her facial features looking rather odd, to her left hand appearing all mushed up, the picture has many signs that suggest that it is not a candid shot. It isn’t the first time fans have claimed that Natalie had edited her photos. In January 2023, the 90 Day Fiancé alum was accused of using Photoshop after her photo showed her having enormous hands.

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