Avery Mills and Omar Albakour have one of the most beloved 90 Day Fiancé franchise relationships, as they have shared many cute photos together over the years. The couple appeared on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 3 and are considered a golden couple in the extended franchise. Omar and Avery have shared many happy moments online throughout their four years of marriage.

Though the franchise has plenty of villains, 90 Day Fiancé‘s Omar and Avery are one of the rare couples who are universally liked by fans. At first, there was some skepticism regarding Ohio native Avery. The young woman revealed she converted to Islam and met a Syrian native Omar on a Muslim dating app. She then decided to travel to Syria to marry Omar even though her friends, family, and viewers all thought she was making a huge mistake. Four years later, Avery clearly made the right choice to follow her heart. Avery and Omar have since achieved many milestones as a young couple in the public eye.

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7 Omar & Avery Have Family Time

Both Avery and Omar value time with their families. Avery has shared plenty of content about her bonding with Omar’s family, including his young nieces. Avery switched things up by sharing a photo of herself and Omar with her little brother Ethan posing together in Dubai in October 2022 on the couple’s joint Instagram account. Omar and Avery have said they would consider moving back to the UAE in the future, as they loved living there. Omar and Avery appeared happy in the family photo with Avery’s younger brother. “You both were my favorites come back want to know what you up to and where your living,” one invested fan wrote in the comments.

6 Omar & Avery Are Enjoying Life In The US

The 90 Day Fiancé franchise couple has moved around the world. Now that they are living in the United States, Omar, who 90 Day Fiancé fans praise, is becoming acclimated to his new life with his wife. Avery and Omar shared a snap in October 2022 that saw Omar enjoying some traditional American celebrations as the couple picked out a pumpkin in a pumpkin patch for Halloween. Avery has shared a lot about how she converted to Islam and works to understand Omar’s Syrian culture. Commenters, therefore, enjoyed seeing Omar celebrate part of Avery’s American upbringing on the spooky holiday. “I’m still so very excited for you both,” one supporter wrote to the duo.

5 Omar & Avery Reflect On 90 Day Fiancé

After initial skepticism, Omar and Avery became a Before the 90 Days golden couple. Viewers have asked for years for them to return to the hit TLC franchise, though Avery, who has a perfume business, has made it clear that they are done filming content, as it just wasn’t for them. However, Avery did share about their time in the franchise. Avery shared clips of them in May 2021, which included them filming for the show. “Our real life fairytale,” Avery captioned the sweet video. “The most beautiful couple! Bless you!” one fan wrote. “The best 90 day couple EVER. love u guys!” another user declared.

4 Omar & Avery Lived Their Dream Life In Dubai

​​​​​​​After they were married, Omar and Avery lived apart for the first year while Omar awaited his US visa approval. They then spent the next year living together in Dubai, as it was one place they could both move to. Avery shared a photo from their Dubai adventures for Valentine’s Day 2021. Avery, whose relationship with Omar has changed, opened up about how much she loved living in Dubai, which interested many of her fans. “We had an eventful day in the desert and we made sure to vlog it for you guys,” Avery declared in her post. “So happy to see that you didn’t let ANYTHING or ANYONE get in the way of you being together,” one fan cheered in the comments.

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3 Omar & Avery Make A Major Move

While Omar and Avery made their marriage work, the 90 Day Fiancé franchise duo received news that Omar’s US visa was finally approved after two years. They moved to be close to his family in New Jersey so that they could pursue work opportunities. Avery shared a picture in August 2021 that showed them posing together in the airport before they flew to the US together. Avery opened up about her marriage in the caption. “I remember on the show I said “either I’m naive, or I’m right.” I would be lying if I said you are exactly who I expected you to be….you’re so much more and better than what I could’ve imagined,” she wrote.

2 Omar & Avery Celebrate 4 Years Of Marriage

Many 90 Day Fiancé franchise couples have split over the years, but Omar and Avery just hit their four-year marriage milestone. Avery took to Instagram last month to announce to their followers. “In less than 2 weeks it will officially be 4 years of marriage. Our love then although pure and true doesn’t compare to the love we share now,” Avery wrote on January 30. She shared a sweet compilation video of her and Omar over the years. “This makes my heart so happy,” one 90 Day Fiancé fan account wrote to the couple.

1 Omar Achieved His Professional Dreams

Since they got married, Omar and Avery have achieved many milestones and shared numerous happy moments. They moved to Dubai, then settled down in New Jersey, and have been happily married for four years. However, one of their most celebrated posts to date came when Avery shared Omar’s career update in December 2022. “Please say congrats to my amazing husband Dr. Omar Albakour,” Avery wrote as she announced that Omar had been accepted into the Rutgers School of Dental Medicine Internationally Educated DMD Program to become certified to practice as a dentist in the US. 90 Day Fiancé‘s Omar was celebrated for his professional success.

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