Screen Rant presents an exclusive clip from the political thriller 88 that follows a shocking and dangerous conspiracy of corruption and racism.

Screen Rant is thrilled to present an exclusive clip from the political thriller 88. The movie follows Femi Jackson, the financial director of a Democratic super PAC that is supporting the leading presidential candidate, Harold Roundtree. However, all is not as it seems when Femi discovers a strange pattern in the donations with the number “88” continuously popping up.

At home, Femi’s wife is facing racial and class bias while educating their son on the dangers he can face on a daily basis, which Femi’s investigation makes even more prominent. Femi and his colleagues follow the money down this rabbit hole, discovering corruption and the shocking source that ties a black presidential candidate to a white supremacist group. 88 premiered at the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival and is available exclusively in theaters now.

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More About 88


In Screen Rant’s exclusive clip from 88 Femi and his wife are arguing about her decision to begin teaching him about Black Lives Matter at nine years old. The argument quickly devolves as feelings about Femi’s job, his sponsor, and their different backgrounds come to the surface. Femi storms out, angry that she is telling him how to take care of their family.

Femi and his wife have very different views about the state of the world, and while Femi disapproves, her desire to keep her son safe and understand the dangers of the world will prove instrumental. While Femi doesn’t want his son worried about the Black Lives Matter movement or why it is necessary at such a young age, his wife’s fears are warranted, especially after he uncovers the truth about the candidate he is supporting. As Femi discovers ties between the black presidential candidate he is working for and a white supremacist group, he, his colleagues, and his family will be at the center of a very dangerous political game.

88 is written and directed by Eromose (Legacy). 88 stars Naturi Naughton (Fame), Orlando Jones (Abbott Elementary), Thomas Sadoski (John Wick), Brandon Victor Dixon (The Best Man: The Final Chapters), Michael Harney (Orange is the New Black), William Fichtner (Mom), Kelly McCreary (Grey’s Anatomy), Jon Tenney (Scandal), and Kenneth Choi (9-1-1, The Wolf of Wall Street). 88 is distributed by Samuel Goldwyn Films.

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88 is only in theaters now.

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