90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 4 cast member Kris Foster behaved badly all season long, which should be enough to get her banned from the 90 Day Fiancé franchise. American woman Kris aired drama after drama in her relationship with Venezuelan woman Jeymi Noguera, resulting in violence that led to a split. Now, there are grounds for her to be fired from the 90DF franchise, even though she participated in the finale.

Currently, several cast members have been fired from the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, while others have been rumored to be let go. Geoffrey Paschel was fired after his violent assault and kidnapping of his former partner landed him in prison, with a sentence of nearly two decades. Meanwhile, recent cast member Alina Kozhevnikova was fired during her season, after past racist and offensive posts resurfaced on the Internet. Meanwhile, Lisa Hamme was rumored to get the ax from the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, after she used a racial slur against her ex, Usman Umar. While Kris hasn’t been fired, she showed behavior that could lead to the boot.



8 Kris Lied All Season On The Other Way

One of the reasons why 90 Day Fiancé fans are sick of Kris is because she spent the season lying. Kris came across as the queen of excuses on The Other Way season 4. She invented many reasons why she had to go back to the US, as well as why she had to stay there.

First, Kris claimed that she had a necessary court date due to the theft of her rare motorcycle, and later invented another excuse for bailing on her wife. Kris then insisted that she had to stay in the US for work, even though she’d planned move to Colombia and start a job there. She later claimed it was because her son was arrested. Overall, the many lies of Kris established her as deeply untrustworthy.

7 Kris’ Behavior Was Consistently Shady

Kris Foster from 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way leaning on pillow serious expression

In addition to her lies, Kris exhibited some shady behavior. She came up with a reason to go to the pharmacy right away in Colombia, to pick up opioid medication. Then, she claimed she was unable to stay in Colombia because she couldn’t get her narcolepsy medicine. Kris’ narcolepsy plot line fell under suspicion, as she seemed to use the illness as an excuse to ghost Jeymi while they were dating.

Meanwhile, Kris had a shady past, including her house mysteriously burning down. She didn’t seem to receive insurance money for it. In general, she was known for her accidents and ailments. Kris has also been accused of drug usenumerous times, though she recently denied these claims.

6 Kris Exaggerated Key Life Details

90 Day Fiance's Jeymi Noguera & Kris Foster crying

Along with her shady past, Kris seemed to have a propensity for exaggeration, and she may enjoy shocking others. The wife of The Other Way season 4 cast member Jeymi told many tall tales that could have been bids for attention. For example, Kris neglected to tell Jeymi important things, such as how her house burned down, and what was happening with her finances. She instead told Jeymi to quit her job, and promised to pay for their rent and lifestyle.

Kris later tried to paint Jeymi as a gold digger and user, when the latter woman asked for rent payments. Kris also concealed dramatic (and even dangerous) aspects of her character, until she met Jeymi for the first time. For example, she hid her love of knives.

5 Kris Appeared To Exaggerate Her Issues

Kris Foster from 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 4 smiling close up

Since Kris established herself as a liar, and exaggerated during The Other Way season 4, it became difficult for viewers (and Jeymi) to separate fact from fiction. When the women chatted for a year, Kris appeared to present herself as a healthy individual. However, she then revealed an array of serious medical issues, including a major neck problems.

The seemingly very serious conditions shocked Jeymi, as she’d heard nothing about them for the past year. Despite claiming that she was in debilitating pain, Kris took on numerous odd jobs that required manual labor. She also jumped into the pool in a way that slammed her neck. Her activities raised questions about her chronic pain claims.

4 Kris Seemed To Fake Her Feelings For Jeymi

Jeymi in 90 Day Fiance The Other Way Tell-All wearing pink not smiling

Kris then went on to seemingly fake her feelings for Jeymi during The Other Way season 4, much as Stephanie Matto had previously done with Erika Owens. It seemed clear that Jeymi had real feelings for Kris, and was deeply in love with her. However, Kris seemed more focused on herself than her relationship. Since Kris was later accused of cheating with her ex-husband in the US, it has been called into question if Kris is even attracted to women. Perhaps she simply wanted to live in Colombia. If Kris did have romantic feelings for Jeymi, they appeared to fade quickly.

3 Kris Gaslighted Her Partner Jeymi

Kris Foster from 90 Day Fiancé

While Kris established herself as a messy, lying, and untrustworthy 90 Day Fiancé franchise partner, she also took things a step further, by doing some gaslighting. Kris told Jeymi one thing, and tried to get her and their fellow cast members to believe something different. Kris clearly told Jeymi to quit her job, and promised to support her for two years. However, she then discussed with her own mother that she felt like a, “sugar mama” who was being used. Jeymi then arrived at the Tell-All with proof that Kris had never even paid her more than a small amount of money in the first place. This revealed the depth of Kris’ manipulation.

2 Kris Assaulted Her Partner Jeymi

Kris Foster Jeymi Noguera 90 Day FIancé montage with colorful background

Kris went on to not just lie to Jeymi, but to actually assault her. The Other Way season 4 finale saw Kris and Jeymi getting in a relationship-ending argument after Jeymi spoke loudly, and Kris freaked out. Producers told Jeymi to get in the car with Kris, so they could go home, which led to Kris putting her hands on Jeymi. Kris forcefully shoved her. The duo revealed at the Tell-All that they hadn’t spoken since the incident, meaning that Kris hadn’t apologized. She also didn’t say sorry at the Tell-All, as she appeared to think her actions were justified. In fact, Kris didn’t even mention her shocking violence.

1 Kris Took No Responsibility For Her Actions

Kris In 90 Day Fiance The Other Way Tell-All talking to jeymi via video call

Despite mistreating Jeymi all season, Kris displayed a disturbing lack of awareness at the season Tell-All. The Other Way season 4 villain took no responsibility for her actions. Kris instead went on to use the same chillingly calm voice that she utilized in her interviews, but didn’t use with her wife. She tried to paint Jeymi in a negative light. Kris accused her former partner of numerous things, though Jeymi came prepared with receipts, which earned her the support of 90 Day Fiancé franchise fans. They’d spent an entire season witnessing Kris mistreat the younger woman, time after time.

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