Mahershala Ali’s Blade movie could feature multiple MCU characters returning. Here are some heroes and villains that can appear in the film.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has several characters who can return in the upcoming Blade movie. Mahershala Ali’s Eric Brooks might have been heard in the post-credits scene for Eternals, but Blade will be the first physical appearance by the vampire hunter. The film has been hit with some production troubles as development has taken much longer than expected when the project was announced in 2019. Blade is finally releasing in 2024 and is expected to bring the supernatural side of the MCU more into the light, but there is already plenty of excitement about what other known characters he could interact with.

Blade might be a “solo movie” by definition, but Marvel Studios has long operated with ideas of putting established heroes or villains in potential franchise starters. This can be seen with Captain Marvel, Wong, Abomination, Bruce Banner, and Trevor Slattery appearing in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings or with Nick Fury and Phil Coulson in Captain Marvel​​​​​. It should be expected that the trend will continue as more MCU characters appear in Blade. Marvel Studios has not announced any such returning MCU stars, but the franchise’s vast collection of characters allows for plenty of possibilities.

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8 Moon Knight Can Help Marvel’s Blade Movie Setup Midnight Sons

Moon Knight character poster

Moon Knight is one of the most popular suggestions for MCU characters who can return in Blade. The interest in seeing Oscar Isaac and Mahershala Ali share the screen grew after the release of Moon Knight season 1 on Disney+. The show’s ending did not reveal when or where Moon Knight’s alters will appear next, but the connection to the supernatural side of Marvel gives him a link to Blade. Having Moon Knight return in this fashion could be Marvel’s way of beginning to lay the foundation for a Midnight Sons team. The group is essentially a supernatural Avengers that Moon Knight and Blade have been on in the comics.

7 Black Knight In Blade Pays Off Eternals’ Post-Credits

Dane Whitman Black Knight MCU Return

The MCU character most likely to return in Blade is arguably Black Knight. Kit Harington’s Eternals character Dane Whitman began his transformation into a superhero in the Phase 4 movie after obtaining the Ebony Blade. However, Eternals‘ post-credits scene provided a tease that Black Knight could be in Blade when Eric Brooks’ voice is heard asking Dane if he’s really ready to pick up the cursed sword. Marvel Studios has surprisingly been coy about whether the assumed crossover will happen. Even if Kit Harington does not return as Dane, the Black Knight mantle could be introduced through Blade’s past and meeting Dane’s uncle.

6 Doctor Strange Could Bring the Multiverse To Blade

doctor strange in doctor strange in the multiverse of madness

Marvel’s Blade movie is set to explore the supernatural side of the MCU, and that could mean an appearance by Doctor Strange. Benedict Cumberbatch’s character was last seen leaving the main timeline to deal with an incursion in the multiverse, but Doctor Strange is still one of the biggest supernatural characters in the MCU. Doctor Strange being one of the returning MCU characters in Blade would be an opportunity for the film to help tease Blade’s place in Phase 5 and the Multiverse Saga. This could include Strange recruiting him to fight Kang or possibly an even bigger reveal like Blade‘s story not taking place in the main MCU timeline.

5 Wong’s MCU Cameos Can Continue With Blade

Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness Wong Danger

Blade‘s returning MCU characters could also allow Wong’s cameo trend to continue. The MCU’s current Sorcerer Supreme has become a fan-favorite character in recent years thanks to Benedict Wong’s portrayal of him. Wong appeared in four Phase 4 projects as Marvel Studios continued to find fun ways to include him in various stories. If any part of Blade takes place in the present day when Wong is the Sorcerer Supreme, it would make sense for him to appear as the supernatural story unfolds. His job is to protect the universe from supernatural threats, so a likely vampire villain that Blade will have could count and bring him back.

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4 Werewolf by Night Returning In Blade Connects MCU Horror

werewolf by night horror in the mcu

Another MCU character who can return in Blade is Werewolf by Night. The Disney+ special Werewolf by Night was the first step in Marvel’s foray into horror, and there are expectations that Blade will continue to deliver a spookier and darker tone. Broad links to the two properties could happen as Mahershala Ali’s daywalker hunts vampires. However, an actual appearance by Werewolf by Night could also work. It would be a chance for Marvel’s werewolves and vampires to crossover, and it would provide some much-needed answers to how Werewolf by Night fits into the larger universe.

3 Blade Could Include Man-Thing

MCU Man-Thing Nexus Make Sense

Marvel could bring another supernatural character back for Blade if Man-Thing makes an appearance. The mystical creature debuted in Werewolf by Night, and his debut left viewers intrigued to see more. Man-Thing has been part of the MCU mythology for several years and could have a role to play in the Multiverse Saga thanks to his connection to the multiverse. Blade might not have many multiverse connections, but it should establish how Eric Brooks fits into the larger universe. Since Man-Thing is confirmed to have been around for a while, his appearance in the Phase 5 movie could form a relationship between him and Blade.

2 Elsa Bloodstone’s Blade Return Unites Marvel Monster Hunters

Laura Donnelly as Elsa Bloodstone in Werewolf by Night

There is also the exciting possibility that Elsa Bloodstone could return in Blade. Laura Donnelly’s character from Werewolf by Night is one of the world’s best monster hunters, as the special proved. Now that she has the powerful Bloodstone in her possession, Elsa would prove to be a valuable ally to Blade as his solo adventure unfolds. This would be an opportunity for the MCU to bring two of the premiere vampire hunters together for a crossover. Elsa Bloodstone being in Blade could unite the Marvel monster hunters as they team up to take down a massive threat, like Dracula. She could also help the Midnight Sons build up.

1 Agatha Harkness Can Bring Sorcery & The Darkhold To Blade

kathryn hahn as agatha harkness in wandavision

Blade also could be an opportunity for the MCU to bring back Agatha Harkness. If the movie is going to be Marvel’s opportunity to push the supernatural corner of the franchise further, it could go beyond vampires and other monsters to include sorcery. Her being hundreds of years old allows this to work even if Blade is set in the past. Not only would this be a chance to bring another MCU character back for Blade’s movie, but Agatha’s role could also come through the Darkhold. The magical book is responsible for creating vampires in the comics, so Agatha having possession of it in the past could explain her appearance.

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