Vanderpump Rules season 10 is drawing to a close, and the reunion trailer left viewers shocked, but ready for more, thanks to some iconic lines. Drama surrounding Scandoval is still set to be revealed during the finale and three-part reunion. Therefore, things have been moving fast for the VPR cast over the last few months. When it came out that Tom Sandoval (an OG cast member) and Raquel Leviss had been having an affair behind Ariana Madix’s back, the cameras were turned back on to capture every moment possible. Now that viewers have gotten a taste of what’s been called the most explosive reunion to date, there’s major anticipation.

The trailer for the three-part Vanderpump Rules reunion, which is set to begin airing on May 24, shows several huge moments from the event. All of them revolve around the fallout from Scandoval. Though Tom and Ariana’s relationship seemed like one of the most stable on the series, the Vanderpump Rules stars’ breakup had a ripple effect among the rest of the cast. The drama’s impacted Tom and Raquel’s relationships with Scheana Shay, Tom Schwartz, Katie Maloney, Lala Kent, and the rest of the costars in a huge way. With the trailer only showing a select few moments, the entirety of the reunion is sure to be a must-see event.



8 “Did you guys not put your timelines together to match?”

One of the most iconic lines from the Vanderpump Rules season 10 reunion trailer comes from Lala, after Schwartz and Sandoval are shown discussing just how long Schwartz knew about the affair. When it became clear that Schwartz was aware of it for far longer than Tom Sandoval wanted him to admit, the two fumbled a bit. This led Lala to step in. She laughed before asking the two,“uh oh, did you guys not put your timelines together to match?”

7 “I don’t see anything good coming for either of those f***ing rats”

Before the filming of the reunion, Ariana is shown getting ready in her trailer, alongside Katie and Lala, as she talks about Tom and Raquel. There’s footage of their arrival on set as well. Speaking directly to her friends, Ariana was candid as she talked about what would happen during the reunion special. “I don’t see anything good coming for either of those f***ing rats,” Ariana explained. Katie reacted with raised brows, and a slightly shocked look on her face.

6 “You’re like a serial killer’s wet dream”

Then, there was a conversation between Tom Schwartz and Katie, whose relationship has been blown to bits this season. Tom’s make-out session with Raquel broke Katie’s trust entirely, and the exes seemed to be fighting. Tom mentioned that Katie has a history of diminishing the value of his friendships, to which Katie had the perfect retort. “You’re friends with everyone,” Katie huffed, annoyed at the idea that she impacted Schwartz’s relationships so negatively. She added, “you’re like a serial killer’s wet dream.”

5 “Don’t even f***ing look at me. You don’t deserve to look at this.”

Early in the trailer, Ariana is shown snapping at Tom when he looks over at her, while she’s wearing a gorgeous red “revenge” dress. It seems likely that the exes hadn’t seen much of each other before the filming of the reunion, despite the fact that they’re allegedly still sharing their Los Angeles home. When Tom looked over at Ariana, she snapped at him, “don’t even f***ing look at me.” After a shocked look from Tom, she added, “you don’t deserve to look at this.”

4 “My cards!”

During a confrontation between Tom and James Kennedy (who has some of the most hilarious scenes in the reunion trailer), the two men are pulled away from each other. This seems to disrupt host Andy Cohen, who’s positioned in the middle of the stage. Andy, who may be helping to break the men apart, dropped all of his cue cards. He seemed resigned as he stooped down to pick them up. “My cards,” he whined, in one of the funniest, most authentic moments of the reunion trailer.

3 “Poo-poo heads! Both of you [are] poo-poo heads.”

James had another hilarious moment during the trailer, speaking in reference to Raquel and the Toms, after Ariana gave her summation of their character. While Ariana’s assessment was a bit more mature, James pointed to all three parties, and delivered a raw, honest take on exactly how he felt about them. “Poo-poo heads,” he explained with a laugh, “both of you [are] poo-poo heads.” Though he was admonished for his assertion, he read the trio correctly.

2 “You’re a worm with a mustache”

In another big James moment during the Vanderpump Rules season 10 reunion trailer, he was shown yelling at Tom during a heated argument between the two men. While James seemed like he was a bit more removed from the drama during Vanderpump Rules season 10, it’s clear during the reunion trailer that he has serious feelings about Tom’s affair with his ex-fiance Raquel. As the men fought, James was being held back as he yelled out to Tom, “you’re a worm with a mustache,” laughing at his accurate insult.

1 “Diabolical, Demented, Sub-Human”

One of the most raw moments of the Vanderpump Rules season 10 reunion trailer occurred when Raquel was shown saying she had been “super selfish” with her actions throughout the affair. Ariana, who was floored by her lack of accountability, stepped in to explain just how she was feeling. “Selfish does not cover it,” Ariana said, then counted off on her fingers as she listed Raquel’s attributes off on her fingers, “diabolical, demented, sub-human.”

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