The 90 Day Fiancé franchise is based on international romance, but many featured cast members have used their franchise platforms to share their style with viewers. A variety of 90DF personalities have tried their luck at modeling, and showed an interest in fashion. This has led to a number of 90 Day Fiancé franchise stars becoming known for their unique style.

The past nine years of 90 Day Fiancé franchise content has introduced audiences to dozens of couples. The show first focused heavily on the K-1 visa process, although some of the content has become more off-base and chaotic. Over the years, a number of strong franchise personalities have emerged. Some are newcomers who are looking for attention in order to build followings on social media. While many featured cast members hope to launch careers as influencers and Internet personalities, so they can peddle products for a fee, others seek to enter the fashion industry. Some stars have worked as models, sold clothing items, or curated their content to showcase their passion for fashion.

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7 90 Day Fiancé Newcomer Nicole Sherbiny Is Eccentric

Nicole & Mahmoud 90 Day Fiancé looking at each other and smiling

Nicole Sherbiny just joined the cast of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 4, and the 90 Day Fiancé franchise newcomer is already being heavily discussed among viewers. Nicole moved to Egypt on the spin-off show, in order to be with her husband, Mahmoud Sherbiny. However, their cultural differences have caused major tension, especially when it comes to Nicole’s clothing. Clothing reseller Nicole loves expressing herself through fashion, and has always been interested in personal style. She is therefore quite resistant to covering up to please her conservative Muslim husband. Some people describe her as looking like a Wes Anderson character. Nicole favors vintage pieces that are unique.

6 90 Day Fiancé’s Moknii Hamza Looks Sharp

When it comes to fashionable men in the extended 90 Day Fiancé franchise, 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 5 star Moknii Hamza is a top pick, as he chooses classy outfits. Hamza has been called an attractive franchise man, and the ex-husband of Memphis Sandoval enjoys dressing well and looking sharp. The Tunisian man cleaned up nicely for the Before the 90 Days season 5 Tell-All, and looked particularly dapper in his suit vest and glasses. Hamza, who tried his luck as a model after moving to Chicago, enjoys fitted clothing and nice jackets, and tends to accessorize with scarves. Following his single season franchise appearance, the handsome Tunisian man has over 170K Instagram followers.

5 90 Day Fiancé Star Chantel Everett Is Glam

The Family Chantel star Chantel Everett is a classic 90 Day Fiancé franchise beauty who is known for her glamorous image. The ex-wife of Pedro Jimeno knows how to turn heads, as the working nurse enjoys dressing up in clothes that stand out. She does “hobby” photo shoots when she isn’t putting in long hours at the hospital. Chantel favors an elegant style that includes chic gowns and professionally styled hair and makeup. The Atlanta native can pull off floor-length gowns and gloves, and smolders when it comes to posing for the camera. This is especially true when she’s surrounded by her famous (and supportive) family members.

4 90 Day Fiancé Star Shaeeda Sween Is Elegant

Shaeeda Sween is one franchise star who is consistently elegant, tasteful, and classy. Shaeeda nailed her outfits during her appearances on 90 Day Fiancé season 9 and 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? season 7. The wife of Bilal Hazziez loves shopping and pampering herself, and appreciates a bit of luxury in her life. Shaeeda accessorizes flawlessly, as she owns many gorgeous hijabs, and loves adding jewelry to her polished outfits. Though Shaeeda’s dream is to be a mother who owns her own yoga studio, she is seldom in workout clothing, as she prefers more dressed-up looks. She is often seen wearing heels.

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3 90 Day Fiancé Model Juliana Custodio Is Timeless

Juliana Custodio is the most successful model in the extended franchise, and she is also a timeless beauty. The 90 Day Fiancé season 7 star has worked as an international model since she was a teenager. The Brazilian beauty continued modeling throughout her 2022 pregnancy. She stunned with her effortless grace and beauty, which allows her to pull off many looks. The model, who now resides in Germany with her partner Ben Obscura and their son, always dresses well on social media. Juliana can pull off many kinds of style, and wears dresses, trousers, and conceptual high fashion. Her photo shoots are often art-inspired. In her personal life, she typically favors minimal hair and makeup styling, and looks great whether she dressed up or down.

2 90 Day Fiancé Star Yara Zaya Stays Chic

Franchise regular Yara Zaya works hard to be considered a fashionable 90 Day Fiancé star. The wife of Jovi Dufren is a Happily Ever After star who carefully curates her outfits, and shows off her chic style on social media. Yara’s popular Instagram page, which has over 672K followers, features hundreds of images of her posing in her outfits. The Ukrainian beauty even opened her own online boutique to sell clothing, which she often models for her followers. She’s someone who also loves flaunting high-end designer labels. Though Yara has been accused of reselling cheap items, she is nonetheless praised for her style, face, and body. Yara puts a lot of effort into her looks, as she detailed her plastic surgery journey, and often sports flawless full glam hair and makeup in her photos.

1 90 Day Fiancé Alumni Erika Owens Is Vibrant

Erika Owens joined the 90 Day Fiancé franchise during The Other Way season 4. Though the Australian woman did not find love with fart jar vendor Stephanie Matto, she now has a large platform on Instagram, with almost half a million followers. Erika shares plenty of content that fits her vibrant personality, which is reflected in her colorful wardrobe. The Australian beauty loves outfit of the day videos, sharing her fashion finds, and revealing her quirky personality through her ensembles. Erika also accessorizes with rainbow wigs, fun makeup, and jewelry. She is known for her brightly hued and neon outfits. Her standout style makes her a fashion icon in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, although her clothes and accessories aren’t for everyone.

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