Several major characters from Mario’s video games aren’t in the trailers for The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Marketing for Mario and Luigi’s upcoming animated film has confirmed the inclusion of multiple Nintendo icons. In fact, it’ll even boast appearances from characters in the Donkey Kong franchise.

But of course, The Super Mario Bros. Movie will give most of its attention to the world of its titular protagonist. As the trailers have made clear, the movie will encompass a number of characters and monsters connected to Mario and Luigi’s story. In addition to obvious choices like Bowser, Princess Peach, and Toad, The Super Mario Bros. will also introduce Kamek and various minions of the evil Koopa King. However, there are still quite a few characters who haven’t been shown off yet. Some may have unrevealed roles in the story, whereas others, unfortunately, could be overlooked entirely. Here’s seven major Super Mario characters still missing from The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

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7 Lakitu

A Lakitu holds a MKTV camera to film Mario Kart

Since debuting in 1985’s Super Mario Bros., Lakitu has made dozens of video game appearances. Best remembered as the cloud-riding Koopa with glasses that handles the countdown in the Mario Kart franchise, Lakitu is a staple of the Mario universe as well as a character with a variety of uses. This particular variant of the Koopa species has been utilized both as an obstacle in Mario’s adventures and as a referee. Not only does he manage the races in Mario Kart, but he also officiates the sporting events seen in spinoffs such as Mario Tennis, Mario Golf, and more. Based on the level of visibility Lakitu enjoys in the Mario games, it’ll be surprising if he doesn’t get a Super Mario Bros. Movie cameo at the very least.

6 The Green Yoshi

Yoshi's Cookies rare video game

The second trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie confirmed that the Yoshis will be on hand with a shot that depicted a herd of Yoshis. That’s to be expected, given that the friendly, fruit-eating dinosaur is Mario’s riding companion and the protagonist of a separate video game franchise. What’s interesting about this particular shot in the trailer is that it includes multi Yoshi colors, but not the green version. The green one is the default Yoshi in nearly every Mario game and the most iconic incarnation of the character.

It’s hard to imagine The Super Mario Bros. Movienot using the green Yoshi, which is why there’s a good chance his role is being intentionally hidden. Since he’s regarded as his own character in most instances, it would make sense for the movie to distance the green one from the rest and allow him to serve as the Yoshi Mario rides on his journey to beat Bowser.

5 Wario

Wario Ware Nintendo

The troublemaking counterpart to Mario in Nintendo’s games, Wario is a fan-favorite character frequently and the third Mario brother. Originally, he was utilized as a villain for the Super Mario Land games, but was later reworked into an anti-hero when given his own video game series. Eventually, he became a regular in Mario spinoff franchises like Mario Party and Mario Kart. But while his role has evolved, his conniving nature has remained unchanged. Wario is still known for his greediness and willingness to resort to dastardly deeds to get what he wants.

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In spite of Wario’s importance to Mario’s world, it may be that there isn’t room for him in The Super Mario Bros. Movie’s story, especially if Bowser is the only true villain. However, that doesn’t mean he won’t appear alongside Chris Pratt’s Mario eventually. If he doesn’t appear in the film, he could be saved for later and receive an antagonist presence in a sequel. Alternatively, Wario could be unveiled via a post-credits cameo.

4 Waluigi

Waluigi Sad Why

Unlike Wario, Waluigi doesn’t headline his own games, but he’s still a major figure in the Mario universe and certainly someone who should be counted as a candidate for a cameo. Similar to how Wario acts as the evil counterpart to Mario, Waluigi was designed to fill the same role for Luigi. Usually paired with Wario, Waluigi shares his brother’s morally questionable traits. Due to their history as a duo, it’s likely that if one is in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, the other won’t be far behind. It could be that certain events in the movie will result in Wario and Luigi crossing over from Mario and Luigi’s world to the Mushroom Kingdom where they could take up permanent residence.

3 Princess Daisy

Daisy outstretches her arms on a Mario Golf Super Rush background

In the video games, Luigi has his own love interest in the form of Daisy. Like Princess Peach, Daisy is a princess and a playable character across multiple Mario games. For years, Nintendo has tried to distinguish Daisy from Peach by consistently characterizing her as a tomboy. She hails from a faraway kingdom called Sarasaland, the primary setting of Super Mario Land.

Since Daisy doesn’t live anywhere near the Mushroom Kingdom, The Super Mario Bros. Movie could easily avoid her, but the story presents the film with an easy way of including her regardless. According to the trailers, Bowser poses a threat to multiple kingdoms. For that reason, Peach or a different character could make contact with Sarasaland. If Daisy’s kingdom is at risk of invasion by Bowser’s forces, getting her involved would be a logical move.

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2 Bowser Jr.

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As his name implies, Bowser Jr. is the son of Bowser and a villain with his own ambitions of conquest. Not to be confused with Baby Bowser, Bowser Jr. is a massive villain in the Mario universe. To earn the respect of his father, Bowser Jr. is a willing participant in many of Bowser’s schemes. On some occasions, it was actually Bowser Jr. – and not Bowser himself – who kidnapped Princess Peach. Since he tends to serve as Bowser’s chief minion, he’s often the last boss Mario has to get past before going up against his main rival. Bowser Jr. hasn’t been spotted in the trailers so far, but his track record in the Mario franchise makes him a seamless fit for the story nonetheless. As for why he’d be absent, it may be that the plan is to shine the spotlight on Bowser before introducing his son.

1 Rosalina

Super Mario Galaxy Luma Rosalina

Rosalina first joined Mario’s world when the games took a cosmic turn in 2007’s Super Mario Galaxy. Introduced as an elegant, mother-like figure to star-shaped beings called Lumas, Rosalina acted as a guide to Mario during his outer space adventure and has since developed a substantial presence in the franchise. Because of her deep ties to outer space, there initially wasn’t an expectation for Rosalina to be a part of Super Mario Bros. Movie, but certain details have made her relevant.

The mention of “galaxies” in the second Mario trailer led to theories that the movie would reach into outer space and incorporate Rosalina. Plus, merchandise for the movie has hinted at one of the Lumas making an appearance. Judging by this evidence, it’s no longer a long shot that Rosalina is hiding in The Super Mario Bros. Movie as a secret character.

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