The Running Back position in Madden 24 needs great athleticism and the ability to read the game. With it being an unfavorable position in the last few years, the players chosen by the game are overlooked by the developers as new players come and go, with veterans in this position being pretty rare. The more consistent players in the past few years tend to fluctuate around in the rankings. However, this means keeping a good eye on the offensive supporters is crucial to a win.

It is important to note that compared to Madden 23, there are now only six 90+ Overall Rating Running Back players in Madden 24. With unique skills and assets, researching which players work best on each team is essential. Thankfully, these Running Backs can push through the rankings since it’s only the beginning of the season and can be found on EA’s official website.

7 Jonathan Taylor

Running Back Ranked Jonathan Taylor

Jonathan Taylor takes the 7th spot for Madden 24‘s ranked Running Backs this season. He plummeted in the rankings over the last few years but is looking to do better this season. Taylor has been given an Overall Rating of 89 and has great Speed (94), stamina (96), and toughness (92), making him ideal for a good offense. With the right quarterback on the team, he is sure to be a significant threat.

6 Austin Ekeler

Running Back Ranked Austin Ekeler Madden 24-1

Austin Ekeler exceeds expectations as a Running Back for the Los Angeles Chargers. He has excellent catching skills, which makes him very useful for teams playing from the backfield. With a score of 79, he became one of the best pass-catching players in the league. Players are shocked to see Ekeler with this Overall Rating, and they are hoping he becomes bumped up to 90 or 91 because of his up-and-coming skills.

5 Saquon Barkley

Running Back Ranked Saquon Barkley Madden 24

Bouncing back from an injury, Saquon Barkley’s Overall Rating leaves him at 93. He has rushed over 1,000+ yards with ten touchdowns, making him a powerhouse of a Running Back. Relying on his Speed (93) and Agility (95) will impact an offensive play. If he is made available by staying healthy for games, he will surely see some use with his quarterback counterpart on his team, especially when checking out Daniel Jones on the Madden NFL Starting QB ratings this season.

4 Derrick Henry

Derrick Henry in Madden 23

94 Overall Rating: Derrick Henry in Madden 24 proves challenging to take on for defenders. His alertness makes him very viable in his Running Back position on the field, limiting potential fumbles in the process. He has collected over 1,500+ running yards with 13 touchdowns over the last few years and is projected to collect many more.

3 Josh Jacobs

Running Back Ranked Josh Jacobs Madden 24

Shocking the Madden 24 franchise with a jump in the rankings, Josh Jacobs makes for a great choice of a Running Back. On the route from 87 to 95, Jacobs could potentially become one of the best overall players in Madden 24. His Speed and stamina (97) make him stand out, with one of the longest touchdown dashes (86 yards) last season. Hopefully, he can keep this consistent lead, as Jacobs seems to be in a perfect position as a Running Back.

2 Christian McCaffrey

Running Back Ranked Christian McCaffery Madden 24

Christian McCaffery in Madden 24 is evaluated at an Overall Rating of 96. Coming off of an injury and right back into the game, McCaffery’s immaculate carry rating (98) comes in handy. This means fewer fumbles for his team to worry about and more offensive plays they can engage in. During this season, if he stays healthy, he will surely rack up incredible plays, more running yards, and more touchdowns than ever before.

1 Nick Chubb

Running Back Ranked Nick Chub Madden 24

Nick Chubb is skyrocketing to the top spot out of all the Running Backs in Madden 24. He stands at the top of the list with a 97 Overall Rating. Coming close to a Madden NFL Superstar status, Nick Chubb’s season is promising for the Browns this season. With a staggering rating for breaking tackles (99) and a great pass-blocking score for a Running Back, Nick Chubb is a safe bet for any team. Pressuring a solid offensive line with Nick Chubb on board will surely bring a team to success.

Source: Madden 24 NFL Rankings EA

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