There’s a chance that The Marvels may introduce some key characters who could bring about big things for the MCU. The Captain Marvel sequel is among the exciting 2023 slate, releasing on July 28th. While the first film received a polarizing response in 2019, The Marvels is certainly one of the most highly-anticipated projects coming down the pipeline. While a trailer is yet to release, the Marvel marketing machine has recently started promoting the film with the release of the first official poster.

Significantly, The Marvels will unite Carol Danvers’ Captain Marvel with Monica Rambeau as Photon and Kamala Khan as Ms. Marvel, picking up directly from Ms. Marvel’s post-credits stinger. It will finally answer the mystery of Ms. Marvel’s bangle and if it does indeed have any connection to Kang and/or Shang-Chi as is theorized. Like every other MCU film, The Marvels will likely push the Multiverse Saga forward, and with that comes the strong likelihood of introducing new, important characters to the MCU.

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5 Rogue

Different variants of Rogue pose in X-Men comics.

When theorizing who could be the perfect villain for a new Captain Marvel film, there’s really no better option than Rogue. While she is now known for being a hero and an X-Men member, Rogue was first introduced in 1981’s Avengers Annual #10 as a villain. She has a meaningful history with Carol Danvers, having permanently absorbed her powers upon meeting her when she was Ms. Marvel. That’s something that couldn’t be shown in Fox’s X-Men films, but now it can in the MCU.

Rogue’s introduction into the MCU in The Marvels would be monumental. She would be the latest mutant to feature after Namor and Kamala Khan. However, compared to them, Rogue would be the biggest push toward the X-Men’s full integration. Such would be an unexpected development from a movie like The Marvels, especially since there might not be any more progress on that front until Deadpool 3 in Phase 6. Unfortunately, while it would be exciting to see Rogue this soon, it doesn’t seem all that feasible, except in a post-credit scene. In the end, Rogue and Captain Marvel crossing paths might be best saved until Captain Marvel 3.

4 Nova

Sam and Rich fighting in space in the Marvel comics

Unlike Rogue, Nova’s introduction is a sure-fire thing, and thus he stands a better chance at debuting in The Marvels. It was announced that a Nova Disney+ series is in the works. It’s likely one of the currently unconfirmed Phase 6 movies and shows. The series is a long-time coming since Guardians of the Galaxy introduced the Nova Corps, and Avengers: Infinity War detailed Xandar’s decimation, an element integral to his heroic origins. As the series has been announced, his inclusion in The Marvels would be easier to appreciate than Hercules in Thor: Love and Thunder, as no one knows when they’ll see him again.

With his extensive history with terrestrial and interstellar threats alike, Nova can become one of the premier heroes alongside Captain Marvel in the unfolding MCU. Intriguingly, his introduction could actually come earlier than The Marvels to set up his reign as one of the franchise’s headlining cosmic heroes. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is marking that team’s end in the MCU, so it could introduce Nova in its post-credits to fill their void. If not, The Marvels is the next best option, and he’d make sense in the story given Xandar’s relationship with the Kree, who are integral to Captain Marvel’s narrative.

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3 Genis-Vell & Phyla-Velll

Split Image of sibling's Genis-Vell and Phyla-Vell

So far, the MCU has featured three out of the seven Captain Marvels – Carol Danvers, Mar-Vell, and Monica Rambeau – but given The Marvels’ title, it could introduce two more. Genis-Vell and Phyla-Vell are the children of Mar-Vell and are the third and fourth characters to take up the mantle, respectively. Intriguingly, they are both artificially created by Elysius, Mar-Vell’s lover, who was, in turn, an artificial creation similar to an Eternal. This all could actually have the two heroes play an unexpected role in Eternals 2 related to Starfox should the MCU want to cross narratives.

It would be best for both Genis-Vell and Phyla-Vell to be introduced together, but they can still have their own individual arcs in the MCU. Aptly, Phyla is actually an original team member of the popular modern roster of the Guardians of the Galaxy, so she could be part of their second generation after Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 with Nova and her lover, Moondragon. Genis, on the other hand, could team up with Silver Surfer or partake in a future Thunderbolts team-up. Interestingly, The Marvels is already dipping into his lore, adapting his relationship with Rick Jones and the Negative Zone for that between the three protagonists.

2 Blue Marvel

Blue Marvel from a Marvel comic.

A fun option based on the film’s title is Blue Marvel. Having only debuted in 2008, Blue Marvel is less well-known than the rest, but he’s still the perfect stunt post-credit introduction for The Marvels. Adam Brashear was active in the 1960s, during which an experiment into the Negative Zone imbued him with extraordinary strength and powers that only characters like Captain Marvel could rival. Significantly, theories about Kamala’s bangle being one of the Nega-Bands would connect it to the Negative Zone. Aptly, when the eponymous trio are swapping places, perhaps one of them ends up stuck there, and they meet Blue Marvel in the same situation.

The incorporation of the Negative Zone would set up big things for many other characters in the MCU, including the Fantastic Four and Nova. As in the comics, it could be a significant alternate dimension for the MCU to explore. Blue Marvel’s introduction would also further other storylines. Particularly, his treatment in the 60s – when it was determined the world was not “ready” for a Black superhero, so he retired – tragically aligns with Isaiah Bradley’s history as shown in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. He can also help set up the Ultimates, the team who protects Earth from cosmic threats. Blue Marvel’s the only member missing.

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1 Noh-Varr

Noh Varr in Marvel Comics

Although Kamala Khan isn’t a member of the Young Avengers in the comics, she must be in the MCU, joining the likes of Kate Bishop, Cassie Lang, America Chavez, and Billy and Tommy when they are finally brought back. The Marvels can continue to further the MCU Young Avengers agenda by introducing Noh-Varr, aka Marvel Boy. He is a perfect candidate and might make the most sense of them all as he actually hails from an alternate universe and thus would fit in nicely with the multiversal narrative. On top of that, as a Kree ensign and the Kree Empire’s presumed involvement in The Marvels, his chances are relatively high.

Noh-Varr’s introduction would be the big push the MCU needs to finally do the Young Avengers project that seems to be coming during or after the Multiverse Saga. Alternatively, Noh-Varr is yet another hero who could be part of the new Guardians of the Galaxy as in the comics. Whatever the case, like the others, Noh-Varr can help set up various team-ups and fun galactic stories. All that’s waiting is for The Marvels to introduce them and change the course of the MCU.

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