Warning! SPOILERS about Lockwood & Co season 1 ahead.Netflix’s Lockwood & Co season 1 finale tied up many loose ends, uncovering the many players looking for the bone glass mirror – however, some mysteries weren’t solved by the Netflix action-adventure drama, leading to various theories sprouting to explain them. While Lockwood & Co season 1 finale revealed Pamela Joplin as the cold-blooded villain willing to sacrifice whomever to learn what the mirror showed, it also raised as many questions as the enigmas solved. Indeed, even if the threats posed by the bone glass mirror were quelled by its destruction, many other mysteries only grew larger, including Penelope Fittes’ involvement in the whole mirror affair.

Lockwood & Co season 1’s mysteries ranged from the smaller questions Anthony Lockwood’s secrecy generated to the bigger ones about the Problem, its handling, and who was involved in its cover-up. While some could be explained by the books, Lockwood & Co S1’s differences from the books guaranteed plot twists for both the Lockwood & Co books fans and the Netflix adaptation’s viewers alike. The additions to Netflix’s Lockwood & Co could change some story developments, making them further differ from the Lockwood & Co books and giving a chance to the various theories about Lockwood & Co season 1’s unanswered mysteries to offer an alternative solution.

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What’s Behind Lockwood’s Door Could Explain His Family’s Past

Cameron Chapman as Anthony in Lockwood & Co. season 1

While Anthony Lockwood decided to tell Lucy and George the truth about the locked door in their agency’s headquarters, Lockwood & Co season 1 audiences weren’t granted the same courtesy. However, since Lockwood & Co season 1 ended with Anthony opening said door, it’s unlikely that this mystery will continue into Lockwood & Co season 2. The Type 3 ghost in the jar’s knowledge about what was in it, along with everything pointing to Anthony’s family in Lockwood & Co season 1, could suggest that Lockwood & Co’s door foreshadowed an S2 tragedy, having it belong to Anthony’s dead sister like in the Lockwood & Co books.

Considering the Golden Blade’s remarks about Anthony’s parents’ deaths and his certainty that Anthony honestly didn’t know the truth about what happened could make Netflix’s Lockwood & Co differ from the books, potentially having the locked door hide something more connected to the paranormal than to Anthony’s greatest regrets. After all, the Skull in the jar hinted at that, and Lockwood & Co season 1 built many mysteries around Anthony’s parents’ deaths, making such a theory more likely. Whether or not the locked door will reveal secrets about Anthony’s parents, paranormal connections to their deaths, or Anthony’s sister’s room, like in the books, it will surely shine a light on Anthony’s family.

The Problem’s Origin Might Hide The Ghost-hunting Agencies’ Involvement

Ishtar Currie-Wilson as Annabel Ward in Lockwood & Co. season 1 episode 1

The leading ghost-hunting agencies in Lockwood & Co season 1 weren’t precisely presented as spotless, but also not as incredibly guilty of creating the Problem. Lockwood & Co’s Lucy, Anthony, and George all realized that those who most benefited from the Problem’s onset were protected. Indeed, Fairfax’s involvement in the murder of Annabel Ward was quickly buried. George, Lucy, and Anthony were made to sign an NDA that prohibited them from talking about Fairfax trying to have them killed. While those who speculated about Fittes, Rotwell, Fairfax, and others being behind the Problem were never taken seriously, the secrecy surrounding the Problem’s origin made those accusations sound reasonable.

No incontrovertible proof was given about Fittes, Rotwell, and Fairfax’s involvement in creating the Problem in Lockwood & Co season 1. However, Fittes’ recurrent work with the Golden Blade cast a shadow over her seemingly welcoming attitude towards both Lucy (Bridgerton season 1’s Francesca’s Ruby Stokes) and the rest of Lockwood & Co. With the bone glass mirror creator Dr. Edmund Bickerstaff already tinkering with his patients’ torment ahead of the Problem’s onset and the higher authorities trying to keep anything relating to the bone glass mirror’s activation and the Problem hidden, it’s unlikely that the biggest ghost-hunting agencies weren’t in on the Problem’s secrets.

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Michael Clarke as the Skull and Ruby Stokes as Lucy in Lockwood & Co. season 1

While the Skull stopped talking to Lucy after it witnessed what was in the bone glass mirror, it will likely communicate with Lucy again. Given that the Type 3 ghost was not only one of Bickerstaff’s disciples but also in Fittes agency’s custody, the Skull might very well be the key to understanding the connection between Bickerstaff’s studies and the Problem’s onset more than a hundred years later. Penelope Fittes’ crushed plans to obtain the bone glass mirror in Lockwood & Co’s ending provided another link between Bickerstaff, the Skull, and how the mirror and the Problem are linked, making the Skull’s role in it all much more fascinating.

What The Mirror Revealed Might Better Explain The Problem

Michael Clarke as the Skull and in Lockwood & Co. season 1

According to the Skull, Bickerstaff and his disciples were looking for the Eternal, creating the bone glass mirror to understand its potential as a window into it. Whether Bickerstaff’s patients’ torment and the ghosts’ torment after the Problem’s onset were connected, making Bickerstaff’s studies a catalyst for the Problem in the 1960s, the mirror being activated might very well be the key to a definitive solution to the Problem. However, studying it the way Pam wanted required a sacrifice and led those studying it to madness, making the bone glass mirror and the door to another dimension that opened a future threat in Lockwood & Co.

The Golden Blade’s Fittes Connection Could Hint At Penelope’s Goals

Luke Treadaway as the Golden Blade in Lockwood & Co. season 1

The Golden Blade was a formidable foe to Lockwood & Co in season 1. Lockwood & Co season 2 might reveal more about Penelope Fittes’ conniving companion, especially as he never existed in the Lockwood & Co books. Whichever way the Golden Blade started working for Penelope Fittes, his being at the worst places possible on Fittes’ orders could make Penelope Fittes’ goals clearer. Lockwood & Co’s ending proved that Fittes knew about the Golden Blade aiming to kill Anthony and how it never mattered to her who had the bone glass as long as the public didn’t know about it. This could expose how unstoppable Fittes’ reach is.

Penelope Fittes’ Involvement In The Problem Might Be Greater

Luke Treadaway as the Golden Blade and Morven Christie as Penelope Fittes in Lockwood & Co. season 1

Lockwood & Co’s ending shifted Lockwood & Co. and audiences’ expectations of Penelope Fittes, as she went from a supporting colleague to an ambiguous villain-like character in four episodes. Given Fittes’ connection to the Golden Blade, her implicit endorsement of his murderous methods to obtain the bone glass, and her inclination to keep anything regarding the Problem hidden, Lockwood & Co’s plot established Fittes as someone willing to do anything to protect her interests. However, Lockwood & Co episode 6, having her give the Golden Blade a “token of goodwill” bearing the symbol of whoever covered up Fairfax’s attempted murder of Lockwood & Co., quickly exposed Fittes as someone self-centered at best.

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Penelope’s grandmother Marissa Fittes, one of the few to offer a solution to the Problem while protecting the secrecy surrounding its origin, made the Fittes among the richest because of the Problem’s onset. This, along with Penelope’s seedy connections, could potentially make Penelope hide a secret agenda on how to deal with the Problem at best and direct involvement in creating it at worst. However, whether the Fittes mysteries are unveiled or not, Lockwood & Co season 2 will likely offer an answer.

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