Melee combat is a riskier but still potent weapon option in Armored Core 6. Many mechs are built around shooting and dodging, offering fewer opportunities to get in close. When the chance does happen, melee weapons can deal a quick burst of damage.

Because so many missions are focused on ranged attacks, you should still have a secondary gun that complements the rest of the build. It is also important to have legs and a lightweight core body to quickly get up close. Be sure to test the constructed AC before heading out on a real fight and making any last-minute adjustments.

6 Pile Bunker – PB-033M ASHMEAD

The pile bunker attack in Armored Core 6-1

The Pile Bunker is one of the default left-arm weapons accessible from Chapter 1. Even though it is one of the earlier weapons, it doesn’t mean it is weaker than later melee weapons in Armored Core 6. Many builds could utilize the Pile Bunker for its sheer power.

The ASHMEAD does a whopping 1688 damage per hit. It is mainly a physical weapon but has some added explosive bursts. The Pile Bunker is rather heavy, with a weight of 4180. Also, its range is incredibly close, making it rare to use properly. When it does hit, it will push back enemies a short distance. This makes it hard to combo with other melee attacks, but it can still set up an AC to be hit with a ranged weapon.

5 Stun Baton – VP-67EB

Stun build in Armored Core 6-1

The Stun Baton is a purchasable weapon in Chapter 2. It costs 94,000 COAM. You will also need to have cleared mission 14, the Ocean Crossing. This takes place in Western Belius at the Outer Shell. The main objective is to reach the intercontinental cargo launcher. There will still be opposition, so you can’t simply stealth in like it was Sekiro without a fight.

The VP-67EB is incredibly weak in Armored Core 6, only dealing 229 damage per strike. However, it is very fast and can quickly combo up to three hits in succession. The Stun Baton even releases an electric charge that can lock down an enemy AC once discharged. It is also a fairly lightweight weapon option at only an additional 1720 units.

4 Pulse Blade – HI-32 BU-TT/A

Pulse Blade stats in Armored Core 6-1

The Pulse Blade is another one of the first chapter’s starting weapons. Like the Pile Bunker, you can use the HI-32 BU-TT/A for the entire game. Its reliable and balanced damage can provide an edge when engaging in Armored Core 6’s online PvP. One can even use it as a basis for a complete melee-focused build, using two weapons in both the left-hand and left-shoulder slots.

The Pulse blade only deals 963 damage but is very easy to combo into two quick strikes. It can also be charged up for even more damage and a short dash. This makes it one of the most reliable melee weapons to consistently deal damage without the risk of missing. The main drawback is that the weapon has little impact and is unlikely to ever interrupt an aggressive enemy AC.

3 Chainsaw – WB-0010 Double Trouble

Double Trouble Chainsaw from Armored Core 6-1

The Chainsaw is one of the possible weapons gained in Armored Core 6‘s Chapter 3. It is found in the Contained Zone – Grid 012. This is the same mission with the main objective to destroy the Brute dubbed “Honest.” Near the start of the mission, drop to the lowest platform ahead, and the Chainsaw can be found inside a chest guarded by several laser sensors.

This is one of the few instances where defeating the enemies is not required. One can use stealth and fly past all the obstacles. One should still complete the main goal and challenge Honest to finish the zone.

The Chainsaw is hands down the strongest melee weapon. It only deals 1025 damage on impact but can quickly hit up to four, six, or even eight times. This mostly depends on the speed and agility of the current mission boss in Armored Core 6. Instead, this can make the Chainsaw very dicey as an entirely missed attack can leave you open to punishment by an enemy assault.

2 Laser Blade – Vvc-770LB

Laser Blade stats of Armored Core 6-1

The Laser Blade is the last of the three starter melee options for any new AC mech. Different forms of laser swords were found in some previous Armored Core games. Some players might feel nostalgia for wielding one of the classic melee weapons used by historic ACs.

The Vvc-770LB weapon deals a lot of damage at 1630 and has an impact score of 1100. This makes it great for both harming and potentially stunning the worst enemies. It does not combo that well, making it suboptimal to follow up with more attacks. However, it hits in a wide arc, making it ideal to damage multiple enemies or always hit larger bosses.

1 Laser Lance – VE-67LLA

Laser Lance mech in Armored Core 6-1

The Laser Lance is one of the later melee weapons that can be purchased during chapter 4 with 270,000 COAM. This also requires getting through mission 27, Underground Exploration – Depths 1. The mission’s goal is to destroy the NEPENTHES energy weapon at Watch Point Alpha. The job rewards 250,000 COAM, putting you close to the balance to buy the Laser Lance outright.

While completing the mission will net a large amount of COAM, it is still possible to be near broke at that point. Be sure only to buy weapons and parts that make sense for your current build. Purchasing every item can wait until thoroughly clearing Armored Core 6‘s main story.

The VE-67LLA deals out 1151 damage on hit and doesn’t combo that well. It is also rather heavy at 4520 units, making it only significant on a lighter Armored Core 6 mech. But the lance includes a long-distance dash that can easily lock down an enemy. This makes it an easy shoo-in weapon for even primarily ranged builds. One can also use it with the Pulse Blade to set up rush down and follow up combo.

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