Married at First Sight cast members who have pets are devoted to them, which has resulted in some heated moments throughout the show’s history. The selection process for casting is extensive, and pets are an avenue explored by the experts prior to matching. Whether one or both matches bring pets to the marriage, there are almost always growing pains as bonds are sought out.

Pets are an important part of any family, but those who are selected, with the help of Married at First Sight’s Dr. Pepper Schwartz, tend to have close relationships with their furry friends. The desire to be married while remaining single, which all cast members share, typically indicates a high level of commitment that is easily transferred to pets. Bordering on codependency, the relationships between Married at First Sight cast members and their pets are perfect fodder for drama.

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5 Mark & Lindsey’s Cat Funeral From Married At First Sight Season 14

Mark from Married At First Sight with his cast

Mark “The Shark” Maher and Lindsey Georgoulis were matched on Married at First Sight season 14 partly because of their shared love of cats. With three of his own, Mark’s cats were a non-negotiable throughout his selection process on the show. Right away, Mark and Lindsey bonded over the cats, and Lindsey immediately seemed to treat them as her own. The lack of immediate drama was a preemptive good sign.

When a tearful Mark appeared on camera announcing the passing of one of his cats, Lindsey was right there to offer her full support. In hindsight, Married at First Sight‘s Mark and Lindsey moving so fast was a pretty big red flag. Naturally, the death of a pet is a dramatic event, but Mark’s on-camera reaction provided Lindsey with ammo when the pair’s union went south. Starting strong, Mark and Lindsey’s cat situation proved to be one of the more dramatic pet pairings in the franchise.

4 Stacia Cleaning Luna’s Wrinkles On Married At First Sight Season 15

Married at First Sight season 15’s Stacia Karcher was unapologetically petless at the start of the season. Not a dog-hating villain, Stacia simply prioritized order and neatness over the companionship of a pet. Providing the perfect foil with her undying devotion to her rather needy pug Luna was Married at First Sight fan favorite Krysten Collins. Stacia’s discomfort and frank disdain for dogs was made all the more apparent by comparison.

When at one point during Married at First Sight season 15 Krysten asked Stacia to watch Luna for a short time, Stacia’s reaction was priceless. Though she graciously accepted the challenge, Stacia’s face couldn’t lie as Krysten described Luna’s requirements. As if walking around outside and picking up dog poop wasn’t bad enough, Stacia was also meant to clean Luna’s wrinkles. Her theatrical reaction to Luna’s loud breathing and snoring on top of normal and slightly abnormal dog duties was one of the cutest dramatic pet moments.

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3 Virginia & Erik’s Rocky Marriage On Married At First Sight Season 12

virginia and erik married at first sight

Virginia Coombs and Erik Lake had their fair share of problems on Married at First Sight season 12. With a seven-year age difference, the couple had another layer of challenges to work through. Their love of dogs was not meant to be one, as both Virginia and Erik brought a dog into the marriage. However, the relationships between each of them and their pets proved to be one of the more overt ways their ages separated them.

Virginia fell into the category of borderline codependency with her dog Rocky whereas Erik had a much more mature and healthy relationship with his dog. Erik’s more dominant relationship with his dog was directly in opposition to Virginia’s inattentive approach to dog ownership. With some fans wondering whether Erik was controlling Virginia, one of the biggest sore points for this couple started as a simple conversation with Erik suggesting that Rocky have some obedience training. Triggering Virginia’s fiercely independent mindset, the recurring fight to retain her not-so-great relationship with Rocky left her marriage on the rocks.

2 Chris’s Honeymoon Meltdown On Married At First Sight Season 16

Married at First Sight season 16 couple Nicole Lilienthal and Chris Thielk were one of the season’s strongest matches during the marriage and honeymoon episodes. This was another match where both partners brought dogs into the mix: Nicole had one and Chris had two. As they both remained devoted to their animals, their honeymoon became troubled when Chris learned that his two dogs couldn’t join them in their new apartment as there was a two-dog maximum.

Understandably upsetting, this news prompted a wild Married at First Sight meltdown from Chris that was unexpected based on his behavior seen thus far. Nicole’s immediate soothing support was not enough to quell the tears as Chris envisioned the next eight weeks without his beloved dogs. Perhaps heightened by the intensity of the show’s experience, Chris’ reaction to potentially leaving his dogs for a few weeks was one of the most dramatic pet moments in the show’s history. Nicole’s decision to give up her own dog for the duration of the experiment so that Chris is able to maintain his relationship with his dogs is likely to heighten the drama of this situation as the season goes on.

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1 Maya Attacking Newton On Married At First Sight Season 15

Alexis and Justin talking to the camera in Married At First Sight.

Alexis Williams and Justin Hall hands down provided the most dramatic pet moment of all time from Married at First Sight season 15. While Alexis catered to her dog Newton, her relationship with her pet was not quite as intense as Justin’s relationship with his dog Maya. Justin’s extreme emotional volatility throughout the season was a good indicator of how much he relied on his dog for support. Though both partners brought a dog into the marriage, only one brought one out of it.

As the pair introduced their animals, Alexis and Justin’s dogs almost immediately got into a nasty fight resulting in a trip to the emergency vet for Newton and a very emotional Alexis. Both dogs made it through the encounter, but the marriage did not fare so well. As Justin eventually decided to give up his dog Maya and then proceeded to hold that against Alexis, his relationship with her and lack of honesty about her past aggressions made Alexis question everything, which set the tone for the rest of their marriage. Alexis’s reaction to the dog fight was warranted, but the shock waves felt through the rest of the marriage made this the most dramatic pet situation on Married at First Sight to date.

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