Disney+’s Loki introduced a variant of the Marvel Comics supervillain Kang The Conqueror known as He Who Remains. Countless powerful Kang variants exist in the comics, with some likely to appear in the MCU as the character ascends in The Multiverse Saga.

Most Kang variants in the comics share the same basic abilities but have augmented their power through technology and other means. Advanced futuristic technology makes him effectively a god, with the ability to manipulate time and space in ways that are likely to prove consequential in the MCU.

The variant of Kang The Conqueror seen in Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania played by Jonathan Majors hues very close to the original Kang in his armor and appearance. Given Kang’s tendency to create variants in the comics thanks to creating different timelines, the character looms over The Multiverse Saga unfolding in the MCU, in multiple possible variants. Here are the most powerful versions that Marvel has created to date.



20 Rama Tut

Kang The Conqueror fights Rama-Tut in Marvel Comics.

The ancient Egyptian ruler Rama Tut first appeared in Fantastic Four #19. Like almost every Kang The Conqueror variant, Rama Tut possesses no superpowers. He relies on his genius and gift for technology to go back in time and establish himself as Pharaoh. He uses several hallmark Kang The Conqueror comic book powers like his Ultra-Diode gun.

Kang The Conqueror actually debuted the same month as Rama Tut, September 1963, in Avengers #8. The comics later retconned them to be variants of each other in “The Celestial Madonna” story arc in Avengers comics from 1974.

19 Keng

Keng fights Calibur in Excalibur #49.

Keng makes an extremely brief cameo in Excalibur #49, which makes a case for being among the best Excalibur comic issues ever for its heady trip through the multiverse. Keng appears to share Kang’s powers and abilities, as well as the ability to alter his size on a massive scale.

Keng potentially appears in the MCU if the franchise goes all in on Kang variants. He appeared when another Marvel villain, Necrom, tried to condense the entire multiverse into one universe.

18 Kid Immortus

Kid Immortus and Ravonna Renslayer talk to Doctor Doom in Marvel Comics.

Kid Immortus also possesses the ability to change someone’s size, though not necessarily his. He uses growth pollen from an alien world to enlarge his armies, including The Growing Man. They absorb kinetic energy, growing in strength and stature, similar to Giant-Man.

Kid Immortus exists as a younger Kang variant, centuries before his more well-known versions. Yet he embodies their strength and knowledge, making him a very powerful opponent.

17 Kangaroo The Conqueror

Kangaroo The Conqueror romances the Scarlet Witch in Marvel Comics.

Kangaroo The Conqueror makes for an unlikely Kang variant in the MCU, but odder things have happened. Kangaroo appears to share all Kang’s standard powers and abilities, including the power to generate force fields that repel most attacks. He wears a slightly baggier armor than others, though it seems mostly the same.

This variant emerged from Earth-8311, the same alternate reality that spawned the powerful Spider-Man variant Spider-Ham. He exists alongside several other anthropomorphic variants of iconic characters.

16 Scarlet Centurion

Scarlet Centurion Kang Variant

Kang adopts a new identity for a brief period after meeting Doctor Doom in Fantastic Four Annual #2. The Scarlet Centurion wears a new armor that takes some cues from Doom’s. The armor still largely derives from the future technology Kang possesses though, so it’s not too different in ability from what he had before.

Kang then uses it against the Avengers in Avengers Annual #2 in 1968. Numerous Scarlet Centurion variants exist within the Marvel multiverse including Kang’s son, Marcus, and it’s likely he appears in the MCU.

15 Mr. Gryphon

Mr. Gryphon Kang attacks Kamala Khan and Miles Morales in Marvel Comics.

Mr. Gryphon founded Qeng Industries, which became a notable Easter egg in Loki episode five. He shares essentially the same powers and abilities as other Kang variants, though he proved his singular technological skill by commandeering The Vision.

He reprogrammed the android to help him in his fight against the Avengers. The Vision was able to wrest Jane Foster Thor’s hammer away from her, nearly defeating a stacked Avengers roster including Ms. Marvel and Miles Morales.

14 Victor Timely

Victor Timely creates robots in Marvel Comics.

The Victor Timely Kang variant traveled back to the year 1901. There he set up a town called Timely in Wisconsin and begins inventing things long before they ever develop, like robots. He possesses the basic powers and knowledge other Kangs do but can go back and forth to Chronopolis, Kang’s temporal kingdom.

He first appears in Avengers Annual #21 in 1992, but his place and significance in Marvel history go back much further than that. This story establishes that Victor Timely’s knowledge and experimentation eventually led to him creating the original android Human Torch from Timely Comics, Marvel’s real-world predecessor.

13 Iron Lad

Iron Lad flies into battle in Marvel Comics.

Iron Lad helped found the Young Avengers, a team with numerous MCU characters already established in the franchise. This teenage Kang variant possesses an armored suit that allows him to fly and gives him great strength and endurance, necessary as he fights his future self.

Neurokinetic nano-metal comprises the armor, which means Iron Lad can change its shape with his thoughts. He can also remove the armor and operate it independently with his mind as well.

12 Ultimate Comics Kang The Conqueror

Ultimate Comics Kang fighting Ultimate Hulk from Marvel Comics.

The Kang from Earth-1610, the Ultimate Comics universe, first appears in Ultimate Comics Wolverine #4 in 2013. She arrives with a plan to change time and undo the horrible devastation the Ultimatum wave unleashed upon New York City, in which many heroes died. In the process, she reveals she’s also a Sue Storm variant.

Not only does she possess Kang’s power and knowledge, but she also still has her invisibility. Beyond that, she features powers no other incarnations do in the comics, including teleporting and shape-shifting.

11 Kamala Kang

Kamala Kang gains powers in Marvel Comics.

Comic fans know Kamala Khan enjoys incredible power, but one Ms. Marvel variant gained even more. Kamala Kang emerged from the 2018 Infinity Wars comic book storyline, where Gamora folded reality and fused many characters, creating many new variants.

Not only did Ms. Marvel gain Kang’s intellect and tech-savvy, but she also retained her unique powers to shapeshift as well. While she existed, Kamala Kang proved equal to the time-traveling villain’s most powerful variants.

10 Immortus

Immortus is frozen by Time Keepers in Marvel Comics.

Immortus possesses the talent and power as other Kang variants but arguably is even more knowledgeable. Comic fans know the Time Keepers taught Immortus about time and their truly cosmic power, giving the future version of Kang power and ability extraordinary potential.

He used these powers to delete numerous alternate timelines for the Time Keepers, though he was actually trying to establish himself as the ruler of all time. He also hunted down and exterminated many Nexus Beings, and attempted to do the same to the Scarlet Witch, who is the Nexus Being of her reality.

9 Prime Kang

Kang The Conqueror unleashes energy in Marvel Comics.

Prime Kang existed before all other Kangs, so far as anyone in Marvel Comics knows. He persists thanks to his indomitable willpower, cunning, and intellect. He wears a suit of battle armor from the 31st century which augments his strength and stamina considerably.

He also possesses the Damocles Base, a massive spaceship shaped like a sword. Its armaments include endless Scarabs, foot soldiers that Kang unleashes on worlds to conquer them.

8 Chronos-Tut

Chronos-Tut pulls apart Spider-Boy in Amalgam Comics.

Chronos-Tut debuted in Spider-Boy Team-Up #1, a comic from the DC-Marvel mashup crossover Amalgam Comics. This variant combined Kang’s power with The Time Trapper, giving him extraordinary power. The Time Trapper exhibited the ability to control time itself in Legion of Super-Heroes comics as Chronos-Tut does.

This powerful variant wielded the power to perceive how the two comic universes had been fused together. He also nearly separated Spider-Man from Superboy in a stunning feat unlikely ever to play out in the movies.

7 Doom The Annihilating Conqueror

Doom The Annihilating Conqueror fights the Fantatsic Four from Marvel Comics.

Perhaps the most powerful Kang The Conqueror variant in the comics combines several awesome Marvel villains. Iron Lad eventually succumbed to the evil tendencies of his variants and fused with Doctor Doom and Annihilius to become Doom The Annihilating Conqueror.

This version possessed Kang’s powers as well as Doctor Doom’s genius and sorcery, which makes him among the most powerful magical beings in Marvel Comics.

6 The Time-Eater

The Time Eater a Kang The Conqueror variant, attacks in Marvel Comics.

The Time-Eater ranks atop the most powerful Kang variants thanks to his assuming Galactus’ power. This variant killed Galactus and absorbed the Power Cosmic. He then went on to kill all other Galactus variants he could find, destroying their universes and unraveling the multiverse.

This unimaginable variant potentially emerges in the MCU in some way as Kang may seek to destroy universes as He Who Remains warned. If so, The Time-Eater might appear alongside countless other Kangs in upcoming movies and shows.

5 Kang the Conglomerator

Kang the Conglomerator Kang Variant -1

This Kang variant, hailing from the year 2099, put a unique, corporate spin on the character. The head of his own company, this variant owned the copyrights to a number of 21st century heroes. One of his biggest draws was Spider-Punk; Kang even went as far as to go back in time and kidnap Spider-Punk, and bring him to the future. However, Spider-Punk proved more than a match for Kang the Conglomerator.

4 Chronomonitor #616

TVA Chronomonitor 616 Kang Variant

Loki made waves in the MCU by introducing the Time Variance Authority, and this Kang variant actually worked for them. The TVA recruited this variant upon his first trip through time. He would serve for many years, but ultimately grew tired with the job and rebelled. He traveled back in time, killed a version of Rama Tut, and took his place. This brought him into conflict with the Fantastic Four; ultimately, the TVA intervened, and placed Chronomonitor 616 in an endless time loop.

3 Victorex Prime

VictorEx Prime Kang Variant

The variant of a variant, Victorex Prime menaced the Squadron Supreme on several occasions, most notably during the Squadron’s landmark 1985 maxi-series. A variant of the Scarlet Centurion, Victorex Prime would eventually grow tired of conquest and side with the Squadron Supreme. Unfortunately, this variant erroneously believed his actions led to the Squadron’s death, and he lived the rest of his life racked by the guilt.

2 Pope Immortus

Immortus rules over his minions.

Most Kang variants use advanced technology to further their goals, but in this instance, he is using religion. First appearing in 2000’s Universe X, this variant lived in a world where every human had superpowers, and it was here that Kang would refashion his Immortus identity, becoming a spiritual leader and even gaining converts from among Earth’s heroes.

1 Ahura Boltagon

Ahura Boltagon, the Inhuman Son of Black Bolt and Medusa

A member of the Inhumans race, Ahura Boltagon is the son of Black Bolt and Medusa. Kidnapped by Kang as a child, he raised Ahura to be a living weapon, ready to strike at the Inhumans at any moment. However, Ahura turned on Kang, killing him and taking the Conqueror’s identity for himself. He would fight the Inhumans on several occasions; eventually, his time traveling tricks were turned back on him when a group of Inhumans rescued Ahura in the past.

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