Some amazing Ahsoka Tano cosplays are a reminder of how popular Anakin Skywalker’s Padawan, who will now get her own show in Disney’s Ahsoka, really is. Ahsoka Tano debuted in Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008), a 3D-animated Star Wars film that was followed by an animated series of the same name. While the “Anakin actually had a Padawan” retcon was not well received at first, Ahsoka went on to become one of Star Wars’ most popular characters.

Even though Ahsoka never appeared in a live-action Star Wars movie, the character belongs in the same conversation as names like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. Ahsoka’s Star Wars legacy was already impressive, and her live-action debut in The Mandalorian only added to the character’s popularity. Ahsoka now returns in her own live-action series. Here are 15 stunning Ahsoka Tano cosplays celebrating the character’s journey ahead of the Ahsoka show.



15 Ahsoka Gears Up For The Siege Of Mandalore

Clone Wars season 7’s Siege of Mandalore arc was a highlight of the show and one of the best Star Wars stories ever told. After following Ahsoka as a civilian hiding her Jedi powers in the first few episodes of the season, audiences got to see Tano back in action for the Siege of Mandalore. This incredible Ahsoka cosplay by @ashlas_workshop recreates Tano’s Siege of Mandalore costume and showcases the character’s unique reverse lightsaber grip.

14 “Ahsoka: Into The Ahsoka-Verse” Celebrates Tano’s Legacy

Three versions of Ahsoka give Star Wars its own Spider-Man pointing meme in this amazing cosplay picture shared by @wrechedhivecreations. The Ahsoka Tano cosplayer joins Ashley Eckstein, who voiced Ahsoka in all of her Star Wars animated series appearances, and Rosario Dawson, who plays Ahsoka in live-action. Eckstein’s Ahsoka portrayal in Clone Wars, Rebels, and other pieces of Star Wars content shaped the character for a generation, and now Ahsoka’s story will continue in a different media as Dawson brings the character to live-action.

13 Ahsoka’s Reverse Lightsaber Grip Never Looked Cooler

One of the coolest things about Ahsoka Tano is her unique fighting style. Ahsoka’s shoto style helped set Anakin Skywalker’s Padawan from other prequel-era Jedi, and it led to some of the best lightsaber choreographies in all of the Star Wars canon. Learning Ahsoka’s lightsaber style was challenging for Rosario Dawson, who had a couple of fighting scenes in The Mandalorian. This amazing cosplay by @moraicosplay features Clone Wars-era Ahsoka with her lime-green lightsaber in focus.

This cosplay by @darth_cydious is an example of how popular Ahsoka’s final Clone Wars costume was. After wearing jean jackets during her first Clone Wars season 7 arc, Ahsoka suited up for battle and debuted a brand new look. Despite having appeared in only four episodes, Ahsoka’s Siege of Mandalore costume quickly became a fan favorite and is often recreated in cosplays and fan art. Ahsoka’s face markings are also portrayed in this great cosplay.

11 Ahsoka’s Post-Jedi Life Was Also Cool

Ahsoka’s Siege of Mandalore costume may be her most popular, but Clone Wars season 7’s “civilian Ahsoka” look depicted in this cosplay by @ashlas_workshop was also interesting. Seeing a Jedi in jeans was a first, and it quickly established that Ahsoka wanted to distance herself from Jedi business as much as possible. Tano also no longer carried a lightsaber. It all changed after Bo-Katan Kryze recruited Ahsoka to fight Maul on Mandalore, but the “Gone With A Trace” Clone Wars arc added another entry to the list of Ahsoka Tano costumes.

10 Crimson Red Was Ahsoka’s Color For Most Of The Clone Wars

Far before Star Wars Rebels Ahsoka or Siege of Mandalore Ahsoka, Anakin’s Padawan had already made her mark on Star Wars. Ahsoka appeared in hundreds of Clone Wars episodes before the show’s first finale, all of which saw Ahsoka in crimson red colors. This cosplay by @bekahsoka is inspired by Ahsoka’s second Clone Wars costume, and it sees Ahsoka with a green lightsaber. Blue and grey may have become Ahsoka’s colors more recently, but it all began with crimson red.

9 Ahsoka Tano Reunites With Anakin Skywalker

Anakin Skywalker cosplayer @coolspot88 shared a Clone Wars team-up picture with an Ahsoka Tano cosplayer at C2E2 2023, bringing back memories from when “Skyguy” trained “Snips.” Interestingly, this Ahsoka cosplay is based on the Rosario Dawson version from The Mandalorian and the upcoming Ahsoka series. Ahsoka never got to see Darth Vader’s redemption, but The Book of Boba Fett revealed that Anakin’s Padawan eventually became friends with Luke Skywalker. Perhaps a Hayden Christensen Force ghost in Ahsoka could deliver a canon version of this amazing picture.

8 Rebels’ Ahsoka Return Changed Star Wars Forever

Star Wars: The Clone Wars was canceled during season 5 shortly after Disney bought Lucasfilm. While a collection of episodes that were already finished were released on Netflix, Ahsoka Tano was not directly part of any of those. Therefore, the image of Ahsoka leaving Anakin and the Jedi Order was, for years, audiences’ farewell to the character. Fortunately, Ahsoka Tano returned in Star Wars Rebels, which will now tie directly into the Ahsoka series. This cosplay by @alia_atreides celebrates Ahsoka’s Star Wars Rebels look.

7 Ahsoka & Rex Team Up In Epic Cosplay

General Tano and Captain Rex are one of the best Star Wars duos. Ahsoka and Rex both debuted in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie and quickly became fan-favorite characters. Unlike Anakin or Obi-Wan, the fates of Ahsoka and Rex were not sealed. After Clone Wars was canceled, Ahsoka and Rex reunited in Star Wars Rebels. In Clone Wars season 7, the duo experienced Star Wars’ infamous Order 66 together. This epic cosplay by @nonbinate imagines Ahsoka and Rex fighting side by side in live-action.

6 Ahsoka Meets Grogu In The Mandalorian-Inspired Cosplay

Ahsoka Tano’s first live-action appearance happened in The Mandalorian season 2’s “The Jedi.” While Ahsoka’s live-action debut obviously dominated the conversations surrounding the episode, Rosario Dawson’s The Mandalorian debut also served Grogu’s story. Thanks to Ahsoka, audiences learned Baby Yoda’s real name, Grogu. Ahsoka also revealed that Grogu was a Jedi Padawan during the Clone Wars timeline. Cosplayer @alysontabbitha recreated Ahsoka’s The Mandalorian look, with a special cameo by Grogu.

5 It Doesn’t Get More Epic Than Ahsoka In Clone Armor

Ahsoka teamed up with Rex and the clone troopers countless times throughout Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Now, an epic cosplay by @kerritcos imagines Ahsoka in clone trooper armor. Curiously, the 501st all made custom helmets inspired by Ahsoka’s face markings to celebrate her return in Clone Wars season 7 ahead of their final mission together. Here, Ahsoka wears blue-painted clone trooper armor, similar to Rex’s.

4 Clone Wars’ Siege Of Mandalore Comes To Life In This Ahsoka Cosplay

Once again proving the pop culture impact of Clone Wars season 7’s final episodes, this cosplay by @LisWonder1 recreates Ahsoka’s “blue meets grey” costume. The cosplayer also brings Ahsoka’s two blue lightsabers from Clone Wars season 7, which Anakin gave Ahsoka right before the Siege of Mandalore. Ahsoka’s time with blue lightsabers was short, but it is fondly remembered by the Star Wars fandom through cosplays and fan art.

3 Dark Side Ahsoka Meets Jedi Master Ahsoka

Cosplayer @A_Mightyraccoon shared a double Ahsoka cosplay, picturing two different “what if…?” scenarios. The one on the left imagines dark-side Ahsoka Tano, which is something Star Wars never really explored. The one on the right imagines Ahsoka as a proper Jedi Master, Jedi robes and all, which also never happened. Instead, Ahsoka walked her own path, leading to the iconic Star Wars Rebels scene in which Ahsoka claims she is “no Jedi” when fighting Darth Vader.

2 Anakin’s Apprentice Becomes Darth Vader’s Inquisitor

Ahsoka Tano was Anakin Skywalker’s apprentice, while Darth Vader trained a team of Imperial Inquisitors. These two radically different moments in Anakin’s life are combined in this amazing Star Wars cosplay by @dark_sidecosplay, which sees Ahsoka Tano as an Inquisitor. Here, Ahsoka wears a Second Sister-inspired costume, including a black and red cape, and carries two red lightsabers.

1 Ahsoka Gets Ready For Her Own Live-Action Show

Ahsoka’s The Mandalorian look may be her most recent, but it is already a fan-favorite. This Ahsoka cosplay by @officialcarlyking, for example, celebrates “Mandoverse” Ahsoka ahead of her spinoff series. The first Ahsoka trailer suggests that Tano’s The Mandalorian costume will continue to be her main one, although the live-action treatment allows Star Wars to feature other Ahsoka looks far more easily than animation. This Ahsoka cosplay pictures also feature Ahsoka’s white lightsaber, which first appeared in Star Wars Rebels.

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