The DC Universe is one of the most iconic superhero worlds of all time and is home to several powers fans can’t find anywhere else. While super strength or speed is a valuable tool, it’s nothing that can’t be found in the Marvel Universe or another rival franchise. However, there are a few heroes and villains that possess special abilities unique to the DC Universe.

Some of them might be unusual, extremely specific, or completely outrageous. But the following 11 powers are abilities that fans can only find in the DC Universe.



11 Matter-Eater Lad’s Super Consumption

Matter Eater Lad

With the Legion of Super Heroes’ Matter-Eater Lad, fans know everything they need to know about Tenzil Kem just from his hero name. Matter-Eater Lad is a part of the futuristic team and has the ability to devour everything in sight. And yes, not only can he chew through anything, but his unique physiology is able to digest it. While his powers aren’t the most useful in a fight, he’s one of the few beings in the galaxy that has the intestinal strength of a Kryptonian. In fact, Matter-Eater Lad’s bizarre powers could allow him to make a meal of Superman if he really wanted.

10 Negative Man’s Negative Spirit

Negative Spirit DC Comics

The Doom Patrol’s Negative Man isn’t just one person. He’s a man in a symbiotic relationship with a radioactive being known as the Negative Spirit. The Negative Spirit, also known as Keeg Bovo, is fast, extremely strong, and can phase through any object. Not to mention the spirit produces a high level of radiation, making him quite the intimidating force to villains as powerful as the Anti-Monitor. However, Keeg cannot part with Negative Man for long, only able to leave Larry Trainor’s body for 60 seconds at a time before he’s forced to return.

9 Jack Hawksmoor’s City Powers

Jack Hawksmoor DC Comics

Superheroes always have a close relationship with their cities, but no one gets them like the Authority’s infamous leader. Jack Hawksmoor’s body was experimented on at a young age, and it left him with a powerful connection to cities. Jack can communicate with cities, gaining information directly from them. He can also travel anywhere instantly as long as he’s in a metropolis. Jack can even order cities to come alive or rearrange themselves. Of course, the drawback of Jack’s powers is that he has to be in a populated city, as he’s not as powerful in smaller ones.

8 Snowflame’s Cocaine-Fueled Superpower

Snowflame DC Comics

Drugs aren’t always the answer, but for the coke fiend Snowflame, they most certainly are. Snowflame is a minor DC villain that fought the superhero team, the New Guardians, and is a superpowered drug dealer that pushes cocaine. While Snowflame’s powers were largely average abilities like enhanced strength and speed, it’s the rogue’s physiology that’s truly unique. Snowflame gains his powers from doing coke, turning him into an excitable and powerful force to be reckoned with. Snowflame can even pass on a contact high to others simply by touching them.

7 Flex Mentallo’s Muscle Mystery

Flex Mentallo DC Comics

Flex Mentallo is known for baring his muscles to the world, and for good reason. The hero has a unique type of power known as ‘Muscle Mystery’. By flexing the various muscle groups in his body, he can alter reality in various ways. One of Flex’s greatest demonstrations of his power was his alteration of the United States’ Pentagon, which he transformed into a circular building. He also possesses a similar power known as ‘Inflation Intensity’, and saved the universe from being erased by inflating himself and the Justice League like balloons.​​​​​​​

6 Danny the Street

Danny the Street DC Comics

One of the Doom Patrol’s most iconic allies is Danny the Street, a sentient street that is home for any and all outcasts. Danny can relocate their structure wherever they’d like, making them a safe haven for those in need. Danny has had several forms over the years and has been a street, an island, a brick, a theme park, an ambulance and even an entire world. While Danny isn’t much for a fight, they’ve assisted the Doom Patrol quite a bit over the years thanks to their ability to move freely throughout the world.​​​​​​​

5 The H Dial

The H Dial DC Comics

Becoming a superhero is a common fantasy, and thanks to one DC relic, it’s actually possible. The H Dial transforms anyone who dials ‘H-E-R-O’ on its rotary dial into a random hero. Often, the heroes dialed up are strange, one-off characters with very specific powers, such as Captain Lachrymose, a being that makes others cry by reliving their worst memories. Interestingly enough, these heroes aren’t made up on the spot, but are actual existing heroes in the DCU. A former dialer named Nelson Jent accidentally stole the speed of the Flash, leaving Barry Allen to deal with a prison break without powers.​​​​​​​

4 Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man Combination Powers

Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man Featured Image Doom Patrol

As strange as the Doom Patrol and their allies are, one of their oldest villains is even more bizarre than they are. His name might be long and kind of lame, but Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man’s powers are actually pretty dangerous. Sven Larson can change his body into any sort of animal, vegetable, or mineral, making him a surprisingly resilient foe. Recently, Larson found a way to upgrade his powers and spread his powers to other people, intent on making an Animal-Vegetable-Mineral World. He might have a silly name, but he’s got a highly original set of powers.​​​​​​​

3 The Quiz’s Unlimited Power

The Quiz DC Comics

Speaking of Doom Patrol villains, the Quiz has possibly the most unique power for a villain. Her ability is described as having “every power you’ve never thought of”, meaning she can do anything, providing no one is around to guess her power. The Quiz is shown turning people into glass and trapping the ultra-powerful Rebis in a container. The only way to defeat her is by listing every possible power she could have out loud. But for someone like the Quiz, there really is no limit to how powerful she could be.

2 The Emotional Spectrum

White Lantern Power Ring DC Comics

The Green Lanterns and their rival Corps all draw their power from the same source: the mysterious energy known as the Emotional Spectrum. Originally created from the White Light of Life, the light broke up into seven distinct hues, giving birth to seven factions powered by one of the lights. Each light can only be controlled by those who have mastered a specific emotion, such as rage or compassion. Those who are able to wield their light are capable of making anything they can imagine, usually through the use of Power Rings.

1 Superman’s ‘Superman Vision’

Superman Vision DC Comics

Every Superman fan alive knows that the Man of Steel draws his power from Earth’s yellow sun. But the “Escape from Bizarro World” storyline showed what would happen if Clark was exposed to a younger, blue sun. Superman is attempting to rescue his Pa, but can’t reach him in time, and shoots a rainbow-colored beam to Jonathan Kent. Clark’s father finds himself endowed with all of Superman’s powers, including enhanced strength and laser vision. Superman might have a relatively simple power set, but being able to make others like him is quite the unique DC power.

It’s hard to come up with truly unique powers, but these 11 abilities are some of the most original powers one can find in the DC Universe.

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