1000-lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton has been married to Caleb Willingham since November 2022, and her husband may seem shady. While the pair’s relationship already seemed fast, it may be more mysterious in light of some new information that came out in the most recent episode. Tammy and Caleb met in their Ohio-based rehabilitation facility, where they were both patients. She entered the facility after a medical emergency left her in a medically induced coma in late 2021. After recovering enough to enter rehab, Tammy began losing weight, and was on track to finally get approved for weight loss surgery.


Though Tammy has had a rough time losing weight in the past, she was more focused while she was in rehab, even after she met her now husband, Caleb. 1000-lb Sisters’ Tammy Slaton has been elated ever since her wedding to Caleb and her recent return home to Kentucky, but she may have to pause her jubilation to decide whether or not her relationship is exactly what she thought it was. Though it seemed like the pair met by chance in the rehab facility, Tammy learned that there may have been more at play than just chance in the most recent 1000-lb Sisters episode.

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1000-Lb Sisters’ Tammy’s Husband Caleb Revealed He Found Her Online

Though Tammy and Caleb seem to be happy together, the couple’s meeting may not have been as spontaneous as it was initially explained. The pair met in a weight loss rehabilitation center, and Tammy initially thought they met by chance. After the pair had been getting to know each other for a few weeks, Tammy asked what brought him to the rehab, and Caleb answered, “you.” He explained that he had done a bit of social media stalking, and felt that if someone could do as well with weight loss and getting healthier as Tammy did, he could do it too. This was a shock to Tammy, but she didn’t seem too alarmed by the revelation.

Why Tammy’s Husband Caleb Appears Shady On 1000-Lb Sisters

While Tammy didn’t find Caleb seeking her out on social media to be alarming, it may have crossed a boundary. Given that Tammy is a public figure, her life can have a little less privacy than some others. With Tammy’s weight being such a huge impact on her health, it can be difficult for her to find care that is private and allows her to be fully transparent. Caleb may have overstepped by finding Tammy ahead of time, even if his intentions were good. Overall, his behavior was a bit shady, even if it wound up for the best.

1000-lb Sisters star Tammy and Caleb’s relationship has moved incredibly fast, from meeting to getting engaged and married all within the span of a few months. In under a year, Tammy has gone from near-death to being married to someone she only just met. Even if Caleb’s intentions are pure and their relationship is healthy for the both of them, having life move so quickly can be jarring for Tammy and the Slaton family alike.

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