1000-lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton has finally returned home to Kentucky after spending over a year at a weight loss rehab facility in Ohio, and it is nerve-wracking to have her back in her own space. For years, the TLC star has struggled to lose enough weight to be approved for bariatric surgery. Finally, having achieved her goal and received her surgery, Tammy’s life has changed in many ways since she originally went into rehab in early 2022.

After over a year of working hard, 1000-lb Sisters Tammy Slaton reached her goal weight in mid-2022. The moment was captured by on 1000-lb Sisters, and Tammy’s pride was radiating through her as she realized she lost more weight than she needed to in order to be approved for her surgery. With Tammy having finally received the care she’s needed all along, she is now equipped with the tools to live a healthier, longer life.

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1000-Lb Sisters’ Tammy Was Living An Unsustainable Life Pre-Rehab

With Tammy finally back home after being in rehab for over a year, adjusting back to “normal” life may be difficult. When Tammy left Kentucky, she was living a completely unsustainable life. She had been slacking with her weight loss and binge drinking; Tammy, who may not change in 2023, didn’t seem to care about her health anymore. After a medical emergency that left her with a trach tube, she entered the Ohio-based facility and took charge of her health. Now, with a new outlook, it may be difficult for Tammy to go back to the place she left as a whole new person without her rehab support system​​​​​.

1000-Lb Sisters’ Tammy May Fall Back Into Back Habits

Falling back into bad habits can be incredibly easy, especially in the environment where they formed in the first place. With Tammy back in Kentucky, she will be in the same place she was prior to her weight loss and other changes in her life. Without the support of her rehab, she will need to make her own healthy choices amidst the somewhat chaotic behavior of her family and friends. On top of Tammy needing to reintegrate into her routine, Tammy will be adding her husband, Caleb Willingham, to the mix, which may cause more harm than good for the newlywed as she may put her husband’s needs before her own.

With 1000-lb Sisters season 4 still airing episodes where Tammy is in the Ohio-based rehab facility, it will likely be some time before viewers know how Tammy fairs returning to her normal life. While only time will tell if Tammy’s return to Kentucky will be good or bad for the TLC star, it is clear that her life has changed significantly since she was last home. Regardless of the wait, it will be interesting to see the shift in Tammy’s life, for better or worse.

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