1000-Lb Sisters cast member Tammy Slaton’s alleged new boyfriend, Greg Morgan, has finally reacted to their dating rumors. The 36-year-old Dixon woman and the TikTok content creator have been spotted together over the past few weeks. Therefore, it has been speculated that Tammy’s relationship with her husband, Caleb Willingham, has ended. According to the latest rumors, the TLC star has met with Greg multiple times and dated him in person. The reports also hint that the two have gotten close, and Greg has allegedly even met with Tammy’s family members and relatives.


Greg recently took to his social media account to share his reaction to the dating rumors and reveal his thoughts. In his latest TikTok video, he shared multiple screenshots of popular news articles covering his dating rumors with Tammy over the last few weeks.

Greg wrote, “This is really irritating,” while tagging 1000-Lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton‘s TikTok in the caption and asking her why people spread such gossip. While Greg didn’t directly address or debunk if he’s dating Tammy, he did suggest that he’s simply friends with the popular 1000-Lb Sisters star. “This is crazy,” he added.

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1000-Lb Sisters Fans React To Greg Morgan’s TikTok Video

Side by side images of Tammy Slaton and Caleb Willingham from 1000-Lb Sisters

Greg’s post got an interesting response from fans, many of whom told him that the dating rumors were why they found him on TikTok. One person commented, “[This] is how I ended up here,” while posting a shocked face emoji to showcase their feelings about the incident. Another 1000-Lb Sisters viewer wrote, “lol your name is going viral now,” hinting that Greg should utilize the clout he’s getting from the rumors. Someone even pointed out how ridiculous the dating stories seem, considering Tammy had married the man of her dreams in late 2022.

While Greg’s latest reaction to him dating Tammy seems to suggest they are just friends, it could be that he has purposely lied to halt the rumors. If Tammy’s breakup with Caleb happened a few months ago, they would likely go through divorce proceedings soon. As such, Greg might want to stay out of the legal situation and not cause any further trouble for Tammy. Still, there is a small chance that he’s speaking the truth. Tammy and Greg might well be great friends who happen to be part of ongoing dating rumors.

Tammy may not be dating Greg, but many signs suggest she has indeed said goodbye to Caleb. Since the reality star met her husband at a rehabilitation center, it is possible that the duo just fell in love due to common goals. However, since Tammy has dropped a lot of weight recently and has begun enjoying her life, there is a chance that she has ended things with her husband. Hopefully, curious 1000-Lb Sisters viewers will soon know what is happening in Tammy’s life.

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